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Memories made on trips with Lucas's RVs

Marcell M.

5November 2022

Das beste was wir machen konnten...Mega cooles Personal;) Und so ein tolles Erlebnis mit einem Camper Hawaii zu erkunden. Daumen hoch

William R.

0October 2022

Hi there,

Lucas’s answer

Hello Rowan good afternoon how are you?

Will W.

5October 2022

This was all around one of the best trips and experiences I've ever had. Tango was such a rad van and the best way to explore the island! The team also went above and beyond to make sure I had a seamless trip. Can't wait to come back again!

Joao P.

5October 2022

The best experiencie in my life!
Team Hawaii Surf Campers very concerned and concerned about every detail. Big T is extremely comfortable and everything was very well thought out!
It was 6 amazing days that were marked in my life.
Highly recommend!!

Vivian M.

5September 2021

Wow, how do I begin. Thank you Lucas for all your communication before our trip and helping us plan. Thank you Ross for picking us up, being extremely friendly, checking in on us often, going out of his way when we couldn't figure out the reverse and coming out to fix things. He was so kind and positive and had such a great vibe, even my three year old warmed up to him quickly. When he dropped us off, we tried to give him some tip for going out of his way throughout everything and he refused it. I was so shocked because these days, it's hard to find someone in business who doesn't have personal motives, whether it's reviews or money etc. Ross is a genuinely kind hearted human that made us feel like family and it really meant everything.
Thank you guys so much for the adventure!

Charles W.

5July 2021

Amazing service. Amazing bus, Juanita! Great people! Thanks Lucas!!

Dana F.

5July 2021

I cannot begin to explain how perfect our experience with Hawaii Surf Campers was, but I’ll try. My kids and I booked this trip after a year from hell, coming from Minneapolis, MN. I’m a single mom and teacher with a second job as a server, so lots of extra shifts picked up to make it all happen. I hadn’t realized how rare it was to experience Oahu through camping. There are no sites or grounds with electrical hook ups and very limited drive in sites in general. I had heard that you can camp anywhere on public land, but that really refers to tent camping. We did book a site through the Hawaii state parks but COULD NOT FIND IT! The directions were confusing (go towards the mountain 🙄…) We we’re so frustrated and exhausted and I called Lucas who was our airport pickup guy and he hooked me up with a guy who had an amazing beachfront property complete with WiFi and an outhouse with plumbing, which ended up being such a gift. It was a perfect set up. And the RV itself-the Big Greenie-had everything we needed. It was easy to drive and I was surprised at the gas mileage. We explored the entire island and only had to fill up once. And after returning the vehicle, Lucas realized I had already paid for a pick up, which I didn’t remember doing, so made sure we were reimbursed for that charge. He was very helpful regarding suggestions and checking in to be sure we were safe. I highly recommend using one of their vans to explore the island for all or most of your trip (we booked an Airbnb in Waikiki for the last 2 days just to have that experience too). Mahalo Hawaii Surf campers! You’re the best! A hui hau!
Dana, Lewis and Harvey

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Billy M.

5May 2021

Hawaii Surf Campers was a great experience. Highly recommended to anyone interested in exploring Oahu on wheels and truly experiencing a unique and memorable experience. The checkin and checkout process was extremely easy and the staff were very helpful when going over Tango which was a joy to ride. Mahalo team!

Courtney S.

5October 2020

First off, we have to say EXCELLENT customer service. We rented Coco for my birthday and had a blast. We will probably do it again! Excellent company, excellent service, excellent vehicles!

Kahealani K.

5July 2020

Our family had an amazing experience! Communication was awesome! The van was everything we needed for a amazing camping trip!

Kunal M.

5December 2019

Our trip went off to a bad start as we missed our plane to Oahu from Maui. Kept in touch with Lucas and he was most accommodating and let us know he could pick us up late that night or the next day. We flew in the next day and were met by Lucas. The entire crew was helpful and after a quick walk-through of the camper van we were off.

Kate C.

3.5December 2019

Great service from the boys at Hawaii Surf Campers. We had Big T and loved the setup. Very comfortable sleep with the breeze blowing through the pop top. One caution though - if you pay with an international credit card, you will be charged an "international transaction fee." We paid almost $50 in transaction fees which was an unpleasant surprise to come home too. Ask before you hand over your credit card info! If I could do it again, I'd pay cash. Other than not being warned about that fee, the service and experience was great.

Rebecca D.

5November 2019

The Hawaii surfer camper vans company was amazing!!!! The 3 employees done everything possible to go out of their way to make us happy and enjoy our vacation. Along the way we experienced a few hiccups with regards to the vans being older vehicles & things going wrong out everybody’s control. Of course we knew this was a possibility seen the vans are older. We want to thank tanner especially for going out of his way to help us. They were so accommodating & pleasant to deal with. We highly recommend them to anyone!!! COCO is amazing :). These vans are so adorable and fun.

Adrianne C.

5September 2019

What a wonderful time! Everything about this was what I imagined. We had a blast and you are great to work with.

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Lindsey O.

5May 2019

Lucas and his team were a joy to interact with and always responded quickly. We traveled with two children so having things go right was important to keep them from melting down and they were totally flexible for us. Camping in Hawaii was amazing and I highly recommend to anyone planning a trip, break away and see the island as it is and not as Waikiki makes it to be!

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Tara J.

5November 2018

Great guys, great van, great aloha vibes! Lucas was quick to respond and super helpful with all the questions I had. Tanner was graciously accommodating even when my luggage was temporarily lost and went out of his way to return a left behind item. Big T was really comfortable and had everything we needed for our trip. Would definitely rent from you guys again! Mahalo for everything!

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