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My name is Chai. In 2020 when covid hit, I moved out of my van that I had lived in for a year and into an apartment. With my hospitality background, I decided to start renting out my van and it did so well that I got a second van, "Mercy". In 2021, I formed an LLC to start renting other people's vans out on consignment. We now have taken over the host management for GoRoameo for the summer of 2023 and look forward to making your unique van trip the best it can be. We reserve the weekends for our family and responding to guests that are currently on their trip. I have a 7 year old son who lights up my life! He Loves our van trips. I absolutely love Colorado and the magic of the Rocky Mountains!

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Memories made on trips with Chai's RVs

Zach L.

3April 2023

Take pictures of the vehicle on your phone before you leave the lot but please read this whole review! The customer response team at Go Roameo was excellent before and during the trip, I always got a quick reply to any questions. The RV was very clean and performed well for a 3100 mile trip but I did experience a broken water hose that affected the last 3 days of my rental. Unfortunately, this is what led me to leave 3 stars instead of 4 or 5, the company response in consideration of this issue. Apparently the "outbound team" that prepares the vans to be rented next doesn't have very detailed pictures of the condition of the vehicle. When I first approached the vehicle to check it out I noticed heavy scratches on the slider door so I decided to first walk around and document any damage with photos. This allowed me to get a $100 in a credit back (a consideration for the broken water hose) from the company because their photos didn't show any damage. Additionally their team first tried to blame the damage on my dogs, they said that the scratches looked like they came from a dog and they knew I had pets. Really offensive to me as I'm a good & responsible dog owner with 2 well-behaved German Sheps. They may have come from dogs in the past but not mine and thankfully I had the time-stamped photos to prove it. So rather than apologizing ever for the inconvenience of the broken water line, which serves both the domestic tap for the sink and the air purifier/cooler for the unit, they went on the offensive and made me prove it with my time-stamped photos which I thought was poor customer service. I get it, things break and this was a minor inconvenience for me in this scenario, but the inbound team could have chose to react to it professionally. Apologize and work on a credit rather than being defensive and looking to put pre-existing damage on a customer, especially in a "contactless pickup" where an employee isn't inspecting the RV with you. Great vehicle and tech support during the trip, good value, CYA when picking your vehicle up with photos!

Spencer G.

5March 2023

Patricia C.

5February 2023

This was such an incredible experience and Roameo’s staff made it even better!

Gary P.

5May 2022

Dayne R.

3September 2021

Started with a half a tank of gas, exterior was dirty, windows and mirrors required cleaning, the bedding was dirty so we used our own, issues with door latches, sliding door was difficult to close, grey water drain fell off when I opened the cap and the van is really underpowered for the mountains. We came to the conclusion this van was sent out at the last minute without cleaning or prep for the next trip.