A3C Hip Hop Festival

Music, tech, and culture lovers will take great delight in an RV trip to Atlanta, Georgia. You’re not going to want to miss this year’s A3C Festival and Conference.

Event information

In 2005, the A3C Festival was a small, low-key event that showcased the latest and greatest on the hip-hop scene. It inspired and connected artists, creatives, and entrepreneurs, and brought music lovers along for the ride. Wind the clock forward, and the A3C Festival in Atlanta, Georgia has grown into a music, tech, and cultural conference and festival with over 30,000 attendees.

Hundreds of producers, DJs, and artists gather from around the globe to be a part of this well-established fall event. The festival component runs over six days at various downtown venues and welcomes hip-hop lovers to buy wristbands and immerse themselves in the entertainment.

The conference, however, runs for three days and has panels, music and mixer sessions, keynote speakers, and workshops. Everything from gaming, film, podcasts, and content creation, through to tech, music, and TV, is covered in the A3C Conference component of the event.

All venues, be they for the conference or festival, are within a short driving or walking distance of each other, which creates a seamless and well-organized event.

It’s also not just the A3C Festival and Conference that delights visitors, but the City of Atlanta, too. It’s home to beautiful parks, a zoo, botanical gardens, not to mention idyllic spots for hiking, cycling, and running.

If you’ve been thinking about taking an RV trip for some time, and you fancy learning more about music and creative limits, then the A3C Festival in Atlanta, Georgia, could be for you.


How you buy your tickets, and the type of A3C Hip Hop Festival tickets you buy can depend on the experience you hope to have. A VIP ticket offers access to both the conference and festival, not to mention private viewing areas and exclusive events with limited audience numbers.

A general admission ticket covers both the conference and the festival, while you can also buy a conference-only pass. In past years, the price of tickets for the A3C Festival and conference have varied between $200 and $1,000.

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Your bags are packed, you’ve got Georgia 511 downloaded to help with traffic, and you’re now on your way to Atlanta, Georgia.

Atlanta has three major state highways that converge in the center like a spider web, and many of these promote a comfortable driving experience from the direction of Alabama, Tennessee, and South Carolina.

The Fulton County City of Atlanta is one of the most densely populated in the state, which means travelers need to take care while navigating the roads. Congestion is not unexpected once arriving on the outskirts of the city.

Upon arrival in the city center, the A3C Festival venues run between Ansley Park and Home Park and are accessible via I-85.

Parking areas

Parking a Class A rig, or even a standard campervan, can require some patience in Atlanta. Travelers may not always find a large enough space, nor one that allows extended parking. For convenience over the full event, festival and conference attendees may decide to leave their primary form of transport at an RV campground in Atlanta and make use of the city’s exceptional public transportation system.

Public Transportation

Atlanta has a heavy reliance on automobiles, but the city is also not short of public transportation options to make visitors’ lives that little bit easier. There are dozens of miles of cycle lanes, buses, a light rail loop, a subway system, and even streetcars. All of these options run to different schedules, so attendees should base their transportation choice on the times that align best with the A3C Festival and Conference event times.

Where to stay


The A3C Festival and Conference cover several venues in Atlanta, so onsite camping is not an option for travelers. For those who have brought a campervan or motorhome of any kind, accommodation near or in Atlanta is going to be a priority. Fortunately, there is no shortage of options to cater for both primitive RV campers and those who prefer service hookups on the outskirts of Atlanta.


Spacious Atlanta RV campgrounds that are accessible with a large rig near the A3C Festival are in short supply, so booking well in advance is paramount. If you love the idea of water, power, and luxury sites, then taking your motorhome to Cartersville / Cassville-White KOA, around 50 miles from Atlanta, could be an ideal option.

Within 65 miles toward Dawsonville, those who don’t mind being self-contained can enjoy staying overnight at the Dawson Forest – City of Atlanta Tract. This quiet and remote location may be best enjoyed with a smaller campervan or Sprinter style unit.

Around 80 miles from Atlanta, toward Greensboro is Oconee National Forest, which also allows overnight camping. The best place for RV camping may not be within a few minutes’ drive of the event venues, but a bit of travel just adds to the excitement of the trip.

Getting around

All venues for festival acts and conference workshops are within a four-mile radius of each other in Atlanta. Therefore, those attending only the A3C Festival, or the conference as well, will not have to travel all too far to experience it all.

However, rather than walk the four-or-so miles between each, attendees can jump aboard the subway, which has stops along the way. Otherwise, a bicycle, motorhome, or tow vehicle may be the best way to get around.

What to pack


It can be tricky to decide what to pack for a trip to Atlanta, Georgia. The weather starts to taper off from the hot summer season, but it’s not quite cold enough to pull out the winter woollies. Indoor venues mean attendees don’t need to accommodate sunshine or rainfall all day.

Pack comfortable, tidy clothing that can suit day and night events. For those who plan on walking at Chattahoochee National Forest or any other natural attractions, bring suitable attire and footwear for doing so.


Each venue and event will have a different set of gear recommendations during the A3C Festival. Conferences may require laptops, paper, and pens, while others ask that attendees bring their ID, wristband, and cash. There won’t be any need to take loads of food or beverages to venues, for it will be available for purchase over the course of the event.

Camping and cooking supplies are an essential consideration while camping in Atlanta, too. Primitive camping will see the need for cooking supplies, full water tanks, and empty grey and black water tanks in the beginning.

Health & Safety

Health and safety should be a consideration of any traveler who makes their way around the country in a motorhome. Always carry plenty of drinking water on board, prescription medication, and toiletries. Outdoors lovers may like to stop in at natural attractions like Nantahala National Forest, so it’s important not to forget sunscreen, a first aid kit, and bug spray.

Where to eat


Camping prep can make travels much easier, so where possible, RV-goers may like to prepare a few heat-and-eat meals in advance. Chili, soup, chowder, and pasta bakes can all warm the soul and body during those chilly fall evenings. Otherwise, supplies can be purchased from grocery stores in the city center, such as the grocery store near Central Park.

How travelers cook their dinner can depend on camp rules and convenience. Onboard appliances, firepits and campfires, and communal kitchens are a few of the many options, depending on the RV campground.


While many A3C Festival venues offer food for sale, not all of them do. Therefore, attendees may like to pop out into the city streets in search of hearty Atlanta cuisine. Everything from bars and grills and donuts, to café treats and American fare, is available within a short walking or driving distance of A3C Festival venues. Allow extra time for service, for tens of thousands of visitors are in town during October.


While there are no specific vendors for the A3C Festival, there will be food and beverage offerings at most venues. Some of the music and workshop venues offer restaurant areas and allow the purchase of beverages, as well. It’s a good idea to bring cash and payment cards to ensure all payment options are covered.



Each venue, be it for the conference or festival, will have its own set of security rules. There can often be security guards or officials at the main entrances to check tickets and bags. Some may also use metal detectors. To speed up any screening processes that might be in place, attendees may like to pack light and leave as many possessions as they can in a locked vehicle or RV accommodation. For any concerns, there is a police department in the city center.


October weather in Atlanta is often finding its feet. The hot and humid conditions of summer are left behind in September, while the colder temperatures of winter don’t start until November. In most cases, travelers can enjoy mild temperatures of between 50 and 74 degrees-Fahrenheit.

Colder temperature can also be expected, so those who will be spending time outdoors, such as hiking and fishing at Sweetwater Creek State Park near Douglasville, should pack warm clothing and pay attention to the condition of their heating and cooling units.


RV travelers should never underestimate the value of carrying a first-aid kit on board their motorhome. By doing so, A3C Conference-goers can take care of any minor injuries and accidents on their own. However, if you’ve sprained an ankle while walking the Silver Comet Trail, or you’ve suddenly become unwell, there is a hospital for more severe issues in Downtown Atlanta, as well as a pharmacy for supplies in the same area.