Class B RV Rentals

Everyone loves a good Class B. As the smallest driveable RV, they are sleek, nimble, and a great way to travel light on your feet.

Find Your Dream Class B RV

Class B RV Rentals

So you want to plan a romantic road trip with your significant other. Or maybe you want to plan a fun week away with your best friends. You think an RV would be perfect for your trip, but what kind should you get?

For a trip involving just a few people, a Class B RV is a great option. It’s smaller than a Class A or C RV but still offers comfort and at a lower cost. It’s also much easier to drive and maneuver.

Let’s take a closer look at Class B RV rentals and what advantages they have for smaller group trips.

Rent Your Perfect Class B RV

A Class B RV rental is great for couples and small families traveling on a budget. They are certainly less expensive than renting a Class A or C RV, and it also costs less to fill up the tank.

Another advantage of Class B rentals is their size. Because they are constructed from vans, you can drive around and park them just like you would a regular car. Even though they are very much like a car, they are stronger. This means that if you need to pull an additional small trailer, you can.

While you’re considering Class B RV rentals, keep in mind that there are different models. The biggest and most luxurious is the Mercedes Sprinter. This Class B RV rental can seat seven and sleep four and comes with features like fully enclosed showers and toilets, fridge, microwave, stove, furnace, external gas hookups, generator, and AC unit. Mercedes Sprinters also have four-wheel drive and run on diesel.

Another Class B rental model is the Dodge Ram Promaster. It’s a smaller and slightly less luxurious version of a Mercedes Sprinter, which means it costs less to rent. However, it still has all of the essentials you’d need for a great trip.

An additional model to consider is the Chevrolet Express. It does come with far fewer features than a Sprinter, but the plus side is that it comes with a lower price tag. It also runs on regular gas as opposed to diesel.

Saving Money on a Class B RV Rental

Ready to find a Class B RV rental? The best place to look is on Outdoorsy’s RV search.

On this peer-to-peer RV rental marketplace, you can find local RV owners to rent from, which gives you hundreds of unique RVs to choose from.

You start by entering a city and dates. Then, filter your search based on price range and RV class and model. Once you’ve found a Class B rental you like and you’ve reviewed its photos and details, click on reserve to get in contact with the owner.

To get even better deals on Class B RV rentals, remember the following:

Try to negotiate with the owner - Once you’ve gotten in touch with the RV owner, see if they’re willing to work out an agreement on rental rates.

Rent for a longer amount of time - The more days you have the Class B RV rental, the less the nightly rates will be.

Book in advance - The sooner you plan your trip, the more flexibility you can get on rates.

Avoid the high season - Traveling during high season is more expensive because the demand is higher and there is less availability.

As you can see, Class B RV rentals are a great option for couples or small groups that are ready to get out and explore, while still traveling on a budget. They have many advantages, like being less expensive than Class A and C RVs and easier to maneuver.

Outdoorsy has hundreds for you to choose from, so get started on your search today!

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