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Larry I.

1September 2022

The RV was not ready when I picked it up. The toilet leaked from the beginning. We had to shut off the valve at the toilet to use it. On the second day the toilet began leaking all the time. We then had to shut off the entire water off to the RV. The refrigerator did not work properly. When I picked it up there was a panel in the bedroom that was off and had to be fixed. We had the RV at the North Rim of the Grand Canyon. It was impossible for us to any of these items repaired. Regardless that is not responsibility. The RV was in not way preped and gone through from when i picked it up. I ended up taking the RV back to the owner on the 25th. I am requesting a full refund. I spent over 10 hours of driving $300 in cash in picking up the RV which proved to be a disaster for us.

Danny W.

5August 2022

Jenelle was great to work with and very accommodating.

Lisa G.

2June 2022

Look elsewhere. It started with extremely poor communication and down right rude text responses. When I asked about pots and pans her response was, "You do realize it is a holiday weekend, right?" She did not answer my simple question until 5 days later. Regarding delivery, she did not arrive at our campsite until after 4pm. She stated that because the rental did not start until 3pm, she would not start driving over until "around" 3 pm. Upon arrival, the propane did not work. They tried to light both the outside and inside stove and nothing worked. They wanted to leave without fixing it saying that they would give me a discount. I did not agree because I had food to cook and I didn't bring a camp stove. They fiddled around for quite sometime and finally got the inside burners to work. A few days later I tried the outside stove and it wasn't even hooked up. During our trip the propane lasted long enough to cook one steak, then ran out. It may have had problems because the RV was not leveled. Not even close. I should have checked it before they left, but trusted that they did their job. Another problem was that the line to the toilet leaked. I thought it was odd that they had the valve closed, now I know why. Each time the toilet had to be flushed we had to reach down behind the toilet (gross) to open the valve and then close it right away or have a flooded bathroom. I looked to tighten the line and it had multiple hose clamps on it and it was clearly broken. Moving on to the shower, it was fine as long as you didn't need more than 2 minutes of hot water. The water line from the hookup to the trailer also leaked. They told me to find a rubber seal for the hose to stop the leak. Really? I asked how to use the awning and they said that I wasn't allowed to use it because its not covered by insurance. Huh. The unit was generally clean, which is why I gave a 2 star review. Do yourself a favor and rent from someone else.

Met J.

0June 2022

jenelle molenda canceled the booking 3 days before departure. This is an automated posting.

Martha K.

5April 2022

Excellent trip for us! Jenelle went out of her way to make sure we had everything to make the trip comfortable, including a heated hose which she made two trips for since it was unexpectedly cold. RV was clean and just as pictured. Thumbs up 👍🏻

Mary R.

2August 2021

The RV is in good shape and sleeps a large family comfortably. Unfortunately, our experience with Jenelle left much to be desired. She communicated well unless an issue arose that she did not want to address, at which point she either dropped off the map or became hostile. She attempted to get out of our agreement about delivery just days before our trip and then claimed it was because she confused our reservation with someone else's. I would have given her the benefit of the doubt until we experienced an issue mid-trip. A CO/propane alarm malfunctioned, alarming erroneously and frequently day and night over the course of a six day trip. Jenelle briefly attempted to troubleshoot, but quickly grew frustrated and acted as though this malfunction was our problem, not hers. I don't expect miracles, but I do expect an owner not to act as though addressing clear issues burdens them. Lastly, she tried to charge our security deposit for damage that we did not incur. Overall, Jenelle's hostile comportment completely invalidated the comfort of the camper.

Jessica C.

3April 2021

Jenelle’s communication was good, answered my questions and responded right away. I was disappointed with the trailer though. It’s listed as newer and in pristine condition and it’s definitely not the case. The pictures that are posted are generic ones and not of her actual trailer which was a huge surprise to me when she showed up. The trailer wasn’t at all what I was expecting. Felt stuck since we were on vacation and had no other arrangements. I wish the posting was of actual trailer (pictures and details). The wood trim piece inside was hanging off, Jenelle saw it and hammered it back up saying previous renters took it off-roading (should have been disclosed). The awning was torn apart so she told us we couldn’t use that for shade (again not disclosed). The chairs for us to use were filthy (cobwebs and dirt). Several drawers didn’t close all the way. Vent had broken clip. She forgot extension cord for heated line so we had to go and buy one. Disappointed and overpriced! Definitely not new or pristine!

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Nick R.

5November 2020

Jenelle was very easy to work with and quick to communicate. Trailer was perfect for my trip to Zion, as advertised and Jenelle was there on time, texting updates and always kept me in the loop. Recommend this for anyone in the South Utah Area.

Krista S.

5October 2020

Jenelle was so great to work with! She was fast at responding to messages and was always respectful. The trailer was in pristine condition and we could not have been happier! The check-in / check out process was very straightforward and easy. Thank you so much Jenelle for a wonderful vacation!

Matthew G.

5September 2020

The owner was very quick to respond to all communication throughout the entire process. Very easy to work with. The trailer is in great condition and was very comfortable. This was our first camping trip with the baby and the climate controlled environment makes all the difference!

Ryan N.

5August 2020

Great time in Bryce (Ruby's RV resort).. Trailer was Perfect for all our glamping needs.