Agency Creek Campground


The Agency Creek Campground is a small campground with four sites, appropriate for tent camping, managed by the Bureau of Land Management. The campground is a stopping point along the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail and is located just off the Lewis and Clark National Backcountry Byway in the State of Idaho.

The campground is located on Agency Creek, in a wooded area, and is secluded, scenic, and private, ideal for nature lovers and hikers on the National Historic Trail to stay overnight during their trek. Other recreational activities in the area include off-highway vehicle activities, horseback riding, biking, and hunting.

The Agency Creek Campground Area is rich with history and historical sites. Please do not disturb any artifacts you come across during your stay at the campground. While in the region, explore the BLM and national forest wilderness areas, which are dotted with streams, springs, canyons, hills, and trails. Hike the rugged terrain and keep an eye out for wildlife that frequent the area which include elk, deer, mountain goats, moose, and black bears.

National Forests in the Agency Creek Campground region that you can also visit while staying at the campground include Beaverhead-Deerlodge National Forest, the Sawtooth National Forest and Payette National Forest.

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Services and amenities are available in Salmon, Idaho, which is located about 23 miles northwest of the Agency Creek Campground. To reach the campground from Salmon, take Idaho State Highway 28 south to Tendoy, then head east on the Lewis and Clark Backcountry Byway for four miles. The byway is also known as Agency Creek Road.

Passenger vehicles can navigate the Agency Creek Road. However, buses, RVs, and tow trailers are not recommended on this narrow, single lane, gravel-surfaced road, which has tight corners and steep sections. There are pull-outs where you can unhook tow trailers to proceed down the byway. Use caution on the byway as sightlines can be limited, so drive slowly and be alert.

Travelers are advised to have topped up fuel and fluid levels, spare tires, food, water, extra clothing, and first aid kits when traveling the Backcountry Byway. Cellular coverage in the area is limited, and should not be relied upon. The McFarlane campground which does accommodate RVs and tow trailers is located 16 miles south on Highway 28 and is an accessible route for RVs and holiday trailers.

The Lewis and Clark Backcountry Byway is usually free of snow during the summer months However, it may be impassable during the winter due to heavy snowfall. When driving in the region during the winter, ensure you have winter tires or chains to facilitate traction on icy and snow-covered highways and access routes.


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Campsites in Agency Creek Campground

First-come first-served

Agency Creek Campground

The Agency Creek Campground is located just off the Lewis and Clark Backcountry Byway with access to the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail, and Continental Divide National Scenic Trail. There are four tent campsites here on the banks of the Agency Creek and the sites are a popular stopover for hikers on the national trails. The maximum stay at the campground is 14 days, and the campground is open from June to September. Camping is free, available on a first-come, first-serve basis, and there are picnic tables and fire pits on-site, as well as vault toilets. The campground is not suitable for large RVs, but smaller vans and campers may be able to access sites here.

Take lots of bug spray, as biting insects along the creek and in the forested areas are plentiful. The campground is secluded and private, and a great place to enjoy the natural wilderness and wildlife that reside in the area. Bears are a concern in the region, so you should take steps to ensure that food is stored safely in odor-proof containers and away from campsites.

McFarland Campground

Located south of the Agency Creek Campground, just off Route 28, and easily accessible on the Lemhi River, the McFarland campground accommodate RVs and tow trailers that visit the area. There are ten campsites here, five of which are tent sites, and five that accommodate RVs. Fishing and wildlife watching along the river are the most popular recreational pastimes at the campground.

Amenities here include a water supply and vault toilets, and the sites are available from June to September. This is a Bureau of Land Management campground and stays are available on a first-come, first-serve basis, for up to 14 days maximum. There is a small fee for overnight camping here. There is some cellular service available at this campground. The campsites are level and gravel-surfaced, and there are covered picnic tables at the campground. Bring bug spray to combat the biting insects in the forested areas along the river, and ensure food is stored appropriately to avoid attracting bears.

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The Agency Creek Campground is an overnight camping site along the Lewis and Clark National Historic Trail, and the Continental Divide National Scenic Trail, which cross the road east of the campground. The surrounding wilderness areas are either BLM lands or national forests and provide wildlife, wilderness, streams, and springs to discover while hiking in the region.

Take plenty of bug repellent as biting insects are prevalent in the region, especially along creeks and in riparian areas. You should also carry drinking water or purification tablets for natural water sources along the way.

Rough wilderness terrain and steep elevation changes along hiking trails will require appropriate footwear. Be sure you have required equipment and supplies for great hiking adventures in the Agency Creek Campground region.

Lewis and Clark Backcountry Byway

The Lewis and Clark Backcountry Byway and Adventure Road is the access route to the Agency Campground. The leg used to access the area is also referred to as the Agency Creek Road.

The entire scenic drive is a 36-mile loop that takes you through beautiful wilderness areas with mountains, creeks, evergreen forests, foothills, and canyons, and along the historic landscape used by the Lewis and Clark Expedition in 1805. The route is narrow and gravel-surfaced, with steep elevation changes, and can be impassable in the winter months.

Salmon River

Enjoy floating and fishing on the nearby Salmon River while staying at the Agency Creek Campground. This river winds through deep canyons and gorges, with beautiful scenery. Sport fishermen enjoy fishing for steelhead, rainbow, and cutthroat trout along the river. You will need a valid State of Idaho fishing license to engage in fishing activities along the river. Outfitters in Salmon, Idaho can facilitate floating and rafting trips along the river which has some excellent rapids!



Designated OHV areas in the region provide great off-highway trails for ATVs, 4 x 4s and other off-road recreational vehicles. Be sure to stick to permissible areas. Off-highway vehicles used on public lands should be licensed and permitted.

The region has rough terrain and OHV enthusiasts should take safety precautions including using approved helmets, carrying emergency locators and communication devices, first aid kits, and ensuring their OHVs are well maintained and have spare parts and tools available. Fall is the best time for OHV activities when trails are typically dry, and temperatures are more moderate.


During designated hunting seasons, usually in the fall and winter months, hunting on public lands in the area is a popular pastime. Hunters can use the Agency Creek Campground as a base and hunt in designated wilderness areas in the region for moose, deer, and elk, as well as game birds. There are also black bears in the area and hunters should take precautions to avoid unpleasant encounters with these large predators, especially when processing game.

You will require valid hunting licenses and permits, and ensure you observe regulations and firearms safety practices which include not hunting near recreation areas, on private land without permission, and near settlements.

Hot Springs

When the temperatures drop, warm up in one of the many local hot springs in the Agency Creek Campground region. Nearby hot springs include the Sharkey Hot Spring, Salmon Hot Spring, and Goldbug Hot Spring. Developed hot springs have pools, restrooms, and change rooms.

The Sharkey Hot Spring is the nearest hot spring, only 11 miles north of Agency Creek Campground. The Sharkey Hot Springs are closed on Wednesday mornings for maintenance and cleaning. Enjoy sitting in the gloriously warm water while surrounded by snow in the winter months for a unique off-season experience.