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Ian and Stephanie love traveling and hope to visit every National Park at least once!

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Memories made on trips with How RV Going To Get There, LLC's RVs

Matt K.

2August 2023

The hosts were great. Very friendly and helpful. The RV was not good. It was advertised as in excellent condition, but a few days before the start of the reservation we were notified it was damaged. It was too late to rebook and we were not offered a break on the rental fee. The RV was difficult to drive with stiff suspension and very loud rattling interior. During our trip the toilet didn’t work and there was nothing onboard to fix the issue. We had to go to Wal-mart to buy a plunger to ultimately fix the problem. For 5 days/4 nights the total rental fee was just under $2000.00 ($1955.89). Way too expensive for the experience we had. Outdoorsy’s fee’s are exorbitant! Insurance, for example, was $400 and Outdoorsy forces you to use their insurance provider. There was a reservation charge of $593.71 and I have no idea what that charge is for!? We will never rent thru Outdoorsy again and I advise you not to as well.

How RV Going To Get There,’s answer

Hi Matt, we strive to give our renters a great experience and are sorry you didn't. We don't control Outdoorsy's fees or the insurance costs however they are provided upfront before you book the RV so it is unfortunate that you were surprised by the cost of your rental. As for the damage done by the previous renter, it was a small crack in the front end fiberglass that was purely cosmetic and did not affect the ability to use the RV or its safety. We could have just cancelled the booking in order to take the RV in for repairs, but, did not want you to have to change your plans or look for another RV. You were told about it and provided pictures of the damage 14 days prior to your rental so you could decide for yourself whether to continue with the booking. We always make sure the toilet is functioning properly prior to a rental and demonstrate how to properly flush the RV toilet to prevent clogs and your rental was not an exception. We understand that despite that instruction, renters will still clog the toilet on occasion. We are sorry you were unable to get it flowing again, however, it is inaccurate of you to claim there was nothing onboard to fix it. We provide a toilet auger in the RV for just such an occasion. We know this would have removed the clog because it is what was used to remove the clog after you returned the RV. We do not provide a plunger because we have found that while a plunger may make the toilet flow again temporarily, It does not remove or breakup the clog so it generally will stop up again the next time you use it which, as you discovered, can be very frustrating.

Dyneisa M.

5June 2023

Exactly like in the pictures , clean
We loved it super comfortable.
The owners are super nice and helpful and super understanding.

Shawn S.

5June 2022

RV was exactly as advertised and owner was great to work with. Very responsive to questions. I'd highly recommend.

Jeff L.

3September 2021

OK, since we had to change our planned RV because of 2 recent really bad reviews--- we were stuck trying to find another RV that fit our needs and the timeline.
We then picked RV going to get there, LLC for our trip. Again, we got a last minute notice that the generator does not work and some minor cosmetic cracks in the front. It was so late in our time frame I decided to just stay with this RV. When we picked up the RV they were very detailed in explaining all about the RV. Which I really appreciated. The minor damaged turned out to be that the earlier renter hit a deer. The damage was much more than cosmetic. But they assured me it would not be an issue. It was. I never went over 65 MPH and the front end shook terribly at any speed I did. Wisconsin roads did not help either. The whole front inside dash shook so bad I thought it was going to come apart. It was not the cleanest RV I have rented. Shower did not work as well.

How RV Going To Get There,’s answer

Jeff and Karen,
Thank you for your feedback. We strive to provide a great experience for each of our renters and are sorry that you did not have the best experience with our RV. We aim to keep the RV in top condition but sometimes accidents happen and things break that cannot be fixed before the next rental is scheduled to depart. As soon as we know repairs are not able to completed before a departure, in this case a week prior to your departure, we notify the renter of the damage and let them make a decision about whether to proceed or give them a refund and have Outdoorsy help them find an alternate rental. We will never allow the RV to go out if it is unsafe to operate. After the deer damage we had everything inspected by an RV repair specialist; as well as an inspection of the suspension, steering and alignment by an authorized Ford dealer (our RV has a Ford chassis) and no safety concerns were found. This RV is large and does shake on rough Wisconsin roads. For this reason Outdoorsy requires all drivers to obey a 55 mph speed limit. Additionally, we take all drivers out on a driving lesson to get comfortable with the unique feel of driving an RV. We truly regret that you had concerns about the feel of our RV that were not apparent during the driving lesson on the highway.

Andrea S.

5September 2021

The owners were great. Very responsive and thorough during the walk through and orientation. The generator broke the morning we picked up the RV. The owners were up front with us about the issue and offered to fully refund the trip if we did not want it the RV anymore. Our site had electric, so this was not an issue. The RV had everything we needed. Plenty of storage. It was easy to level and extend. Over all a good trip. We would rent this RV again.

Edward F.

5August 2021

Everything went very smoothly happy with the rental

Jeremy S.

4July 2021

Ian and Stephanie were great, but the RV did have some issues with the steering as well as headlight intensity. Night driving was a challenge even with the brights on.

Melissa H.

5April 2021

This was our first time on an RV trip. Ian and Stephanie were very easy to work with. They spent the needed time to explain everything about all of the features and how everything worked. They also made sure that we were all comfortable with driving. The RV was very clean and had all the necessary amenities. We had 3 adults and 3 children on the road for 2 weeks and the RV was perfect. We had fantastic adventures and were able to see so many new and different things. The ride is not the smoothest, you can feel all the bumps in the road but it was still good. Ian and Stephanie were available any time we had concerns although we only had a few problems that were easily resolved. We would recommend this RV for your next adventure!

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Harry B.

5December 2020

First time doing a rv vacation, the learning curve was steep, but the owner was always available to help us overcome all hurdles

Karl T.

5October 2020

We had a great RV family trip to South Dakota. The owners Ian & Stephanie were very helpful. They showed us how to operate the RV, went in detail with operating the various features and made sure we are comfortable driving on the road before we take off. If you are a first timer, plan on spending some time to learn more about the vehicle operation and train with driving prior to heading off. This will be very helpful to you. The RV itself was kept very clean and the instruction manuals are in folder in case you forget how to operate. Pillows, sheets, comforters, cups and plates and many other essentials are available upon request without charge. We have 6 adults and 2 kids and this RV size was just right. 8 adults can sleep comfortably in this RV. The drive itself is not the smoothest but still a good drive. And the best thing is that, the owners are available via phone or text for any help related to the RV anytime of the day. We felt at ease knowing they are readily available should we need anything. We recommended this RV for any road trip if needed.