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Annual Park Pass: Is it Worth it?

This past summer, I went on an epic road trip from Alaska to Colorado. It has always been a dream of mine to visit all U.S. national parks and this trip would be a great way to cross a few off the list. So, after some research, I  planned the route, which included Denali, Wrangell…

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The Perfect Colorado Ski Trip in an RV

Don’t let the cold weather scare you away from RVing this winter. If you love to ski, you know that hotels and mountain cabins can be extremely pricey this time of year in popular ski towns, like Colorado. However, renting an RV can be the perfect way to afford an epic ski trip this season!…

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Things to Know for RVing in Oregon During the Winter

The Pacific Northwest is notorious for wet and rainy weather at all times of the year, but even more so during the winter season. While it’s easy to make sure you have your rain boots and a good coat, if you are going to be RVing in Oregon during the winter there are a few…

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One Day in Mount Rainier National Park

Mount Rainier National Park deserves way more than one day, but sometimes on a road trip time is limited. I had the privilege of exploring Mount Rainier this past summer. With close proximity to Seattle, it’s a crowded park, but definitely worth the trip. Mount Rainier is one of those large volcanoes that is always…

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2018’s Free National Park Days and Why You Should Go

The great National Parks of the United States preserve some of the most spectacular wild places on earth. Every year, for a few select days, the parks service makes entry to these parks free for everyone. The purpose of these events are to ensure that these natural wonders remain as accessible as possible to all…

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Easy and Delicious Camping Meals

I am not a chef by any means, eating on the road is by far the biggest challenge for me. However, in order to eat healthy and stay on a budget, making meals on the go is a must. So, I have come up with some great go-to camping meals that are easy and delicious,…

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How to Meet Friends While Traveling in an RV

If you’ve ever camped before, then you know how friendly campers are. In fact, it is pretty common for people interested in similar hobbies to connect in some way with one other. If you’re riding a motorcycle, you might wave as you pass another rider. There’s an unspoken rule about saying “hello” on the trail…

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Why “Down East” Maine Should Be On Your Destination List

While traveling in Maine with my husband last August, we kept seeing references to “Down East”, and wondered “what the heck does that mean?” After a bit of research, we discovered that back in the day, the name described the direction ships from ports such as Boston and New York sailed to reach the area –…

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Crossing the Border to Visit Niagara Falls, Canada in an RV

Niagara Falls is on everyone’s bucket list. And it should be! It’s iconic and breathtakingly beautiful, while also offering so many adventurous activities. It’s a great place to go on an RV trip. Many would also argue that the Canadian side is much more enjoyable. But, if you are visiting Canada in an RV, there’s…

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