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Hi, we are Luxury Offroad Rentals

Luxury Offroad Rentals is dedicated to providing the best machines to tackle the outdoors in comfort. We are where Luxury leaves the road!

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Luxury Offroad Rentals Deluxe Trailer - 2017 Black Series Delta
  • Sleeps 6
  •  Length 17ft
  • Instabook $105 per night

2 Reviews

June 2019

The owners are great and very responsive. The camper itself is a beast, and can probably get to places where most can't. It does take up a large footprint and didn't fit very well in the small paved RV site I ended up with on our trip, so I would only rent again if I was sure I could spread out (30x30 flat site) and plan on the tent on the right of the camper in that site. There is a lot more s…

Anthony Loeffler

June 2018

We had a great trip! This camper travels great and had everything we needed. We will rent again!

Josiah Luster