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We enjoy outdoors and a Class C RV is our companion for most of the trips.

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Memories made on trips with Rahul Gupta's RVs

Paul B.

5October 2022

Rahul was an excellent owner to help us enjoy the trip! Being a first time user of an RV, I was a little nervous on how I'd be able to work and use the RV. But everything, and I mean EVERYTHING was so well explained by Rahul that we didn't have any problems at all.

Rahul’s answer

Thanks PAU, you all have been great with our RV and pleasurable experience for us as well.

Eric K.

1September 2022

Terrible, the owners made everything hard. No respect for Veterans. RV has several nasty and broken unusable features, broken stove, generator dies work most of the time, refrigerator door won't stay close when food is inside. Nasty beding, no towels, floors dirty, less than a quarter tank of gas , fresh water tank less than 10%. While Grey and Septic tank both had over 30% filled tanks. Once the trip was completed they stole my deposit and after apologing for not have it ready correctly that our early weekend drop off would be no problem, didn't answer calls or text. This was the worst rental experience I've ever had. This time I will not lay down. I will fight these scum bags until the end if time. Good people shouldn't get scammed like this and you will not take food from my families mouth . We left fresh fruit, 8 pepis, core water in the sink because it was unused and everytime I've rented before we always leave seasoning , uno ,chessboard and small consumables for the next camper. But you charged extra and lied to steal.

Rahul’s answer

You are welcome to fight on any of the charges we have filed including smoking violations, 5 am return without prior notice or complaints about complementary packages we provided
We have charged fees appropriately

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Stacie P.

1October 2021

Rahul’s answer

Stacie was found to be defrauding RV owner like me so be careful while renting to her. She is a “Karen”

Roger H.

3August 2021

Rahul and the RV were awesome. Had to make a short notice reservation due to another owner canceling the day before our trip we had planned months in advance was supposed to start and he was able to get us on the road on schedule. Whenever I had questions he was very quick to help out and the RV was super cozy and comfortable with everything we needed and more, making dry camping a breeze.
It didn't look like the dinette bed had been set up for a while and it was a pain to clean the screws securing the table as they were covered with food crumbs and torqued very tight. The awning didn't work during our rental period, we had to bring our own canopy for some shade.

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Jessica W.

5April 2021

We really enjoyed our trip! such an awesome experience. Rahul was very nice and easy to work with. This was my first time renting an RV, so I had a bit of a learning curve but he made things pretty easy, gave us a detailed overview on how to operate it. It was comfortable and awesome. I'd def recommend it for a getaway!

Marcus F.

5March 2021

We had a fantastic time during our trip to the mountains. This was our first outing as a family since the pandemic started. Rahul provided great instructions on how to get the most out of our trip. My family loved the RV and it's amenities. What a great experience!

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Michael B.

5October 2020

Everything is as described. Took time to explain everything. Awning and microwave were not working but did not take a way from the trip.

Jeri R.

4August 2020

Rahul was very responsive and patient. This was our first experience using an RV, and while we did our best to follow instructions and maintain his RV, we did make mistakes. Rahul was very understanding and reasonable throughout and tried to help where he could. I would recommend renting from him to anyone at any level of experience. We are very appreciative of his attention and trust.

Raechel M.

4July 2020

Had a great time on our first RV experience! Rahul answered all questions during and before our trip. He was very thorough in going over everything beforehand. Plenty of room for our group of 7. Will definitely be doing this again!

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Colin H.

5July 2020

great layout for a family of five.

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Eric W.

3July 2020

This was our family's first RV trip and it won't be our last but we'll most likely rent a different RV.

Rahul’s answer

With system as complex as a RV with multiple parts, there got to be time when something is not working. Sometimes someone breaks something or other times it’s not able to be repaired in time. I did explain to you about rear view camera and we have replaced with a different unit. For awning, it was not working, and even if it’s working, we don’t allow awning use at all, since insurance doesn’t cover it. If it would have been working, we usually make an exception on case by case basis. We did charge you partially for some of the damages you caused, not everything as we let it go since you were first time renter. Like, you clogged grey tank with sand, to a point that it had to be opened and unclogged. You also failed to take care of the Electrical Management System (EMS) which got soaked in water, and thus damaged. I didn’t charge you for any of those as I truly believed you were a novice.

Christopher R.

5June 2020

The overall experience from beginning to end was top notch. Rahul spent the needed time to explain everything to us before our trip and was available by phone whenever we had questions. The RV was very clean and drove from Georgia to Michigan without a problem! I would recommend this to anyone and plan on renting it again in the future.

Hooberth G.

5June 2020

Very nice RV, have everything we needed and the auto balance feature is really great. Rahul was very kind and supportive and answered questions that I end up having on the trip.
Strongly recommend RVs trip and this one in particular.

Tara S.

5March 2020

Great rental! Rahul took the time to go over everything with me and gave me great tips on driving which really helped!

Rick H.

5September 2019

Great for sleeping and spacious camp. Very timely and responsive. $1 a mile is a little more pricey than most but RV not built for long drives, so that’s a fault on me. Definitely recommend Rahul for local trips

Martin v.

5August 2019

Rahul was very responsive and very easy to work with - RV was in great condition.