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RV rentals allow you to have the convenience of a comfortable homebase while you travel, without the drawback of spending the extra money that comes with owning an RV.

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RV rentals by owner

Traveling in an RV is becoming more and more popular. There’s something very appealing about being able to explore at your own pace and in comfortable accommodations. The RV life has become so popular, in fact, that more people than ever are buying their own RVs.

Not everyone can afford to buy an RV, however, as RVs are also expensive to maintain and store. Therefore, finding an RV for rent by owner might be a better option for your future trip.

Should I rent or buy an RV?

The number of people buying RVs has gone up, but so have the number of people renting RVs. This is because there are a lot of benefits to renting an RV.

Let’s say you’d eventually like to buy an RV, but you’re torn about what kind to get. Getting an RV rental by owner allows you to try out different kinds of RVs before making the huge commitment of buying one.

RV rentals by owner are also great because you might have different needs on different trips. Let’s say one trip is a girls weekend with your bestie, another trip is with the whole family, and yet another trip is just you and your furry companion. An RV you bought will not function well for all of those trips, so renting an RV makes a lot more sense.

If you buy an RV, keep in mind that they do depreciate in value. You also have to figure out where to store it and possibly pay to have it stored.

RVs are also costly to upkeep. If you get an RV rental by owner, you don’t have to worry about these things; simply take your trip and then return it. The money you’d spend to rent the RV would be much less than you’d spend to maintain and store an RV that you bought.

How to find an RV for rent by owner

So now that you’re ready to rent, you’re probably wondering, “How do I find an RV for rent by owner near me?”

Well, that’s where Outdoorsy’s RV search comes in. On Outdoorsy’s peer-to-peer platform, you’re able to rent an RV directly from owners. This offers more options and at lower prices than corporate RV rental companies like Cruise America.

All you have to do is enter a city and dates, and you’ll be given dozens of options. You can then filter through the results by adding in any amenities you’d like.

So if you’re ready to hit the road, check out RV rentals by owner on Outdoorsy. You’ll have the convenience of having a comfortable home base while you travel, without the drawback of spending the extra money that comes with owning an RV.

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