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Team Outdoorsy
by Team Outdoorsy
Posted September 14, 2016

Derek M. of Schaumburg, IL (it’s near Chicago) rents out his 2013 Travel Lite trailer on Outdoorsy. We wanted to learn a little more about what brought him here and why he’s renting out his trailer. He’s got a great attitude and a genuine love of the outdoors. It’s what unites so many of our owners–a desire to meet others who want to share experiences in nature.

Derek, mountainside, Smokies
Derek, mountainside, Smokies

O: What made you decide to buy your first RV?

I decided to purchase an RV after the first time taking my family camping. I immediately noticed and loved the personal change that camping brought to our family and the positive energy.

O: What’s your happiest memory or best trip in an RV?

RV Camping SmokiesI cannot isolate one specific moment that would be the happiest moment or best trip. Every time we get out in our camper something new happens, we experience something together. Our first time staying at a campground outside of the Smokies in TN we pulled into our spot in the evening and it was raining/foggy with limited visibility. We woke up in the early AM with clear blue skies and sunshine overlooking the Smokies and a beautiful lake about 200 feet below us. It was a pretty awesome feeling.

O: Can you describe a bad or crazy moment you had in an RV?

Camper in front of Amish Sign
Photo Credit @Derek M.

A bad moment camping beats a great day in an office! Never a bad moment, we’ve had some ironic and crazy things happen. We’ve added those memories to the happiest moments we’ve had. We laugh about a few (specific) instances together almost every time we go out.

O: What dreams do you have for the rental income you will earn your RV rental business?

I don’t view my rental income as something that will help me achieve my dreams. I hope that someone rents our camper and has a great memory to share with their family the way we have built a catalog of great times. Our camper has meant more to us than a quick escape from reality or a temporary shelter. I want others to know & share the same feeling.

RV Rental Design sticker
Derek designed this sticker for fun in honor of his family’s camper. So cool!

Team Outdoorsy


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