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Pop up camper rental

One of the many RV types out there is the pop up tent trailer, also known as a pop up camper or folding trailer. This type of RV is popular among campers because it is lightweight, inexpensive, and easy to set up.

So what is a pop up camper trailer? Basically, it looks like a box on wheels. You tow it behind your vehicle and when you get to your destination you pop up the tent part of the camper. It’s much more than just a regular tent though. Using a hand crank, you lift the roof of the camper and then canvas sections pop out and form walls.

There are many reasons why you might want to rent a pop up camper over a traditional travel trailer. We’ve listed nine reasons below…

Nine reasons you should rent a pop up camper trailer

1. A pop up camper rental will be very lightweight. The average weight of a pop up camper is about 2,800 pounds and most vehicles can tow up to 3,500. This means you might even be able to tow it with your car.

2. A pop up trailer rental is one of the most inexpensive options out there because they aren’t large and aren’t motorized.

3. If you’re hesitant about towing, a pop up rental is perfect for you because they don’t sway very much thanks to their low profiles.

4. If you rent a pop up camper, you’ll also have more options when it comes to camping; their small size means you’ll be able to fit in areas where larger RVs can’t.

5. Although they’re small, pop up campers still have designated places to eat and sleep. In fact, some of the larger campers even have full kitchens, toilets, and showers.

6. Speaking of sleep, most pop up campers have more than one sleeping area. Some models have a bedroom on either side of the living area and some have convertible dinettes which allow for even more people to sleep comfortably.

7. A pop up camper rental will also have plenty of storage. Some models have a cargo hatch in the body of the camper while some have storage boxes attached to the outside of the trailer.

8. If you’re traveling with big toys like bikes and kayaks, a pop up rental will have room for them on its support racks.

9. And finally, a pop up trailer rental will have mesh windows. These are great during good weather because you get a nice breeze flowing through the camper.

Pop up trailer rental on Outdoorsy

You can find a pop up camper rental on Outdoorsy’s RV rental marketplace. Using the peer-to-peer rental platform, you can search for a pop up camper by city, date, and price. Keep in mind that if you rent a pop up camper you’ll probably spend less money than most of the other RV options out there.

By starting your search for a pop up trailer rental on Outdoorsy, you’re getting ready to start an awesome adventure. Staying in a pop up camper isn’t exactly roughing it, but it is a more rugged and fun way of camping.

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