Allentown Fair

The Great Allentown Fair is one of many reasons to visit Pennsylvania. Are you due for a break? Prepare the RV and hit the road on a grand adventure!

Event information

The Allentown Fair is one of the oldest of its kind in the United States. As an annual agricultural show and fair, it brings thousands of people to the area every year. If you’re in great need of a holiday, then there’s every reason why this event should be your end destination.

It’s near many tourist destinations, boasts exceptional RV camping experiences, and has a wonderful array of activities, events, and entertainment for the family. The Allentown Fair also marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall. With gorgeous golden leaves forming the backdrop for your travels, you’ll experience a trip of a lifetime when you set your RV in the direction of 302 N. 17th St.

The seven-day fair has been around since the early 1850s, meaning it has had several years to become the success it is today. You can enjoy fair rides, delicious fair cuisine, games, and musical concerts as well. Locals spend days preparing their exhibits for the competitions, giving you something to peruse as you meander around the expansive grass fairgrounds.

While you can’t set up camp at the RV grounds themselves, that doesn’t mean the area doesn’t boast many accommodation facilities within proximity to the fair. Pencil the Allentown Fair on your calendar, and prepare for the trip of a lifetime.


Ticket prices for the Allentown Fair have traditionally been affordable for the whole family. Children under 12 are typically free, and senior citizens and regular admission prices are some of the most competitive in the country.

Closer to the time of the fair, check out the fair's website for current pricing tiers and promotional pricing. Sometimes, you can gain admission cheaper on particular days.

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The Lehigh Valley Thruway is the most direct road to the Allentown Fair, leading you to the general vicinity of 302 N. 17th St. However, to get to the fair, your GPS will take you to 1703 Liberty St., which forms the northeast corner of the fairgrounds. During the late afternoon and into the evening, Liberty St. runs one way. Drive your RV to the intersection of Liberty St. and 17th to gain access to Tunnel Gate 7’s onsite parking.

Parking areas

Make sure you carry cash for parking, for it will cost you to park your RV proximate to the fairgrounds. You can park on site through Tunnel Gate 7 off Liberty Street. You can also prepay for premium parking to avoid missing out. If you’re running late and can’t seem to find a spot, there is also ample off-site parking in lots operated by businesses surrounding the fairgrounds. These are not associated with the fair and may or may not allow space for some rigs. You won’t have to walk far from your RV to the fairgrounds themselves.

Public Transportation

There are a few public bus companies operating during the Allentown Fair. These buses run routes from the center of Allentown to the fair for your convenience. You may also utilize private ride-sharing services if you wish to leave your RV at your campground.

Where to stay


While onsite camping is available at the Allentown Fairgrounds throughout the year, it isn’t offered during the fair. Fortunately, there are plenty of accommodation options throughout Allentown and further afield. You may not have to travel too far to return to the fair each day as you camp in the area.


Allentown is not short of accommodation options for the weary traveler. Some of the best RV parks and resorts around are proximate to the fairgrounds. If you prefer to leave your RV at the campsite, then you’ll find there are public transport options to get you from there to the fair with no problems at all. Services at each of the resorts and parks differ from full to none at all. Book months in advance to avoid missing out on the campground you prefer. Tourist attractions and historical landmarks flood the Lehigh Valley, so travelers may want to consider adding a few additional excursions to the proposed agenda.

Getting around

If you have mobility issues or tire easily on your feet, navigating the Allentown Fair may still not be a problem. Head to one of the two "InFAIRmation" booths (east and west sides) for rental information on scooters, wheelchairs, and strollers. Otherwise, there are plenty of chairs to rest weary legs.

What to pack


The beginning of fall marks a dramatic temperature drop, but that doesn’t mean you should pack away the shorts and sundresses just yet. Temperatures in Allentown can still reach the high 80s, so you’ll need plenty of breathable layers to remain as fresh as a daisy. Comfortable footwear will also not go astray. As night falls, however, you’ll need to layer up as temperatures can halve overnight.


If you intend on making the most of your stay at the fair by checking out the concert entertainment, then you’ll need to consider what you bring with you. Alcohol is available for purchase if you’re over 21, but cannot be brought into the fairgrounds. Remember to pack light with a belt bag or small backpack. It may also pay to leave fireworks, umbrellas, selfie sticks, and drones back in your RV as well.

Health & Safety

A full-day fair means guests need to consider health requirements during that time. Bring any medications or toiletries you require, as well as sunscreen, a sun hat, and bug spray. You may bring in a sealed water bottle, but you can also purchase these at the fairgrounds as well. Fairground officials take health and safety seriously, so consult them if you have any concerns or inquiries.

Where to eat


No matter where you set up camp in Allentown, you’ll be close to many different markets and grocery stores. You’ll be able to cook up a storm once you finish trying out the different treat options at the fair. As you won’t be able to cook at the fairgrounds, you will need to leave your cooking supplies in your RV.


Allentown is a fun, bustling, and family-friendly town with a lot to offer the average traveler. If you’ve had as many fair treats as you can handle, you can wander into town and check out the establishments there. There’s something for everyone. However, given the time of year, it would be wise to allow extra travel and wait time for service.


Hundreds of vendors set up camp at the Allentown Fair, waiting to offer you a sweet or savory treat. Vendors will be near the main attractions, with the majority of them accepting both cash and credit. There are also ATMs so that you’ll always have the correct type of payment method. Both children and adults will enjoy the offerings of these vendors.



There will be both local police and fair security staff monitoring the fairgrounds at all times. Security is ramped up as soon as you head to a concert site within the fairgrounds. All strollers, belt bags, and hand-carried items can be subjected to a search. Guests are not allowed to bring oversized bags, laser pointers, video equipment, umbrellas, drones, fireworks, weapons, or anything else deemed unacceptable. If you carry a drink into the concert venue, you must tip it into a paper cup. Security can be strict, so avoid the inconvenience by traveling light.


The Allentown Fair marks the end of summer and the beginning of fall. However, temperatures still fluctuate between 60 and the high 80s. You can get away with dressing light throughout the day, but don’t forget to pack sweatshirts and pants as well. Overnight, temperatures can drop to 40 and below.


If you end up with a scrape, cut, burn, or another minor injury, then fair staff on site can help. There are two first aid stations inside the fairgrounds near Gate 2 and Gate 6. Gate 2 is near Chew Street, while Gate 6 is closer to Liberty Street. The lost and found area is also near Gate 2 for lost people and possessions.