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Van camping in Alaska is Amazing! DriveMeWildAlaska started with our love for a classic orange VW Westy Vanagon and the incredible memories made with it. Then we discovered these Japanese Mitsubishi Delicas and Toyota HiAces. New ones are banned in America. They are the vans we were looking for all along lol!! These distinctive diesel beasts turn heads everywhere!! Oh yeah, and you get to GO Postal! As in, the steering wheel is on the right hand side. It makes driving fun again! And for those that would rather glamp with a steering wheel on the "right" left side of the car, you can rent out our Mercedes Sprinter with Karaoke, or the Thor-house (both with normal steering wheels on the left side.) Check our website for the best deals and the inside scoop on vancationing in Juneau.

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Memories made on trips with Drive Me Wild Alaska's RVs

Lynn M.

5September 2023

Our experience was great! We loved the RV, it was easy to drive, comfortable to sleep in and very clean! Nolan was very responsive and available to answer any questions we had while on our trip. We'd definitely recommend renting from them!

Joseph R.

5August 2023

You guys were great! Very cool camper vans. Would do it again in a heartbeat.

Joseph R.

0August 2023

Rebekah E.

5July 2023

One of the best experiences I’ve had. I rented Princess Jasmine and it was so fun to drive. The rental process was very easy and the chick (sorry I forgot her name) that helped me out was super pleasant and accommodating. The van had everything I could need. I’d recommend Drive Me Wild Alaska to anyone coming to the area.

Meaghan L.

5July 2023

Crazy Crystal was an awesome experience. Manual right hand driving Japanese camper van - perfect for a niche special interest. The van was well equipped with all bedding in the form of sleeping bags/pads/camp pillows. There were a few small items included in the listing that weren’t in the van (aeropress, camp chairs) but this didn’t take away from the overall experience. The van is well maintained and was the perfect transportation/lodging for Juneau!

Michael W.

5June 2023

Nolan, Jeanette and Almeria were all excellent hosts. Accommodating and accessible. The van was everything we needed and was one of the unexpected highlights of our trip to the Juneau area. We had so many compliments on it from passersby. We plan on booking with this company again when we return. Five stars all around.

Douglas T.

5June 2023

The van was perfect. It had many thoughtful amenities - cooler, bear spray (never needed), travel mugs, camp chairs, etc. I stayed in Mendenhall Campground, Eagle River Campground, and boondocked a night at Echo Cove boat ramp. All were good spots.

Scott K.

5June 2023

Excellent experience. The equipment was all fully functional and well maintained. The people were friendly and informative.

Crystal W.

5June 2023

My partner and I had an awesome time in Haines with Brulee!! She is charming, small, and we loved the Japanese text inside (with translations added!) We look forward to booking her again!!!

Nathan W.

5August 2022

I can't express how much fun we had touring around Juneau in Crazy Crystal. It is all you need for a wonderful transient, pop-up where you want lifestyle. The right hand drive was actually a novel, fun experience and super easy to get used to. It was so well stocked with everything you need to camp out on the spot. Sleeping upstairs on the double inflatable mattress was so cool and comfortable. Once you have a day with it you easily learn how to setup and take down a great camp life. I can't wait to go back and rent this again. Excellent people, super accommodating and friendly. I highly recommend it!

Paul C.

5July 2022

First time RV’ing and loved the experience! Great for 2 adults and used pretty much everything. Had a lot of amenities and didn’t need anything extra. Microwave was hit or miss but we used the stove. Highly recommend
Mendenhall campground for all the hookups.

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Mariesa K.

5June 2022

Great RV! Everything was clean. Wonderful customer service.

Andrew A.

5August 2021

Great experience driving around in princess jasmine, Nolan and Jeannette were awesome and provided many comforts for the trip like a cooler, sleeping pads, pillows, camping chairs and more! If the horn gets stuck on like it did to us don’t be afraid to pound on it to get it to stop!😅 We’ve been wanting a camper van and this trip showed us why all over again😊

Larry N.

0August 2021

I want to express how wonderful my experience was renting Princess Jasmine from Nolan & Jeannette. The reservation process was easy and clear and they were quick to answer all of my questions.
They were very accommodating to make sure I was able to get the vehicle even though I arrived at a very late time and to drop off the vehicle when I was leaving. They were also kind enough to keep me informed when the weather was going to be extreme (some excessive rain caused some flooding) which was very helpful with my camping situation.
They were also very helpful in places to go, things to see, etc, making my time in Juneau a special time!
I highly recommend to rent one of their vehicles if you are looking for an adventurous time in Juneau!

Long N.

5August 2021

Our first trip to Alaska was amazing and it couldn't have happened with everyone's help. Extremely responsive, with the best suggestions for excursions and places to camp. Also very helpful whenever we had questions about the van.

Gwendolyn R.

5August 2021

Camping with Crystal was lots of fun! It took some getting used to having the steering wheel on the right, but it was great having the freedom to camp in different places each night. Juneau is beautiful and experiencing it outside of the downtown area was awesome.