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"Hi there! My name is Eric Matson, and I'm the founder of Matson Adventure Vans, a company that specializes in creating custom-built campervans for outdoor enthusiasts. As an avid traveler and outdoor adventurer myself, I understand the importance of having a comfortable and reliable vehicle to explore the great outdoors. With over 3 years of experience in the industry and over 20 as a custom home builder, I've helped countless customers create their dream campervans and embark on unforgettable adventures. Whether you're planning a weekend getaway or a cross-country road trip, Matson Adventure Vans has got you covered. Let's hit the road!"

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Memories made on trips with Eric Matson's RVs

Gonzalez R.

5May 2023

Great RV, our first trip to Malibu, Griffith Park and Orange County. Definitely taking another trip

Lynne S.

3July 2022

What we liked: the bed is very comfortable and I love the sheets! The rear storage has ample room for all kinds of stuff. Although we didn't use it a lot, it was handy to have that little potty for those urgent situations. We appreciated the numerous usb ports for phone charging. The van comes with basic kitchen items that were useful. We particularly appreciated the toaster oven. The window shades were helpful for both privacy and keeping the van cool and/or warm. We appreciated the over-the-bed fan and used it a lot!
I so want to leave an outstanding review for our experience but, it was not an outstanding experience. We were planning on a mid-afternoon pick-up for the van, according to the rental contract. We were contacted by the owner several weeks prior to our scheduled pick-up for an earlier time due to changes in his flight reservations. We were able to adjust our plans to meet by noon instead of 3. However, his flight had changed again, not leaving much time to go over things with the van. We were rushed. Although the instructional videos were helpful, some additional time for clarifying questions would have been extremely helpful. We noticed that the tires were worn and asked about them and were told that he would not be able to get new ones at that point in time.
On our third night, it was raining and the van leaked. We contacted the owner as soon as we had cell phone coverage. He tried to do trouble shooting and apologized for the inconvenience. We dealt with water dripping from a ceiling speaker over the bed and from the ceiling AC unit over the main seating of the van for the next two days. We were able to meet the owner the following week and he was able to make some repairs. We thought it was taken care of but when we were in rain later in the trip, there were those pesky leaks again. Granted they were not as pronounced but still present.
Two weeks into our month-long trip, we notified the owner that the tires were not safe to drive on. One was completely bald. The others had tread but it was quite thin. The owner made arrangements for us to leave the van for new tires and he covered the cost. Although the repair only took the morning, we lost a day of our plans. We were scheduled to tour Canyonlands that day. By the time the repair was done, it was too hot to start touring that region.
The return was a bookend of the beginning. The owner notified us 10 days before the end of our trip that he would not be available for the hand off until 7:30 pm on our last day. We had planned for an 11 am hand-off (according to the contract) and notified the owner that a 7:30 pm hand-off would not work for us. He made arrangements for us to leave the van.
The inside table: the owner indicated that it's difficult to set up and use and simply said he doesn't use it. We tried to set it up and found it impossible. Because our trip was so long and we ended up camping in the rain from time to time, this table would have been very helpful.

Lacey S.

5August 2021

Robyn S.

5July 2021

Melanie J.

5July 2021