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Hi, we are G.O.A.T. Alaska Vacations

Adventure-minded travel service company. Offering uniquely Alaskan experiences and accommodations. "The Only way to do AK"

1 RV

  • Camper Van
  • Anchorage
Van Morrison the AK Sportsmobile
  • Sleeps 4
  •  Length 20ft
  • Instabook $299 per night

5 Reviews

September 2021

Lauren was very helpful & responsive

Julie Waller

August 2021

Perfect vehicle to see Alaska. Camping is seamless with pop-up camper and easy to get the van anywhere we wanted to go, off-road and highway alike. Lauran was great - very responsive and accomodating. She has the van stocked with everything we needed (like othwr reviewer, our gear bag didn't make it and we were still all set with van sleeping bags and kitchen gear).

Emily Unterreiner

August 2021

The van was great and a fantastic way to experience Alaska. Lauren was very helpful and set us up for a great trip!

Judy Haner

August 2021

We love Van Morrison! Lauren had him all set up to go and fully equipped for our journey: water, propane, sleeping gear, camp chairs, cooking gear, etc. We packed in our food and personal gear and spent three wonderful weeks touring mainland Alaska. Van performed perfectly in all road and driving conditions. We own a Sportsmobile we store in AZ and we were glad to have high clearance and the pop top for camping anywhere we wanted in a vehicle we are familiar with. A dependable vehicle and a great owner. Highly recommended!

Mike Sirofchuck

July 2021

We had a wonderful time bopping around Alaska in Van Morrison. It drives like a big bus and takes a day or so to get used to. We did some 4 wheel driving in the van and it handled the conditions very well. The pop top is nice as all sides (except for very back) have windows (and screens) and most can unzip, which is a good way to get fresh air and views while being protected from bugs. The airline…

Austin Johns