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Memories made on trips with Fahed's RVs

Paul Z.

5October 2022

This was our first RV trip and it was great! I was very satisfied with the services B&W provided. Both pickup and dropoff are very easy and Ashley was very reasonable and responsive. The Youtube walk-through videos are very helpful! Will come back for more!

Alison H.

5July 2022

We are so appreciative of B & W rentals. We had a bad experience with RVShare, and we were stranded on the morning of a trip. B&W took care of us, Quickly accommodated our last minute need, and were super flexible. We will absolutely use them again! I have no hesitation in recommending them to others!

Vincent W.

5June 2022

The staff at B&W rentals were awesome, as a first timer they took the time to f Familiarize me with every aspect of the RV, including providing me a number for 24 access if need be. I truly thank them and recommend using them if possible

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Robert R.

5March 2022

Great customer service. Vehicles in good shape.

Tanya R.

3March 2022

B&W Rentals we’re very friendly and helpful. We had problems with the slide out and the owner helped us resolve the problem. The unit was suppose to have leveling blocks in the storage compartment but they were missing. After 1 hour of trying to get level We had to move camp sites 2 times because the auto leveling system could not level the unit. We had to move one other time because the water hose was to short to reach the hookup. The unit is ok …lots of rattling and hard bumps when driving. Steering is a little “loose” but overall easy to drive. The Water tank indicators were not accurate. We drained the black and gray tanks completely but the levels still showed that they were 1/3 full. Only one seat belt worked on the pull-out couch. This was our first rental so overall experience was good. Will rent again but not this unit.

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Steve S.

5November 2021

Better than I had expected. The van was clean, well serviced, and felt like my own. Further, when I had service questions they were answered patiently and thoroughly.

Peter L.

5October 2021

The RV we rented was immaculately clean and in excellent condition. It was hard to believe that it was 4 years old, it seemed virtually brand new! This was our first time renting an RV, and the instructions on how to use all the systems were very thorough. We would definitely recommend renting from B & W RV Rentals, and hope to do so again in the future.

Jared S.

5October 2021

This was my second time renting with B&W RV Rental and everything went great. Ashley does an awesome job in helping you find the right rental for you and providing you with all the information that you need. I will definitely use B&W again.

Kathy F.

5October 2021

Absolutely appreciate your kindness and patience on our first RV adventure.

Mike V.

5September 2021

Awesome experience! The RV was fantastic, and I highly recommend B&W RV Rentals! They were great to work with!

Jared S.

5June 2021

Unbelievable experience! This was my family’s first RV vacation and we had a blast. Ashley, from B&W RV Rentals made the reservation, pickup, and return process really easy. This was my first time driving an RV, so I had many questions and concerns. Ashley, answered all my questions and concerns, in which, made me comfortable.

Ashley P.

5January 2021

First time renting an RV, but had such an easy and stress free process with B&W RV rentals. Took the time to show me how to work everything and were available over the phone for the things I forgot to ask during the checkout. My family and I had a blast and planning to use them again for a summer rental! The RV still smells new and was spotless and thank you for sanitizing every little thing and putting protective covers on the steering wheel and seat and remotes! Nice to see every attempt at keeping us safe!

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