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Memories made on trips with Devin Moncur's RVs

Darci W.

1July 2021

Very disappointing experience. There were quite a few issues with our rental. I was fine with paying $150 "Hotel Ready" and $150 cleaning fees, because I expected the vehicle to be clean and well stocked. It wasn't. There were no sheets or pillow cases on the queen sized bed in the bedroom; only a very dirty mattress cover. We had to stop and purchase a set. There was 1 single washcloth and 1/2 roll of toilet paper provided. One of the bedroom drawers was full of dirty laundry. The fridge and stove were dirty. The floors were dirty, although they were swept. The cabinets were such a disorganized mess that we couldn't find anything. The outlet under the sink didn't work so we had to run an extension cord from the bedroom to make coffee each morning. The oven wouldn't light. We were charged up front for propane but had 2 & 1/2 empty tanks. The vehicle is out of alignment. The connectors are stripped and pop off. We had never operated this type of RV and expected at least a simple walk through with some basic instructions but instead received an email with some videos to watch which we were unable to open. We ended up having to stop at a service station in Yellowstone for assistance. I was also okay with the charge paid to Outdoorsy because I understood they were providing a service but an email with some videos provided the day before we took delivery was a poor excuse for such. We had already left for vacation by the time the emails were sent and had no internet or Wi-Fi service. I understand that it's a busy time but this was really disappointing, considering what we paid. Looking at past reviews, these are not new problems. I contacted the owner upon our return and although she promptly apologized and blamed it on her cleaners, nothing further was addressed and she did not respond to any further messages.

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Franklin H.

1October 2020

Upon meeting with Damir, he told us that a few parts of the RV were not working. This included:
1. The awnings
2. The kitchen outlet
3. The control panel for the gauges
Once we were in the RV ourselves, we noticed many additional things that were not working:
1. When we went to put in the directions in the GPS of the RV, it did not work. I tried to plug my phone charger into the USB system and that did not work either. I wish this did work because my phone had no service in multiple parts of the state, making it difficult to navigate.
2. Both the kitchen and the bathroom outlets did not work. If I wanted coffee, I had to either climb under the table to plug it in, or plug it in in the bedroom outlet.
3. I could not get the pilot light in the oven to ignite, so it was unusable. I could only use the stovetop.
4. The locking system on the refrigerator was failing, so the refrigerator door opened continuously while driving. Due to this inconvenience, we had to take things out of the fridge while driving so that they would not fall out of the fridge.
5. Both the shower door and hallway door are off their tracks.
6. There were no RV toilet chemicals for breaking down waste and by the second day, the stench was so bad that we had to empty the tank and buy RV liquid toilet treatment at a cost of $15.00.
7. There was no exterior cable connector for the TV provided in the camper. We purchased one for $35 and left it in the camper.
8. Most importantly, and most dangerously, the carbon monoxide and LP gas detector went off on Thursday and Friday so we were not able to use the heat. The temperature both nights was in the low 30s.

Susie K.

4October 2020

Overall we had a fantastic trip and the only reason for the overall 4 star was for reasons that the owner may or may not have had a lot of control over much like unexpected mechanical issues that can come up with owning a house. Although inconvenient and frustrating, it didn’t dampen our trip. The refrigerator stopped working on day 2 (but thankfully the weather was cold and a cooler was provided so we could ice our items that needed refrigerating), the kitchen outlet didn’t work for us so we had to get creative with plugging up the coffee maker in the mornings, and we never could get the oven to work so some of the food we bought that we’re oven specific (like cookie dough, pizza and biscuits) went to waste. Otherwise, all was great. Well supplied, had everything we needed, traveled well, and slept all 5 of us comfortably. The delivery to our hotel was well worth it and Damir the caretaker of the RV did an excellent job of orienting us to all the mechanics before handing over the keys. We had a great time and now that we’re a little more experienced with RVing, we’ll likely rent an RV again in the future.

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William Y.

5September 2020

Very clean and worked well for our visit. We had a blizzard the first night and stayed warm. Pick and drop off were made simple. Many thanks!


5August 2020


Kelly K.

5August 2020

The service and communication was excellent on every level! Thoughtfully stocked w extra towels chairs and essentials. I would suggest using the delivery option if you are flying in to the airport. Otherwise it takes a good bit of time to use a taxi to go all the way to the south side of Jackson to pick up th RV.

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Gene R.

4August 2020

Spent 6 nights on this RV in Yellowstone and Grand Teton with my wife and two boys. RV was well equipped and very comfortable. We would definitely rent this RV again. Came stocked with sheets, toilet paper, paper towels, flatware/plates, etc. All we had to do was bring the groceries. Would definitely recommend this RV.

Julie N.

5July 2020

We used this RV on a 7 day trip to campgrounds with full hookups, so I cannot comment on dry camping, but enjoyed our trip and this RV. Communication with the owner was easy and prompt as was the key exchange. It was clean and comfortable with sufficient bedding and cooking supplies. We were asked at the end for suggestions to improve amenities/equipment needed for the RV. I would recommend renting this RV to others looking in the Jackson area as it met our needs quite nicely.

Eric R.

4June 2020

Large, comfortable RV that was great for our 5-day trip to Grand Teton and Yellowstone. It drove well and was plenty of room for our family of 6. The unit was fairly well-equipped with grill and camp chairs. We eventually figured out the ins/outs of RV travel mainly by trial and error (battery, water, sewer, heater levels). As new “RVers”, we could have probably benefitted from some more written notes/instruction on the various systems of the vehicle. However, we still had a great time and would recommend this RV again in the future.