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Memories made on trips with Jonathan's RVs

Dennis K.

5February 2023

Darnell G.

4December 2022

Jonathan was great and helpful. The process was smooth and easy. The van was clean and comfortable for my 5 person party, including my pregnant wife. Only complaints was difficulty communicating between the cabins (maybe an intercom would do the trick here somehow) and the TV speakers being on the partition wall made it so that if you played the TV at a moderate volume, it blasted out the drivers cabin, even with the partition closed. Would definitely consider using them again. Thanks!

Tyrone T.

5December 2022

Wonderful experience! Beautiful vehicle!!

Shyamal S.

5December 2022

I had approached Jonathan aka Mr McConaughey (he looks so much like Matthew McConaughey) for a boys road trip to celebrate my 50th and let me tell you, I was beyond happy. He was so easy to work with and totally professional. He went above and beyond to make sure my 50th was flawless. He even upgraded the seating of his brand new sprinter to make sure we had a comfortable ride. He even flew down to FL to pick the van up when my plans changed on the return trip. Without his help and consideration, my 50th could not have been this memorable. Thank you so much Mr. McConaughey, god bless you and I wish you all the best. 🙏🏼🥃

Ralph J.

5October 2022

This was a phenomenal rental just in time for a homecoming tailgate football party. The owner was pleasant and very hands on with service and delivery.