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Hi there! We are a family of 5 that really enjoys "roughing it" with our wonderful SolAire Camper, AKA The Glamper according to my 6 year old princess! From State Parks to just open spaces in the forest, we have done it all with our rig. We love the outdoors, always bring our bikes and just enjoy the gifts from God. Please feel free to ask questions or request to see our camper. We can offer to deliver/pick up and set up/take down if needed (would have to work with our schedule - of course). Please note: For the single bad review (on our second ever rental) - when damage is done to a rental camper you have to go through the Outdoorsy method of insurance. When both parties disagree, you are sent to an arbitrator that usually takes 2 weeks. Outdoorsy does not allow comments on reviews past 14 days, so there wasn't an opportunity to comment/correct the inaccurate information in the 1 single star review. So our comments are: To clarify: The renter gave a 1 star rating due to the post camper experience due to damage to our unit. The back story: I was traveling over that weekend and delivered the camper to the festival the day before the renter arrived. At some point from delivery to the renters arrival the camper was backed into (most likely by another camper trying to get into the spot behind our camper since ours was one of the first set up in the camping area). On Friday (2 days before I was to pick up the camper) I sent a text to the renter asking for a good time to pick up the camper. I received a response of "Yup". When I landed on Sunday, I sent the renter another text that stated I was heading that direction directly from the airport and would be there within 2 hours (text sent at 10:58am ). I received a response that said they had just left the camper and the key was on the propane tank and was hard to lock. When I arrived the key was clearly broken and I asked how the door was locked with a broken key. Turns out, that last locking broke the key and I had to get a locksmith to come out (on Father's Day) to get the broken part of the lock out of the key hole and then pick the lock. That was completed and ended up making me wait an additional 4 hours as the festival was roughly 60 miles from the Twin Cities area where the closest locksmith was. The renter didn't say a word prior to me arriving and asking about the broken key or the scratches. Her reasoning for not letting me know is that she had no voice from the concert the night before. On the damage: I fully believe that the renter didn't actually do it. However, while the camper was at the festival campground the damage occurred and the renter should be responsible due the fact that our camper wouldn't be there unless it was rented to her for this activity. While the damages done do not make the camper un-rentable nor unusable, it's still damage to an article of property that we own and paid for. Overall, I assume that most can see through this negative comment/rating - especially with the others that accompany it about our camper. If you have any further questions, please reach out to us. We strive to make your camping experience memorable in the best way possible.

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