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Hello everyone! Josh and Paula Park here- thank you for joining us on this adventure. What could be better than starting a small business during a pandemic ??? How about having your spouse and kids as your business partners? Oh, did I mention we have a tween, a toddler and a newborn? All that crazy aside, we are excited about sharing our outdoor experiences and making overlanding accessible to all. So, what is overlanding? It’s vehicle dependent travel. You can complicate further, but in our opinion whether you are in a campground in your minivan with a bunch of blankets or have a tricked-out vehicle and are going off grid for weeks at a time- you are overlanding. Josh and I grew up enjoying the outdoors and over the years have introduced all types of camping (tent/ car/ yurt/ RV) to our family and friends. We noticed that many of our friends were intimidated by camping either because they felt they didn’t have the right gear, or they were worried they would get caught unprepared in an unexpected situation. Others told us their families would probably enjoy it, but camping was too expensive. Josh and I thought about this issue often because camping for us was always a great way to vacation for less money and enjoy some of the natural beauty this country has to offer. In our travels we have had the chance to see beaches, mountains, lakes, forests and volcanoes. We have even had the opportunity to show our kids herds of elk, seals and whales passing near our campsite. Overlanding has allowed us to get closer to the attractions we are interested in seeing for little or no money. We rarely even need reservations, so we are free to be present and focus on the adventure. We wanted to share this passion for seeing nature up close, so we started Nomad, Northern Overlanding Mobile Adventure Dwellings. We rent and sell a camping equipment from roof top tents to overlanding accessories that will make your adventure more enjoyable. We also provide planning assistance and camping kits of our favorite products to make everything super simple and less intimidating. Josh and I are real people and we make mistakes and forget stuff just like everyone else. Hopefully you will follow our family and see that even when mishaps happen, we rally and end up with a funny story and good memories to share. We love talking to people about getting outside, so feel free to reach out and say “hi!”

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Krystal M.

5July 2021

Paula and Josh are fantastic!! Paula literally thought of everything. They are so personal and relatable!! I would definitely rent from them again! Thanks for a great vacation you guys!!

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