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I love spending time outdoors. I do not love tent camping, with all of its packing and unpacking, setting up, and then tearing it down. Only to pack it back up once again, and unpack once home. It's frustrating, stressful, and the worse part of tent camping is all that you have to endure to get a terrible night's sleep trying to "relax" in a tent. Three years ago while "tent camping" in Colorado and after a rough night's sleep on an inflatable mattress, I made the slow crawl out of my tent to get up and make coffee and try and try to get past the uncomfortable night's sleep I just endured when I saw my first teardrop camper trailer. With its back opened, the owner was cooking bacon in its galley kitchen and I overheard them commenting how comfortable their bed was and what a "great night's sleep" they had just had. The hook was set. Today, my wife and I now own our own trailer and I have to say it's a game-changer! So comfortable. So convenient. Everything you need to comfortably spend time in the great outdoors and relax. Just "hook up and go." We've decided when we're not using our trailer, we want to share the joy that we've found living the "teardrop life" with others. If you want to enjoy your time in the great outdoors but the idea of "tent camping" just doesn't sound fun? We have the answer.

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Memories made on trips with Timothy Yates's RVs

Sheryl D.

5July 2022

Great camper and seamless process from beginning to end. Thank you!

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Kevin C.

5June 2022

Had a great trip! Tim made everything easy and answered all my questions. The bed was really comfortable!

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Jared M.

5April 2022

We had a great time renting the Hyk-Outdoors Trailrunner! The unit was in perfect shape, everything worked as expected, and we had a great night of sleep on the comfortable mattress. I would definitely recommend giving this one a try!

1 Photo submitted by Jared M.