Allen Crowe 100

Looking for something fun to fill a summer’s day? A jaunt to Springfield, Illinois in your RV for the Allen Crowe 100 could be a winner.

Event information

The Allen Crowe 100 is an action-packed and exciting stock car race held as part of the ARCA Racing Series at the Illinois State Fairground. It runs during the Illinois State Fair at 801 East Sangamon Avenue, Springfield, and draws tens of thousands of visitors every year.

Allen Crowe was a stock car driver who moved up the ranks to become a first-class racer with several wins under his belt. In 1963, he sustained injuries in a sprint car race in Ohio and died as a result. USAC’s stock car division sanctioned the race from its inception in 1963 until the series finished in 1984. However, the race lived on through his legacy. It had several name changes over the years, with and without sponsorship, but is well known throughout Illinois as the Allen Crowe 100.

The beauty of this race is that it runs alongside not only a full schedule of racing action but a family-friendly state fair as well. While you’re in Illinois for entertainment, displays, and competitions, you can also release the petrol head within. Typically, the Allen Crowe 100 is on the last day of the state fair.

During your time in Springfield, you can be a part of the fair action, camp onsite, and visit many of the tourist attractions in the area. Pay tribute to a motoring legend of his time while enjoying a summer vacation at the same time.


In the past, tickets for Allen Crowe 100 have been available for purchase at local stores across Illinois and are often far more affordable to buy in advance than on the day. At the gate, track admission for adults has often been around $30, and children under 11, $10. Before you hit the road, find out where you can purchase tickets to save hassle once you arrive at your destination.

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The Illinois State Fairgrounds is two miles from I-55’s Sangamon Avenue exit, on the outskirts of the busy city of Springfield. Central between Missouri, Iowa, Indiana, and Kentucky, Illinois is an excellent destination for those who want to travel to somewhere new and exciting.

Given that it’s summer during Allen Crowe 100, you’re unlikely to have any trouble navigating your way to the city. All you need is a traffic app to help with local road conditions, some snacks, and your favorite road tunes. It won’t be long until you’re in Springfield to soak up all the action.

Parking areas

The availability of parking can depend on whether you’re there for the day or you choose to camp on site. Day stayers may have trouble trying to find a large enough parking space, but campers would have reserved a spot in advance. For those who are staying offsite, consider the use of the regular bus service or other public transportation to get to the Illinois State Fairgrounds.

Public Transportation

There is a regular bus service in operation to the Illinois State Fairgrounds, but its hours of operation may or may not be suitable. Consider a taxi or private ride service from your accommodation instead of trying to find somewhere that’s large enough to park your big rig if you plan to camp off grounds.

Where to stay


If you are attending the Allen Crowe 100 race, but also want to visit the Illinois State Fair, then you’re in luck. As long as you reserve your space online well in advance, you can camp on site. There are water and electricity service hookups, and you can bring your pets, but generators are not permitted. You can also make use of the restrooms, showers, and dump station on site.


If you are not able to secure a spot at the onsite campground, then there are a few other options. While you may not find an abundance of campgrounds in the vicinity of the Illinois State Fairgrounds, there are still a few. Expand your search within 20 miles of the Allen Crowe 100 race, and you’re sure to find something to appeal, with and without service hookups.

Getting around

The best way to get around the Allen Crowe 100 race site is on foot, but navigation of the fairgrounds is even easier. There are trams in operation throughout the fair, and these park in different areas around the grounds, including the campsite. Viewing areas of Allen Crowe 100 are in the grandstands, so your feet won’t get a chance to tire.

What to pack


It can get reasonably warm in Illinois over summer, but not warm enough for you to need to leave your sweaters at home. Pack both warm and cold weather items that can help you cover all bases. It’s also helpful to bring a sunhat, comfortable footwear, and winter woollies for when the crisp night air rolls into the campground.


The beauty of being able to camp at the Illinois State Fairgrounds is that you can travel light. You can bring your event ticket, wallet, binoculars, earplugs, and sun-safe products, but the rest of what you may require during your stay can remain in your RV. Bring a small backpack that won’t weigh you down as you wander around and enjoy the sights.

Health & Safety

Both the Illinois State Fair and Allen Crowe 100 will have their own set of health and safety standards and rules. However, you can expect to require sun products such as sunscreen and a sun hat. It’s also a good idea to carry bug spray and any prescription medication you may need while away from home.

Where to eat


During your stay at the Illinois State Fairgrounds, you have free range to use your onboard RV kitchen appliances. Restrictions may apply to outdoor cooking, and guests are not permitted to use a generator at the fair campground. When the time comes to prepare your family feast, stock up on supplies in Springfield. Within a short walk along East Sangamon Avenue, there is a supermarket with all manner of goods you might need.


If you don’t feel like hamburgers, hotdogs, and fries at Allen Crowe 100, then let Springfield go the extra mile for you. Within a short walking distance of the fairgrounds is a whole host of eateries that will even appeal to the fussiest members of the family. Visit the local bar and grill, pizza joint, or any of the local fast food outlets.


You won’t want to take your eyes off all the racing action at Allen Crowe 100, but if you do, it will be for a bite to eat. Visit any of the conveniently located concession stands and get your fill of cotton candy, fried food, and other delights. Make sure you buy a beverage or two to remain hydrated in the summer heat too. Bring cash and a credit card for full purchasing flexibility.



As you enter the Illinois State Fairgrounds, you may be asked to provide access to your RV for a quick search by an official. Some may also ask to check your bag. With any official search, respond with a smile and allow them to do their job to keep everyone safe. If you require assistance, the local police station is south of the grandstand on Grandstand Avenue.


Temperatures in Springfield, Illinois at the end of August fluctuate between the 60s and high 80s. You will be comfortable enough in shorts and t-shirts but may feel like throwing a sweater on as night falls. Due to the intense summer sun in surrounding regions, make sure your RV fluids are all topped up before you hit the road. Carry plenty of water onboard both for yourself and your vehicle.


No one wants an accident or injury while on vacation, but at least you’re in the right place if it happens. There is a first aid station in the Emmerson Building Annex with competent volunteers trained in injury and sudden illness. In an emergency, approach an official and dial 9-11. The closest medical center is around two and a half miles from the fairgrounds.