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Vacationers everywhere love travel trailers. Like most RVs, travel trailers have their pros and cons, but the pros far outweigh the cons. Let's find out more about what it's like to rent a trailer.

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Travel trailer rental

Renting travel trailers is a popular choice for vacationers everywhere due to their convenience. A travel trailer rental is pulled by either a truck or large SUV. There are even small travel trailers for rent that can be towed behind a car, which will save you a bit of gas money!

Travel trailer rentals have both pros and cons, just like any type of RV travel. Because you’re pulling the trailer behind you, reversing can be difficult. Hooking up and unhooking the trailer to your vehicle can also be tedious. However, the pros of renting travel trailers far outweigh the cons.

Five reasons you should rent a travel trailer

One of the biggest reasons to get a travel trailer rental is the convenience of being able to detach your vehicle. Leaving behind the trailer at the campsite while you roam around town in your vehicle will save you tons of money and time because you won’t have to rely on taxis or public transportation.

Another convenience of travel trailer rentals is that if your vehicle needs any maintenance done, you still have your trailer to spend the night in while your vehicle gets fixed. If you were in an RV that needed maintenance you’d be stuck trying to find a hotel for the night.

Speaking of maintenance, another reason to rent a travel trailer is that they are easier to maintain. They don’t have engines so you won’t have to worry about mechanical problems. This means that if you do end up needing something repaired, it probably won’t be a super expensive fix.

Travel trailers for rent also come in a variety of sizes so you can find the perfect one for your vacation needs. If you’re traveling with a big family or with pets, some trailers can sleep up to 10 people. Some travel trailers even have slideouts which will give you additional square footage.

A travel trailer rental doesn’t have to be expensive. You can find them on Outdoorsy for as low as $50 a day. Of course, prices will depend on the kind of amenities you’d like.

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