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About Peter & Tracy Hyland

We are garden-growing, outdoor recreation enthusiasts who spent two years traveling overland and working in Australia back in 2008/09 with our (then) young children. We love cooking and enjoy sharing our home-grown produce when it's in season. We also like to build things and make already built things better. Most of all though, we enjoy having adventures in beautiful places, like the canyon country of Utah, high mountains anywhere and the wilds of the Pacific Northwest. Since moving to Portland, Oregon in 2010, we have embraced this wonderfully unique city and state. Please give us the privilege of hosting you. Cheers, Tracy & Peter

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Memories made on trips with Peter & Tracy Hyland's RVs

Jace K.

5September 2022

Van was incredible. Had everything we needed. Great layout. Quiet, private. Van drive great; enjoyed driving it. Peter and Tracy were awesome hosts and fully prepared us for the trip.

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Courtney S.

5September 2022

This was such a smooth rental process, Peter is very organized and thorough while also making the orientation feel so comfortable and non intimidating. He was very understanding for a mishap we had on the trip which we very much appreciated. The rig itself is so easy to drive (for the most part - backing up is kind of a thing lol), is in pristine condition and has everything you could possibly want or need ready to go. If you are wanting an AirBnB on wheels this is it! If you have a bad back the bed might be a little uncomfortable as the mattress is quite firm, but otherwise this rig is such a dream! So much so that we are now planning on doing van life for real! 10/10 would recommend this Peter and this van!

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Rebekah K.

5September 2022

Peter & Tracy were great hosts, and we’d absolutely consider renting from them again. From the beginning they had clear and friendly communication through the app, and in person during the check-in process and throughout our rental. Orientation to the van was thorough and we appreciated all of the tips and added features we were shown. Peter was patient with our questions and a great source of information & knowledge both before we took off and on the few occasions we had questions during the trip. We appreciated his flexibility and support.
The van was great to drive, had great storage space in the gear garage, & good gas mileage for a large vehicle. It could be intimidating for those not used to driving something sizable, but Peter gave us great directions during the check-in and test drive allowing us to feel confident. We were appreciative of how well thought-out the outfitting and included gear is, and think it’s a fantastic value. We’re definitely van camping converts!

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Stephan H.

5August 2022

What a pleasure to be onboard Cascadia 1. Peter was super helpful explaining everything and getting us safely on the road. Communication was great and everything worked as expected. Looking forward to rent this beauty again. Stephan

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Michael M.

5July 2022

I will start out by saying that renting from Peter and Tracy is like renting from life-long friends. They go above and beyond to make sure your experience is first rate.

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Angelique P.

1June 2022

Having had reservations cancelled at the last minute with another company for a van with a failed transmission, I asked this owner if his van had two beds, one for me and my dog and one for my teen. He assured me that yes his van had two beds, a queen and a dinette that converted into a bed. This was not the case! The second “bed” was a table that lowered to bench level and the “mattress” was a 1/4” hard mat. There were two sleeping bags: one was substantial, the other Not. The queen bed was a DIY so poorly designed that to get it pulled out and fit correctly was exhausting and stressful even with two strong people. Before we left, the orientation and test drive took two hours, so our trip started off late. By the time we finally arrived at the campground it was getting dark. Unfortunately, the inverter started beeping at an alarmingly loud level. When we figured out where it was coming from we shut off the power button to stop the noise. Having no idea what the device was or the consequences of shutting it off, we anxiously awaited a text back from the owner. A half hour later he texted back to wait until morning to see what it would do. The next morning, waking on the rock hard table “bed” having hardly slept trying to keep warm with the inadequate sleeping bag, we anxiously tested the inverter. Luckily it seemed to have fixed itself. We struggled to get the “beds” put away, and set off on our next destinations, weary from the stress. The sliding door was really hard to get closed all the way and kept locking in the almost closed position, making it very annoying every time we had to open/close it. The van was very loud and felt what I imagine to be like driving a garbage truck. I had no faith that it would make it through our five day trip. The second day, a message displayed on the dashboard, “Brakes showing wear, take to the work shop”. After texting the owner, he suggested we take it to Les Shwab. We were far from a Les Shwab so drove with trepidation all the way down there. After inspection they told us it might be a faulty message. The stress made our beautiful trip into a stressful nightmare. I returned the van with a bad taste in my mouth for so called Mercedes Sprinters that are actually Dodge Vans. I do not recommend renting this beast of a vehicle!!

Peter & Tracy’s answer

RV OWNERS BEWARE: I strongly suggest NOT renting your vehicle to Angelique Puccio. She behaved in a dishonest and vindictive manner at the completion of her trip despite our efforts to be supportive, fair and honest at all times.

Yesenia M.

5June 2022

This van was awesome to say the least. Not only did it have the space but was also stocked with all the essentials. It was perfect for a 4 day get away packed with mtn biking and hiking. The back garage was perfect for all of our biking supplies. The cooler provided kept everything cold and even kept ice on the freezer side. Peter and Tracy were very thorough when we picked up the van and made sure we were comfortable with it before take off. If you're looking to rent a sprinter I highly recommend Peter & Tracy's. Great people and a reliable van!

Vicki L.

5May 2022

Cascadia One was perfect for our trip into central Oregon. It was well-equipped and outfitted with supplies. The bed was very comfortable and our overall experience was very enjoyable. Peter and Tracy gave us an extensive explanation of the van and it's equipment leaving us with no difficulties when it came to operating the van and it's amenities. It was a fantastic van and made our trip very enjoyable.

Kyia D.

5March 2022

where to begin?! well, from the moment we began corresponding with peter regarding a possible trip we could tell we were in good hands. as first-time campervan campers, my 19-year old daughter and i were grateful for every bit of advice and support we could get, and peter delivered... with a thorough orientation, flexible scheduling and the foundation of a full 1-week itinerary for our "spring break" getaway down the coast. he was generous with tips and recommendations, available to troubleshoot glitches and always accessible for any question we had, which was priceless.

Peter & Tracy’s answer

Thanks so much the the detailed review Kyia! It means so much to us and I’m sure will help others with their decision-making.

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Dyllan C.

5December 2021

Peter went above and beyond to make sure our experience was everything we could have asked for and more.
The van build out had every bell and whistle we needed during our adventures.

Patricia S.

5December 2021

Exactly what we needed and more! My husband, dog and I stayed nice and cozy in cold wet coastal weather thanks to Peter’s van. After one stop at the grocery store, we were able to cook, clean, play and explore all from the comfort of our campsite on wheels. Other notable features that made all the difference include the hot water heater, awesome sound system, spacious dining table we used for board games, ample gear storage and smooth working awning. Most importantly (in my book) it drove well and I felt as confident driving it up and down some steep roads as I did driving thru the Human Bean drive-thru. Thanks Peter!

Peter & Tracy’s answer

Patricia and Juan, thanks so much for the detailed feedback. So happy you had a good trip to the coast with our van! -Peter

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Kathleen F.

5November 2021

Great trip vehicle. I was a little misled about the table availability for me to use the van as an office but the rest of the van was super comfortable, we stayed warm, and had zero issues. Highly recommend.

Robert T.

5October 2021

My wife and I took the van on our honeymoon to Yellowstone and this van made the difference. We were able to comfortably drive to the park and we’re able to pack up from our camp site in just moments. The van allowed us to explore the park and find trail heads without needing to go back to camp for food or forgotten items, it was all right there. By far one of the best features of the van is the heater, it is able to be set on a timer throughout the night to keep you warm even when it’s snowing outside. Our only downside for the trip was on our way back the engine started acting up just a bit. With this said Peter the owner of the van was very responsive in helping us fix what we could and he was very very accommodating to the changes in our plans. All in all an amazing honeymoon with a lot of memories. Thank you Peter!

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Andrew H.

5September 2021

This was my second adventure in Cascadia and she did not disappoint. Peter remains the host with the most, taking care to make sure we had the best experience possible. He takes excellent care of his van and truly wants his renters to enjoy their time. We had a great trip into NE Oregon, checking out the John Day Fossil Beds, then journeying across through the Blue Mountains to the Wallowas. The weather was perfect, and with Cascadia as our chariot, we explored some new ground. We were sorry for our trip to end, but all good things must! Thanks Peter - keeping doing what you and Cascadia do!

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Renato H.

5September 2021

Peter’s Van is amazing. It is fully equiped with brand new kitchenware, nicely furnished and decorated, great lighting. The battery system and solar panels work very well, we never had less than 85% of the battery. We had a great experience.