Alamo Lake State Park
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Alamo Lake State Park, located in west-central Arizona, operates year-round and provides RVers with a lakefront, remote setting surrounded by the low-desert landscape. The park’s location is relatively isolated from many populated areas, so the vast desert seems to stretch for miles in every direction.

The Arizona desert is a beautiful habitat that hosts both native and non-native flora and fauna. The Sonoran Desert Scrub trees, such as the Palo Verde, Mesquite, Ironwood, and Catclaw, mingle with some of the most diverse population of cacti in the state, making the desert come alive. Underneath the desert landscape, a host of creatures wander the dry earth. The Arizona Coral Snake, the Regal Horned Lizard, and other desert snakes, spiders, and insects call this area home, and they cohabitate with Mule Deer, Mountain Lion, Bobcat, Coyote, Javelina, and even feral burros. Campers staying at Alamo Lake State Park who are interested in plant and wildlife will have an abundance of viewing opportunities and no shortage of exciting things to see.

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Alamo Lake State Park is open year-round, 24 hours a day. The Visitor Center and Park Store operate on business hours.

Visitors pay a park entrance fee in addition to the camping and recreation fees.

The park is located 135 miles northwest of Phoenix, and 136 miles southeast of Lake Havasu City, Arizona. Visitors driving RVs and trailers should be mindful of the cities that have gas stations and fuel when an opportunity arises since the park is located in a desolate area of the state.

Campers arriving should register at the Ranger Station / Camp store between the hours of 8:00 am and 4:30 pm. Campers arriving after 5:00 pm should display the camping confirmation on the car’s dashboard, and in the morning, a park ranger will leave the permit on your windshield. Because of poor cell service in the area, bring a hard copy of your receipt with you. The security code is the last four digits of your invoice number.


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Campgrounds and parking in Alamo Lake State Park

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Alamo Lake Campground

The Alamo Lake Campground is a large-multi-looped pet-friendly campground that operates year-round. Each loop of the campground offers different types of hookups from dry camping to electric only to full-hookup sites. When choosing your space, make sure you pick a space that offers your desired amenities such as electric, water, shade, and sewer. Located throughout the different loops are chemical vault toilets, showers, and a dump station for registered campers’ convenience. The camp store is located in Campground Loop F, the full-service campground. The sites are both pull through and back-in spaces in either paved or gravel, and the max allowed RV space can accommodate RVs up to 90 feet. Each space has a fire ring and a picnic table, and select spaces have a grill. Quiet hours are from 10:00 pm to 7:00 am. All music and generators must be turned off during this time.

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Alamo Lake State Park has two boat ramps that are almost always open for boaters to access the water. Both ramps are authorized for motorized boats. The third ramp, the High Water boat ramp is only accessible during times where the water levels are high enough for the ramp to operate safely. Non-motorized boats may access the water at the Cholla boat ramp or the main boat ramp any time. Boaters should always be aware of the fluctuating water levels and act with caution both entering and exiting the water. Boaters wishing to spend time on the water should learn the rules and safety regulations outlined by the Arizona Game and Fish Department before boating.


Kids and adults will love fishing year-round in the 3,500 acre, Lake Alamo. The lake is known as one of the best largemouth bass and crappie fisheries in Arizona. Aside from largemouth bass and crappie, the lake has bluegill and sunfish, smaller fish that are perfect for kids to try and catch. Choose to fish from the shore or head out into deeper waters on a boat and see what you can find, and then take your catch to the fish cleaning area to prepare your fish for dinner! A valid Arizona fishing license is required for anglers ten years and older. For information on fishing rules and regulations contact Arizona Game & Fish, or purchase a fishing license at a local dealer.


Nothing feels better on a hot and sunny day than going for a swim in a cold lake. Lake Alamo is a large body of water situated around a desert landscape. Visitors can swim anywhere in the lake but should exercise caution at all times. There is not a designated swimming beach, so always be aware of your surroundings and swim with a partner. Do not swim near boats or boat ramps, and wear footwear to protect your feet from shale and other jagged rocks. Swimming in Lake Alamo is a lot of fun, so search the shoreline and find the perfect spot for a dip!


Junior Ranger Program

Recognizing the importance of caring for and maintaining the beauty of Arizona’s state parks is part of the mission of the Junior Ranger program. Kids between the ages of 6 and 12 who want to become a Junior Ranger can take the pledge by completing a set of activities and earning the approval of an Alamo Lake State Park Ranger. Interested kids should stop by the park office, the Visitor Center, or a ranger station to learn more about what it takes to become a Junior Ranger.

OHV Riding Trails

Arizona State Parks and Trails is a growing community of adventurers who share the love of scenic trails, amazing weather, and off-road vehicles. There are hundreds of miles of trails around Alamo Lake State Park that give OHV riders dirt and desert adventures. OHV riding is not allowed inside of the park, and riders are expected to obey rules and respect people around the park’s boundaries at all times. The closest gas station is six miles away, so motorists need to prepare ahead of time to fuel and refuel.

Day Use Areas

Arizona has close to 300 days of sunshine every year, and what better way to spend your sun-filled days than outside in the sun? The park has many scenic overlooks, picnic areas, and a playground where guests can spend time out in the beautiful weather. There is also a reservable ramada area located near the ranger station and market. When your belly is full from picnicking, head out to one of the three .4-mile trails for a walk. No matter what time of year you visit, you are sure to enjoy your time outdoors.