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Step-By-Step Guide to Creating RV User Manuals for Renters

How owners can create user manuals for their renters Creating an RV guide or manual to help your renters understand how to use your RV is a wonderful idea that many Outdoorsy owners have put into practice. Digital versions of these guides can be sent before the rental period in order to help the renter…

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An 8-Step Plan for Successful RV Rentals

Letting a stranger drive off with your RV can be a nerve-wracking experience. But it doesn’t have to be that way. All you need to do is a comprehensive RV renter onboarding plan. Make sure you’ve given them enough time to familiarize themselves with your vehicle, and have provided them with a well-organized manual information….

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The 9 Best Marketing Tips for RV Owners

One of the best things about renting out your RV is watching your business grow. The most successful owners here on Outdoorsy are always on the lookout for tricks and tactics to give them a leg up. We asked the owners over on our Outdoorsy Facebook Group for their favorite marketing tips and compiled them…

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How getting started with Outdoorsy is like starting your own RV rental business

“Deciding to rent your RV is a big first step. Next come the questions of marketing your unit, insuring it during the rental period, handling payments and vetting your clients. Outdoorsy is the platform that guides owners through the process and offers unbeatable support. And it is a place potential renters are looking at to find the RV that will be a great fit for them and their families.”

How I Accidentally Created My RV Rental Business

I had a dream to build a business…just not an RV rental business. In the spring of 2014, we purchased a barn on the revitalizing Los Angeles River with the intent of turning it into a club for outdoor enthusiasts: The River Ridge Club and Stables. A family club to offer exercise, horseback riding, bike and…

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How We Built A Business Out of Sustainable Travel Trailers

Our Homegrown Trailer story begins decades ago. Our co-founder and CEO, Corey Weathers, always had a strong connection to the outdoors and taking adventures. When he had the first of his two daughters 9 years ago, Corey knew things would change… and they did for awhile. Eventually, he and his wife began taking the girls camping…

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Success Story: Building An RV Rental Business on Outdoorsy

David Womack and his wife Marina opened the doors on their new RV rental business, Georgia MotorCoach, in April of 2016. Their first RV was a 2013 Winnebago they rented out on April 29th. (“Oh, I know the date,” he says with a chuckle.) Within the same month, Georgia Motorcoach acquired its second RV, a Forest…

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This Outdoorsy Veteran-Owner Wants to Rent Out to Other Vets

Anthony Bright served in the U.S Navy for 6 years during the Vietnam War. Now he and his wife Sally are trying to figure out a way to reach out to other vets, and they’re starting with a Veteran’s Day discount on their RV rental on Outdoorsy. Toni and Sally live in Morgan Hill, California. They started renting…

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