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Reviewed on May 21st

Taking this truck out to explore the Big Island was phenomenal! Mike was incredible with quick communication and advice on places to camp around the island. We were sad to have to say goodbye to our little home on wheels after the end of the week, but we know we’ll definitely be back to take out...

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Reviewed on Apr 9th

We had a fantastic experience renting the truck camper from Mike. He was very helpful and responsive to our questions and gave us some great recommendations of places to camp and go visit. The truck ran great and exceeded all of our expectations. I will rent from him again the next time we...

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Reviewed on Feb 17th

Amazing experience, great views, fabulous customer service!

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Reviewed on Feb 13th

We were welcomed at the Hilo airport by Mike, the new owner of Huaka’i Campers. We had one week with the truck and easy pop-up tent and had everything we needed with dishes, pans, cutlery, cooker, chairs, table, and even oil coffee to make our first few mornings pour-over coffee :) The 4x4 truck...

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Reviewed on Feb 2nd

Shawn and Mike provide everything you need for a comfortable and momorable camper experience. The 4x4 vehicle was extremely capable over all terrain. They’re both really helpful and friendly. The Tepui tents are durable and really comfortable.

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Reviewed on Jan 19th

We had an excellent vacation. This is our second year camping out on the big island with Shawn’s truck and it was just as incredible and worth-while as the first time. We were discouraged in the beginning from a slight change in plans, but Shawn was super communicative and went above and beyond...

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Reviewed on Jan 1st

It was a great experience to use this camper. We are planning on doing it again for another vacation. The pop up tent was great. Just make sure to read all the info that Shawn sends you and ask for anything specific that you might need. We didn't and do either and they would have made our trip...

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Reviewed on Dec 22nd

We had a great time in Shawn's campervan. Thank you Shawn!

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Reviewed on Dec 16th

We had a great time camping around the island in the truck. The owner Shawn was friendly and a big help to us. Rent one of his trucks, read his up to date camping notes, and have fun!

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Reviewed on Dec 3rd

We had a good camping trip on big-island thanks to Shawn's setup. The island itself is still a little under-developed for camping IMO - whilst there *are* campsites around, you have to be careful as they almost all have at least one day a week where they are shut for cleaning. If you end up at a...

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Reviewed on Dec 2nd

An amazing trip around the island in the "Silver Surfer". Great recommendation from Shawn to find THE place to camp. The tent is so comfortable and spacious. Shawn makes his business with love. Some little stuff starts to be old on the car ( like doors who don't open) can be a bit annoying. But...

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Reviewed on Jul 2nd

It was all great! Just need a little more padding for my taste.

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Reviewed on Jun 20th

Absolutely loved this camper-truck. Thank you for an amazing experience!

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Reviewed on Jun 19th

Amazing experience. It was liberating to be able to camp bear wherever we happened to be at the end of the day rather than having to return to a fixed location. The tent was easy to set up, and everything we needed was provided.

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Reviewed on Jun 18th

Shawn is a very nice guy! Easy to communicate and help with some tips. His staff is great. The truck and utensils wasn't that clean at the pickup, but ok. The suspension was a little bit noisy, but we haven't got any mechanicals issues. Great value compared with other accomodations and rental...

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Reviewed on Jun 11th

Huaka’i Campers made my visit to the big island unforgettable. 10/10 would absolutely do it again.

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Reviewed on May 9th

Loved the staff, loved the truck and LOVED the fact that setting up and breaking down the tent was soooo easy. Very convenient and will definitely use again! Thanks

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Reviewed on May 1st

It was so good! Thanks!

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Reviewed on Apr 22nd

Nous avons loué 2 pikcup tent, la meilleur manière d'explorer l'île définitivement! Nous avons eu un problème avec un pikcup, Shawn est venu nous porter un autre fonctionnel dès qu'il la su, et il c'est débrouillé avec celui brisé donc nous avons pu continuer notre voyage. Service a la clientèle...

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Reviewed on Mar 6th

Punctual pickup. Easy to use. Caroline was super friendly. Truck was a bit noisy — suspension rattled a bit — and a few dishes were left dirty, but overall we had a great time. Thanks!

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Reviewed on Feb 24th

Awesome trip! No better way to see the island than in one of these rigs, the owner is “ da bruddah man” super helpful, with how the tent works, vehicle setup, areas to camp. Aloha and shoots till next time.

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Reviewed on Feb 19th

This is the only way to see the Big Island. Truck ran good. Tent was comfortable and kept us dry when it rained. Shawn was very helpful. Loved the whole experience.

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Reviewed on Jan 21st

what can i say. Were to start. Tis was amazing to travel this way. Everything we read about free camping not possible on the big island is not true. We free campt for 2 weeks of the 3. The first nights we had to search but after talking with locals we found alot of free camping space. You just...

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Reviewed on Jan 10th

The truck was great and Shawn was great, super informative and always available for advice via text message.

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Reviewed on Dec 23rd

We had a great time traveling Big Island with these trucks (as we were 4 people, we booked 2 trucks). Got in touch with a lot of nice locals as they were curious about the rooftop tents. Setting up the tent is easy as 1, 2, 3 and the trucks did a great job. Everything went fine and booking,...

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Reviewed on Dec 13th

Shawn was great and very flexible. The tent was easy to use and stood up to the little weather we had.

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Reviewed on Nov 21st

The truck needed some mechanical work for sure. The tent great and in perfect condition, and Shawn provided basic camping gear that was sufficient. Overall, it was a good experience. I would give it a 3.5 if I could.

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Reviewed on Nov 21st

We took a weekend trip to South Point and our experience was fantastic. The Tepui tent setup on the trucks is so easy to put together and take down you'll never want to put up an actual tent again, plus you get to enjoy the sunrises and sunsets from atop the racks and off the rocky ground. The...

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Reviewed on Nov 20th

This was the best way to experience the big Island. We spent 3 nights in the 2010 truck. The tent was very stable even in high wind. I recommend taking off the rain fly because it does catch the wind and gets very loud. The truck drove great and could easily handle the ups and downs and all the...

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Reviewed on Oct 25th

Very uncomplicated rental and friendly owner. Communication prompt. Tent is in a good condition and very easily fold out/in, sleeping comfort ok, the aditional gear such as camping table and chairs could be replaced. Kitchen stuff in our car quite ok, bring sponges and kitchen towels. Would do...

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Reviewed on Oct 24th

great experience, Shawn is easy going and gives a lot of help and hits to enjoy the experience. We were able to use the Frontier to drive around the Island and sleep in breathtaking locations. Everything is included for camping! The pickup is in decent condition, a little beat up and squeaky but...

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Reviewed on Oct 14th

A great set up for exploring the Big Island! There was nothing more we needed or could have asked for. Bring your own food and you're set! Nice & clean and comfortable also.

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Reviewed on Oct 12th

Can I give 10 stars or what?!! My friends and I are still recovering from an awesome trip in the Big Island and I could not thanks Shawn for making it happen. We rented his truck for a week and pretty much circumnavigated the island (there is still sooo much to see). Prior to flying in from New...

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Reviewed on Sep 13th

Shawn was available. flexible, laid back and followed through with every detail. We really enjoyed this rental and are appreciative of the services he provides. Mahalo!

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Reviewed on Sep 4th

The car was a little old but worked really well. The tent was easy to set up and we had everything we needed to enjoy our trip.

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Reviewed on Aug 7th

Awesome experience, the tent is easy to setup and we had all we needed to camp out. We had a great time, His kid picked us up right at the airport and dropped us off there too. Thank you.

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Reviewed on Aug 7th

Great location, we made a perfect holiday.

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Reviewed on Jul 27th

Shawn very responsive to any questions we had. The whole experience was enjoyable and smooth. Thanks Shawn!

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Reviewed on Jul 18th

The rig is the perfect outfit for adventurous travelers who prefer to avoid the standard tourist resorts. This rig not only has the essentials you need but provides a little local camouflage that allows you to travel unnoticed. The ease and reliability of the elevated Tepui tent made other...

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Reviewed on Jul 17th

Shawn and his son Dante were very helpful and quick to respond to any questions that we had. Definitely great people to rent from

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Reviewed on Jul 16th

Very friendly and respond to my texts quickly!

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Reviewed on Jul 12th

We got a great time, Shawn was really helpfull with camping spot. The vehicule and tent was clean. A shower could be a nice plus !! Many nice ''off campground'' camping site without water!

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Reviewed on Jun 9th

Great Trip on Hawaii. Thank you Huaka'i Campers for the good equipment and service. The pickup was fully equipped with everything for two people. The conversation before the trip and during the trip were always friendly and quick, just perfect. The tips for the campsites are top. So we had 8...

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Reviewed on Jun 8th

Very friendly and lots of helpful information provided.

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Reviewed on May 12th

We had a great time!

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Reviewed on May 3rd

We had an amazing trip and our Huaka'i Camper made it even more adventurous and fun. Shaun is helpful, responsive, and kind. We would definitely do this again! Aloha.

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Reviewed on May 2nd

This was an amazing way to see the big Island. Great way to end our honeymoon. Shawn was great. Gave us bit of info for the whole island of where to camp and offered us his details so we could be in contact at anytime if needed. Can't wait to come back again!!! 😀

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Reviewed on Apr 24th

Great time. The truck came well equipped for camping and although it was a bit wore out there erected no issues. Sean was good to deal with.

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Reviewed on Apr 17th

My wife and I had an amazing time exploring the Big Island with the Huakai camper. It was my wife's 1st camping experience anywhere and she absolutely loved it. We were able to not only get to places with the 4x4 that we could have never seen with a rental car, but we could also just pick a spot...

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Reviewed on Mar 16th

The car was clean and the roof top tent was easy to set up. The owner was responsive and flexibly accepted my special needs. A point to be improved was the cleanliness of the attached cooking utensils.

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Reviewed on Mar 3rd

We rented the truck/camper for 11 days and went all over Big Island. This is the best way to see out of the way places, and meet many locals. Shaun supplies all we needed for sleeping gear, cooking equipment, towels etc. We found the foam mattress a bit soft, and Shaun right away suggested we...

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Reviewed on Feb 26th

I really recommend to rent this truck for going around in the Bigisland!

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Reviewed on Jan 22nd

Easiest tent I have ever set up and the truck was great! Super awesome way to see the island! Just be warned if there is a high surf warning on either side of the island finding a place for the night can be challenging!

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Reviewed on Jan 18th