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I enjoyed camping as a youth and now that I have a family of my own they did not show interest in tent camping so, we are now an RV family. We all love being outside, seeing new things, slowing down and enjoying the simpler things in life. The recent COVID challenge has allowed us to spend even more time doing the things we love so, while the current situation is different if you look to find the positive it is there, get outside and enjoy it!

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Memories made on trips with Triangle RV Adventures's RVs

George E.

5October 2022

Great RV from top to bottom! Very nice and updated and clean on the inside. Drives exceptionally well and all system run smoothly and are well maintained. We had a great RV family vacation on The Dark Side. Kris was very pleasant and easy to work with. I highly recommend this RV.

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Terri M.

5July 2022

We rented Marshmallow for a week's long vacation in the NC mountains. This unit was perfect for our family of four, and the size made it easy to park...both in campgrounds and in parking lots. Kris was so easy to deal with and he was quick to respond to any questions we had. I would recommend both Triangle RV Adventures and Marshmallow for your next adventure. Thanks much!

Walker M.

5July 2022

RV was perfect for our family of 4 and Kris was great to work with. Responded immediately to all questions

Sarah P.

5June 2022

We took Marshmallow on a camping trip and she was perfect! Easy to drive and comfortable to sleep in. Kris was very helpful and answered any questions we had immediately. Will rent again for sure!

William S.

5May 2022

Amazing experience with the site and with Marshmallows owner. I would highly recommend marshmallow for your next weekend excursion!!

Curtis H.

5May 2022

Great experience!

Amanda L.

5March 2022

I’m so glad we rented from Triangle RV Adventures! This was our first
experience with renting, driving, and using an RV for a trip and Kris made
it easy. Communication prior to the trip was great and we had a good
virtual walk-through with all of our questions answered. Kris went out of
his way to double-check some of our questions regarding dry-camping before
pick-up and made sure we were comfortable and understood everything we
needed to do to have a great trip. Pick-up was easy and we were able to get
packed up and on the road early to enjoy all of our days. The RV was clean
and tidy when we got it and we were happy with all of the items inside – we
didn’t feel like we needed to pack any extra kitchen equipment or dishes.
We took the RV up to Hanging Rock State Park for two days and had a blast!
The size and tank capacities worked great for our family of four for the
time we were dry-camping there. We ran the generator in the evenings and
warmed up the RV before sleeping and again in the morning. Everyone was
pretty comfortable, despite some chilly nights! We left Hanging Rock and
drove south to Badin Lake for our last night and we were really happy that
we had the RV and the electrical hook-up there as the weather turned quite
cold and windy. We were all snug and enjoyed playing board games, building
legos, and drawing all together inside. After a last long hike along Badin
Lake in the morning, we got packed up and headed home to return
Marshmallow. We’d done a tank dump when we arrived at the last campground
and did another before we left so everything was set to return. It was a
pretty quick and easy process. We got the RV back to Kris and returned the
keys. It was a really great experience and I hope we can rent again in the
future! I’m afraid I mucked up the initial review otherwise I’d add in some
photos. Outdoorsy tech has been kind to add back in my words that I lost.
So I’ll leave with a few favorite memories 1. Kids playing “food truck” and
delivering our meals to the picnic table 2. All 4 of us snuggled in the big
bed on a chilly morning 3. Building a lego RV complete with our lego family
4. Hearing a rainstorm begin and thunder roll through the mountains while
being warm, dry and safe inside! 5. S’mores over the stove when it was too
windy to have a fire outside. Thanks again for a lovely spring trip that I
know our kiddos will remember!

Erik N.

5January 2022

Kris was an amazing host! And this is hands down the best RV we have rented. You get what you pay for, and this RV gave us zero headaches and only pleasant surprises. Super comfortable, stocked, stable and easy driving. Yes all around.

Michael M.

5October 2021

Trent R.

4September 2021

Very good, owner was very helpful all the way, we would do it again!

Jennifer B.

5August 2021

Angela W.

5August 2021

We had a great time on our trip in Blue Sky! It was my first time renting an RV, but Kris was very helpful and communicative with the instructions. The size was perfect for me and my two small grandchildren, with all of the necessities included for the kitchen. They especially enjoyed the "attic" (over cab) and the TV for quiet time. I will definitely try to rent again. The vehicle is very easy to manage and Kris is very helpful (and patient!) with a first-time renter.

Daryl M.

4August 2021

Kris is very kind and extremely responsive to e-mail and questions. His response time is phenomenal. He is extremely knowledgeable and helpful. An e-mail at 9pm to inquire how to turn the dinette into a bed was promptly and accurate explained. I di not learn how to do this on orientation because I di not think it would be necessary. Then I caught a cold and needed to sleep away from my husband as not to infect him. Easy peasy with Kris.

Joe A.

5July 2021

Very good experience overall. The RV drove well and everything worked as expected with just a few minor issues, like a couple of drawers that didn't fully latch. The owner, Kris, was very accommodating, allowing us the flexibility to pick up and drop off the vehicle at the times most convenient for us. Recommended +++

Kayce H.

5July 2021

We had an amazing trip in Blue Sky. Drove up the east coast, making stops to visit family and spending four nights in Maine. Plenty of room and very comfy. Having the screen door and screens on the windows allowed us to sleep with the fresh cool breeze to sweeten our dreams. Kris gave us RV newbies a thorough tutorial, and the rig worked perfectly the whole way. We had an emergency (not RV-related; I broke my ankle) the last night of our trip, and Kris was responsive and understanding about our delayed return. Highly recommend Blue Sky for your next adventure!

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Shontel G.

5June 2021

This was our first RV experience and Kris was so helpful. He answered all of our calls and texts while on our trip and provided us with flexibility around pick up and drop off times. We could not have asked for a better host.