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This camper has been to 20+ National Parks. But always room for more.

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Memories made on trips with Paul V's RVs

Nick A.

5July 2022

This truck is fantastic. Comfortable, fun to drive, and everyone you encounter loves you for it. We had a super 10 day family adventure across Colorado and Utah, and loved it all. It is a bit of a gas guzzler but that comes with the territory. Well stocked and got us into some wild places!

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Jennifer R.

5July 2022

Traveled comfortably ! Plenty of room for my family of 3. So easy to maneuver in national forest sites and traditional campgrounds.

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Hanna H.

5June 2022

So awesome!! We loved it!! Highly highly recommend!

Casey S.

0May 2022

Paul V canceled the booking 1 day before departure. This is an automated posting.

Bri G.

5December 2021

This camper is amazing! It’s definitely true what the other reviewers have said about it getting lots of comments, smiles, honks and questions! You’ll be the most popular person on the road, no doubt. It’s pretty minimal in gear and things, but you don’t really need a ton anyway. Just be sure to bring some warmer gear if you take it out in the winter months and extra propane tanks. We were out camping in single digit weather and stayed warm with our 0-15 degree sleeping bags and gear. The heater helped! We think it probably stayed 20 degrees warmer in there than outside. Would definitely rent again and would love to know how he built it! We sure got a lot of questions if we built it ourselves :)

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Vanessa B.

5November 2021

This camper provided a dope backdrop and a reliable vehicle to a pretty phenomenal experience in Colorado. I was surprised how warm the camper stayed, even in snowy 27 degree weather. Thanks for the ride and it’s true that you get honks, waves, and thumbs ups everywhere you go.

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James G.

5September 2021

Awesome truck! Paul was very responsive and helped with every question we had

Austin E.

0September 2021

Paul V canceled the booking 5 days before departure. This is an automated posting.

John M.

5July 2021

Was a fun trip! Reliable rig, cozy when it rains.

Andrew M.

5July 2021

We had a great time in the wooden camper for a week, traveling around Denver, Boulder, Estes Park, and Winter Park! Get ready for literally EVERYBODY to come up and ask you about it! Some of the things that are good to know before renting:

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Christopher M.

5June 2021

Great trip. Rig handled better than I expected! A great rental for my family and a definite eye catcher at the campground and on the road.

Casey S.

5October 2020

This is our second time this year renting the truck camper from Paul and again it was such a fantastic experience! We stayed warm, even in the cooler mountain weather in October. Paul and Don's communication is awesome and we're already thinking about our next trip.

Elysia M.

5October 2020

Overall we really loved our experience with the camper! People are super friendly no matter where you go, and it drives really well! A few things to keep in mind for future renters:
- there is only bedding provided for the double mattress, not the couch. the main mattress and bedding is comfortable enough for two people.
- there's no power source in the sleeping cabin, as others have pointed out, so you'll need to bring a light source and other power sources for charging devices, especially if you're not driving much
- the cooler is an adequate size and works very well for keeping food + drinks very cold
- it's insulated well and I was impressed with the window set up {there are screens you can pop in at night} so that we could get a lot of air flow while sleeping
- my husband and I are tall, and even for us there was plenty of room for us to fully stand up and walk around

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Rebecca S.

5October 2020

Had a great 2 weeks in Paul's truck. Listen to the other reviews- the approving nods/thumbs up/etc from strangers never ends.

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Brynn B.

5September 2020

We had an absolute blast renting this camper! Both Paul and Don were great on the communication end for making arrangements with the camper pick up and drop off. The other reviewers weren’t kidding about the amount of waves and thumbs up you receive when driving this thing around. People go out of their way to come over and check it out, ask questions and just tell you it’s the coolest camper they have ever seen or ask if you are gypsies. The truck was easy to drive, the cab is spacious enough to fit two adults, two large dogs and a baby in a car seat with plenty of room for gear that we needed access to on the road. The truck has all the modern conveniences of USB ports, cruise control, etc and handled both highway driving and dirt national forest roads well.
The camper itself is very structurally sound and very well insulated without the need for the heater in sub-freezing overnight temperatures. There are no interior lights inside but there are command strip hooks around for small lanterns to be hung up as well as helping to organize other gear. We felt that the cabin was very secure and felt comfortable with the ability to lock our gear and other valuables inside. Hopefully we will make our way back to Colorado again in the near future so we can take this rig around on another road trip again.

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Katie W.

5September 2020

Could not have had a better experience and can not recommend enough. I wish it was my own! It truly is a bed and a couch with a little storage, grill and cooler but that’s all you need :) the van has been named amongst our friends as the Gypsy Wagon. It was a weekend we will never forget!