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Memories made on trips with Roushedia Liburd's RVs

Matthew N.

1July 2021

Tl:dr don't rent from this person!!!!!

Jennifer F.

5May 2021

Excellent experience for our little family (2 humans & 2 dogs). We picked up the motor home in Amherst and drove to a campsite at the base of Mt Greylock in the Berkshires. Kimber and Roushedia were super attentive and very thorough, knowing it was our first time in an RV. The camper was perfectly comfortable and we smoothly adapted to driving the truck. All in all it was exactly what we needed after a year+ staying indoors.

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Johanna H.

5April 2021

Fun trip and responsive owners!

Ariane S.

1October 2020

I’m still waiting for my 1500 dollar deposit

Joyce L.

5October 2019

This was our first time in an RV and my husband and I had a wonderful experience. They took us through the entire working of things, and we even did a test drive with them to get familiar with the vehicle. The instructions were great! We had a few questions regarding working various things in the RV along the way and the responses were prompt and positive. We loved that they offer pick up and drop off services at the airport. I highly recommend them for your next RV adventure!

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Ronald G.

5May 2019

Exceptional Service!