Alabama National Fair

Want something fun to do this fall? Load up the RV and set sail for the 10-day Alabama National Fair. There’s something for everyone, young and old!

Event information

Every year since 1954, the Alabama National Fair has been an event as highly anticipated as Christmas. Not only does it bring hundreds of thousands of visitors over its ten days, but it boasts an action-packed schedule for everyone to enjoy.

It doesn’t matter if you’re an individual, couple, family, young, or young at heart; there’s every reason to mark this event on your calendar. It’s truly an event that has something for everyone.

Even though the fair itself doesn’t cater for onsite RV camping, it’s worth a trip to 1555 Federal Dr, Montgomery, Alabama. From the livestock competitions, rides, and competitions, through to the music entertainment and vendors, what more could you need?

The Alabama National Fair is also about more than fun, games, and family entertainment, although that’s surely some of many reasons to visit.

It’s about bringing people together, encouraging participation, and providing an opportunity for old friends to get together and do something memorable. It’s also a historically affordable event that boasts many nearby campgrounds and RV parks to make it a holiday to remember.

If you haven’t yet organized your Alabama National Fair tickets, then now’s the time. This annual event in a park-like setting near central Alabama is not one you’ll want to miss.


If you like to be the early bird to get the worm, then don’t wait until you’re at the gates to get your fair tickets. If you head to the Alabama National Fair website, you can take advantage of all the early bird specials and promotions. Otherwise, there are different daily promotions every day.

Veterans can get in for free with ID on some days, and other days, entry is discounted for all. Current ticket pricing and tiers are available by visiting the website. You can also buy your midway wristbands online or at the gate as well.

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It doesn’t matter which direction you come from, you’ll find your RV will almost drive itself to this destination. If you are coming from I-65, you can follow the Northern Boulevard to Coliseum Boulevard and turn into Federal Drive. You will see the main gates to the fairgrounds and the expansive car parking lot.

From I-85, follow Eastern Boulevard and your GPS’s navigational directions until you’re on William L. Dickinson Drive. Once you get to the grounds, you can travel on foot to the main gates.

Parking areas

There is parking on site for visitors to the fair, but it’s on a first-in, first-served basis. Multiple parking lots cater to vehicles of all sizes, including daytime RV lots closer to the Fairground Road side of the grounds. These spots do have a fee and cannot be reserved. Alternatively, you may like to consider leaving your RV at your nearby campground and utilizing public transport.

Public Transportation

While there are no set public transport options in place for the fair, there are many buses that run along Federal Drive. As a result, you will likely have no problem making your way from your campsite to the fair daily. There are private ride services available in the area as well.

Where to stay


Onsite camping is not an option at the Alabama National Fair. Fortunately for RV road trippers, Alabama is not short of camping options for those who are keen to call the area home for the next ten days. There are many different campsites within a 20-mile radius of the fairgrounds.


If you don’t mind a short trip to the fairgrounds every day, then don’t be afraid to look on the outskirts of the fairgrounds for a camping spot. There are many different parks, resorts, and campsites that are ready and waiting for your booking within 10 to 15 minutes. Some boast all service hookups such as power, sewage, and water, while some have none at all. Shop around and make sure you book weeks, if not months, in advance.

Getting around

The best way to navigate the expansive fairgrounds is on foot. All bikes, scooters, hoverboards, skateboards, and other wheeled transport methods are prohibited. If you take these with you, fair officials note they will remove them from you, and you don’t get them back. There are also no shuttle services available either.

What to pack


Alabama may often miss the memo about it being fall, for the weather during the National Fair is normally scorching. Pack shorts, t-shirts, and other light, breathable layers that can keep you cool and comfortable during the day. Once you head back to your RV at night, however, be prepared to load on the woolly layers. Temperatures can halve overnight.


For your convenience, you may find it easier to travel to the fair each day with the bare minimum: water, cash, credit, and your phone. Otherwise, your bags, coolers, packages, and purses may all be subjected to searches every time you enter the gates. Leave all your cooking and camping equipment at the campsite too, for some items may be prohibited.

Health & Safety

With plenty of things to exert your energy and hot weather expected, make sure you put your health and safety first at the Alabama National Fair. Bring a backpack with sunscreen, bug spray, water, and even a first aid kit. Make use of the drinking fountains and seating areas around the fairgrounds as well.

Where to eat


Cooking at the fair is not an option, but once you get back to your RV, there are options galore. Many RV parks offer shared facilities, but you can also make use of your onboard cooker as well. You can look for a convenience store directly across the road from the fairgrounds where you can pick up a few items, stop in at a local grocery store, or load up on your way to the Montgomery area.


With ten days up your sleeve in Alabama, you may not want to spend all your time eating fair food. Cotton candy and corn dogs may soon lose their appeal. Fortunately, Montgomery, Alabama, has many different eating establishments that might satisfy your hunger. Some of these are family-friendly, while others are part of bars or bistros to suit the more mature dining audiences. These are within a few miles of the fairgrounds.


Vendors line the length of the midway at the Alabama National Fair, so you’re not short of options. Whether you have a sweet tooth or prefer something savory, there’s bound to be a vendor to suit. Most vendors take credit or cash. If not, there are ATMs on site for you to withdraw the correct currency.



Alabama National Fair officials take security and safety seriously. Every visitor to the fair may be subjected to searches of their bags, packages, coolers, and anything else they are carrying. Attendees are also not allowed to bring weapons, fireworks, drones, knives, or alcohol. If fair-goers are wearing offensive or gang-related jewelry or clothing, they may be turned away. Guests must also be wearing a shirt and shoes to gain entry.


Historical weather patterns show that Alabama likes to turn up the heat once the National Fair arrives. You shouldn’t run into too many problems making your way to the fair but may decide to turn on the air conditioning, even in October. It wouldn’t hurt to leave a small vent open for ventilation to help keep your RV cool as well.


If you require medical attention at any time, make your way to the clearly marked first aid site on the fairgrounds. For anything more urgent, dial 911. Alternatively, the hospital is under seven miles from the fairgrounds, and a pharmacy a few miles away as well.