Service Fees

Outdoorsy charges service fees to the renter for each rental booked through Outdoorsy. The fees for each are listed below. Failure to charge any of the below fees or other indulgences shall not constitute a waiver of the right to exercise the same in the event another fee should become due at any other time.

Renter Service Fee

Up to a 20% service fee will be charged to the RV renter for each rental booked.

Owner Service Fee

The owner service fee for vehicle bookings ranges between 20% and 25% of the booking subtotal (the nightly rate plus cleaning fee, add-on fees, delivery fee and any other fees, if applicable, but excluding Outdoorsy fees and taxes). Owners can locate this fee on the reservation page for a given booking.

Late Fees

If a renter returns an RV after the agreed rental period end time, they will be charged a late fee. This late fee is calculated by combining a one-time administrative fee of $30.00 plus the hourly rental rate (this rate is based on a prorated daily rental rate for that RV for each hour the RV is late). There is a 1 hour grace period with each rental. If the late return results in the disruption of another rental or if Outdoorsy needs to find the owner of the RV alternative transportation due to the late return, the renter will pay the full daily rate for every eight (8) hours the RV is late and an additional $100 administrative fee. These charges will be added to the initial rental rate agreed upon by the owner and renter.

Dirty RV Fee

We understand that RVs get dirty out on the road! Returning a RV with a “normal” amount of dirt is acceptable and will not result in any additional charges. However, if an RV is returned covered with dirt, soot, trash, food, wine stains, etc, and you do not wash the RV prior to returning it, the owner may require that the renter be charged an additional cleaning fee. These fees may vary from owner to owner and will be reflected in the owner’s listing. This fee may not be added to the rental if the RV owner has already included a cleaning fee as a part of their rental terms.

No-Show Fees

If the RV owner does not show up to meet the renter and make the RV available for the renter at the agreed upon rental start time, Outdoorsy will treat this as an owner cancellation, and a full refund will be given t the renter including any applicable service fees. If the Renter is a no-show it will be treated as a Renter cancellation, and the Owner’s Cancellation Policy ( will go into effect. Any refunds given will solely be at the discretion of the RV owner.

RV Damage/Lost Item Fees

In the case of any damage to fiberglass, cushions, cabinetry, electronics, etc., or any item not covered by the Outdoorsy Insurance Policies ( The renter is fully responsible, and will be charged the actual cost of parts plus any hourly labor costs needed to repair the damaged item.

Security Deposits

Each owner may request a security deposit to accompany the rental. A security deposit will be held on the renter's credit card to cover any incidental damage or lost items. The credit card hold will be released 7 days after a rental has returned if no action is taken (the claim being held, released, or claimed). In the case a claim is filed by the owner, the security deposit will be held until the claim is resolved. All claims to a security deposit by the owner are subject to a 2.95% payment processing fee.