Aftershock Festival

Are you ready for three days of music and fun? The Aftershock Festival in Sacramento waits for no one. Plan your RV trip and book your tickets today.

Event information

In the heart of Sacramento, central between Eldorado National Park, Mendocino National Forest, and the Sacramento River, a festival is born. But it’s not just any festival, it’s one that has grown from in strength since its inception in 2012, and brings tens of thousands of visitors to California every year.

If you’ve got nothing special planned for October in fall, then the Aftershock Festival at Discovery Park, 1000 Garden Highway, is where you are going to want to be.

Escape the Fate, Stone Temple Pilots, Avenged Sevenfold, Disturbed, Korn, and Slayer are just a few of the dozens of acts that have made this festival the success it is today. If you want to see some of your favorite bands take to the stage before your very eyes, then it’s time to plan your RV adventure.

This festival runs over three days midway through October and offers food, fun, and plenty of music.
It’s an all-ages, all-weather event, boasts an expansive and comfortable park venue, and there are three stages with multiple performers. If it has been some time since a music festival really blew your socks off, then this one will surely break the drought.

After three days of outdoors entertainment, you may then like to check out what else this beautiful city has to offer. You can pay a visit to Sacramento Zoo, go walking at William Land Park, or take a stroll through Capitol Park. There are also plenty of organized tours available, and shops galore to get a head start on the Christmas rush.

What’s the hold-up? Book your Aftershock Festival tickets, pack a bag, and set off in your motorhome for what will surely be the highlight of your year.


As soon as the headline acts are announced for the Aftershock Festival, there’s a flurry of activity to secure the best tickets. Make sure you’re one of those people who try to be the early bird. You can buy a single-day ticket or one for the whole weekend, and either VIP or general admission.

There are also often hotel and ticket package deals or group ticket discounts too. Everyone, including children, must have a ticket. You will receive your wristbands in the post that you must wear at all times.

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Sacramento is a beautiful Californian city that you’ll be excited to be heading to in your RV. It’s accessible via I-80 from San Francisco and Reno, and along U.S. Highway 50 to the east through the Eldorado National Forest.

If you’re unfamiliar with the area or have a tight schedule to stick to, then a traffic app such as California Road Report might be of assistance. You can then travel down West Side Freeway, I-5, that runs alongside the Sacramento River to get to Discovery Park, your festival destination.

Parking areas

There is no parking available for guests directly at the Aftershock Festival site, but organizers in past years have made sure that traveling to the festival in your RV is not a problem. Instead of parking at Discovery Park by the American River, guests have been able to purchase a single-day or weekend pass and park a motorhome at the Sleep Train Arena during the day.

A non-stop shuttle may then be available to drive you the five-mile distance to and from Aftershock Festival’s expansive 302-acre park before you exit the arena at the end of each day. Vehicles must be removed at the end of each day's activities.

Public Transportation

Given the lack of parking for this festival, public transportation is going to be your best friend for the three days of Aftershock. If you don’t park your motorhome in a pre-organized parking lot, you can organize a ride share or taxi.

There is a pick-up and drop-off point at a designated rideshare lot. You can also bring your bicycle and a lock as there is a parking space set aside for bikes, or ride the train that drops passengers off just two miles from Discovery Park.

Where to stay


There may be over 300 acres of ground to navigate during your stay, but there are no options for onsite camping. You also can’t park any vehicles overnight (or during the day). Those looking for somewhere to stay with an RV will have to look in areas surrounding the park and arrange transportation to and from their accommodation.


Even though you won’t be able to set up camp at Discovery Park for the Aftershock Festival, you can still be nearby. If you start looking for accommodation options months or weeks in advance, you will find RV parks, resorts, and campgrounds with a 20-mile radius of the event site.

Most of these are accessible with an RV and boast service hookups such as water, sewer, and electricity. Don’t forget to book with a bit of urgency as your preferred choice is likely to be snapped up quickly.

Getting around

You are going to need your best pair of walking shoes, as the most appropriate way to navigate Discovery Park is on foot. Once a shuttle brings you from Sleep Train Arena, or someone drops you off, you can meander from one stage to the next, dance and rock out, then take a rest whenever you need to. While you won’t be able to have your scooters, skateboards, or other wheeled transport options, the layout of the event means they aren’t necessary anyway.

What to pack


Aftershock Festival is an all-weather event, which means that you need to think carefully about fall conditions and the most appropriate garments. Pack attire that will be comfortable for dancing, but also warm enough once the temperatures drop in the early afternoon. Also, consider breathability if you like to put all your effort into your dance moves.


Aftershock Festival organizers want you to be as comfortable (and safe) as possible, which is why they encourage a “less is best” approach to the items you bring. Leave behind anything bulky, potentially dangerous, or not appropriate for a busy festival environment. Only clear bags and small clutch bags will be accepted, and these must not contain glass, aerosol cans, instruments, or anything that could become a weapon.

You may bring sealed cigarette packets and e-cigarettes, cash, and payment cards. If you’re tired of carrying around all the bits and pieces you have purchased, you can also rent a locker with cellphone charging capabilities to keep your hands free for rocking it out at the main stages. These are in hot demand, so consider reserving it online when you purchase your tickets.

Health & Safety

If you need to bring any medication or outside food for medical reasons, then make sure you have all the documentation you require. You will need your ID, prescription, named medication, and a doctor’s note for any food you require for medical purposes. It also helps to bring sunscreen and toiletries you might need for the day. There are plenty of restroom facilities dotted throughout the Aftershock festival venue.

Where to eat


Primitive RV camping often offers the opportunity for using campfires and fire pits, but only if there are no fire bans in place. If you are staying at an RV park or resort in Sacramento, California, then make sure you ask your host before you haul out your grill. You will be able to use your onboard kitchen appliances, and you can also pick up all the grocery supplies you require within a three-mile drive of Discovery Park.


Those who have ventured out of Discovery Park for the evening will be delighted by the dining options that await in Sacramento. Even within a short walking or driving distance of the festival, there are dozens of options to suit.

Order a pizza to your RV accommodation to save the hassle of finding a parking spot, or dine in for tacos, Chinese food, or fresh seafood along the Sacramento River. Remember, once you exit the Aftershock Festival, you won’t be able to return until the next day.


Even though you can’t bring food or beverages into the Aftershock Festival, you will be pleased you didn’t. The vendor options are outstanding, and you’ll have a hard time deciding what to buy. Mexican, barbeque, burgers, wine, ice cream, seafood, hot dogs, and pizza are just a handful of offerings. There are also wine and beer bars and merchandise stands.

From now until the Aftershock Festival begins, you will want to save your pennies to avoid missing out on anything. There are also ATMs dotted around the venue for cash withdrawal, as not all vendors take credit and debit card payments.



It’s helpful to be entirely aware of what to expect upon entering the Aftershock Festival so that you can make the process go as smoothly as possible. Anything you bring should be in a small, transparent bag, and you will need your ticket and wristband for entry into the venue. Security staff may ask to search you at any time.

If you require outside assistance, the Sacramento Police Department is a short 1.5-mile drive from Discovery Park.


Average fall temperatures in Sacramento, California run between 53 and 79 degrees. These may also drop overnight. Even though the area doesn’t often experience adverse weather conditions in October, it’s worth keeping a close eye on a weather app. Aftershock Festival will continue in rain or shine, but any weather conditions that could pose a safety risk may see it postponed or canceled.


If you’re scanning the expansive acreage of Discovery Park for a first aid center, you won’t be looking for long. Near the merchandise stands is an expansive tent with trained staff to help with minor injuries. If you have anything more serious to tend to, then it could be worth a trip to the nearest medical center under eight miles away. You can also phone 9-11 in an emergency and visit the nearest pharmacy around four miles from Discovery Park for supplies.