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If you’re new to RVing or aren’t sure how to rent an RV for your next vacation, the process can be a little intimidating. One of the first things to consider, however, is the location of the RV pickup in relation to your destination.

Should I rent an RV near me? Should I have the RV delivered to my destination? Or should I do a one-way rental? These are all questions you might be asking yourself. And the answer depends on what makes sense logistically for your trip to go as smoothly as possible.

Outdoorsy’s RV rental marketplace makes it easy to find an RV for rent near you that you can pick-up, have delivered, or do a one-way rental. With their extensive options, you’re sure to find the perfect RV in the location you need for your vacation.

RV delivery

If driving cross country isn’t part of your vacation plan, but you’d still like to experience the RV life, a great option for you could be RV delivery. There is the probability that a local RV rental is willing to provide delivery and setup services. That means that when you arrive at your destination, the RV trailer will be there and ready for you to use.

This option is perfect for newer RVers who might not know how to set up an RV. It also means you can start your vacation right away with little to no work. You can have the RV trailer delivered to a campground, festival, or even a sporting event. And odds are, at the end of your vacation, you can most likely have the RV picked up as well.

What is a one-way RV rental?

So you might be wondering, “What if I want to rent a camper near me, drive cross country, but don’t want to make the drive back?” In that case, a one-way RV rental would be your best option. This is perfect if you want to drive but don’t have enough time to do a return trip; when your vacation is over you simply fly back home.

There aren’t a lot of dealerships that offer one-way RV rentals, but some RV rental services like Cruise America do have more options. This is due to the fact that they have more locations across the country.

Using Outdoorsy, if you find a vehicle that you think would be perfect for your vacation, you can always check with the RV owner to see if they are willing to form a plan with you for a one-way rental.

So how does Outdoorsy work?

Outdoorsy is an online RV rental platform where RV owners, and those looking to rent an RV, can connect virtually. RV owners post their vehicles on the platform and include descriptions and photos. Those looking for RV rentals near them use the platform to search for a vehicle that best fits their needs.

One of the benefits of using Outdoorsy is that they offer a lot more options than dealerships when it comes to vehicle types. Lack of customer demand in certain areas might mean that dealerships don’t see the need to offer all types of RVs. On Outdoorsy, however, you can find some fun and unique RVs for rent because individual owners are posting their vehicles in all different areas.

Local RV Rental

Choosing an RV rental location is one of the first steps in planning your perfect RV vacation. Start planning your RV rental with Outdoorsy to find the vehicle that works best for your trip and decide if pick up, delivery, or a one-way rental is best for you.

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