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Owner for 35 years

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Hi, I am Tracy Saunders

I am a photographer, adventurer, homeschool mom and autodidact who loves to travel.

1 RV

  • Class B
  • Nashua
Unlimited MILES in safe, easy-drive Luxury
  • Sleeps 2
  •  Length 23ft
  • Instabook $293 per night

2 Reviews

February 2021


My wife and I had never rented an RV before so we were looking for something that was both very comfortable yet no too large and therefore hard to drive. This RV van met our needs perfectly -- it is very easy to drive and small enough that we felt comfortable driving and parking it everywhere. It was really no different than driving my pick-up truck.

It was very well outfitted with a…

Tom Boreiko

January 2021

Tracy was great. She was always available when I had questions both before and during my trip. I had never driven something like this and found it surprisingly easy to drive once I got used to it. Such a great way to travel - safe and freedom to move around on your own schedule. Thanks for making the trip possible, Tracy!

Beth Kressley Goldstein