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Over 44 million Americans love the outdoors and over 10 million households own an RV. An RV is one the biggest investments of your life and where life's great moments happen with the people you love. It should be easy to use, love and share. And now it is with Outdoorsy.


See inspiring places

There are so many amazing places to see across North America. So Go Outdoorsy, and get away more often, by choosing cost effective RV rentals for your next vacation.


Enjoy more rewarding holidays

RV-ing offers the opportunity for more frequent getaways and to spend quality time outdoors with family and friends. Enjoy unique travel experiences, which foster increased sense of togetherness, control, flexibility and the convenience to travel whenever and wherever you desire.

Save money on travel

Recreation vehicle trips remain the least costly, even during this time of economic turmoil and fluctuating fuel prices. RV vacations offer greater savings than those taken using a personal car or airline, staying in a hotel, rental house or condominium, and eating in restaurants. Here’s a few key money saving stats that might convince you to find your own slice of the open road.

For a Couple
For a Couple

Travel is 44-60% percent less expensive than other types of vacation

For a Family of 4
For a Family of 4

Travel is 20-63% percent less expensive than other types of vacation

For a Class A
For a Class A

Even in the largest and most luxurious of RVs savings are 10-45% percent compared to other upscale vacation travel options and 45% less expensive than upscale air/hotel vacations

Quality, qualified RV owners

Our network is jam-packed with the most knowledgeable, quality, RV Owners across the US. They often even tell ya the best spots to go too.