Alum Creek State Park

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Boasting Ohio’s largest inland beach, Alum Creek State Park encompasses 4,630 acres of wonderful natural exhibits in Central Ohio. This state park showcases various forms of nature ranging from a freshwater lake and coastal beach to a modern marina, delightful coves, and rolling hills. The park’s namesake, Alum Creek Lake, is a large water reservoir that was established between 1970 and 1974 as a part of the Flood Act Control. Alum Creek Lake stores water inside its gigantic 3,387 acres and offers fishing, boating, swimming, ice fishing, and ice boating. The park also contains remnants of a North Carolina community of freed slaves that came to settle down in Ohio.

Inside the park, observant visitors can find maple and beech tree forests. The floral beauty of the park is characterized by bloodroot, wild geranium, spring beauties, and trillium. The park is also a natural habitat to many wild birds and animals. It features many picturesque trails to enjoy hiking and biking as well as riding snowmobiles in winter. The park also offers a campground for your RV with 286 sites tucked in the woods. There are sites ranging from electric to full hookup, so you can be sure that you’re getting everything you need. The park is usually open for camping and other recreation throughout the year with summer, spring, and fall attracting the greatest number of visitors. The park is open every day from dusk till dawn, so you can bring your RV to Alum Creek State Park anytime.

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Transportation in Alum Creek State Park


Alum Creek State Park is located on the Old State Road in central Ohio in Delaware County. The park’s location is on the outskirts of Columbus, the state capital. The park is easy to access by car or RV. From the city of Columbus, take Highway Interstate 71 N to reach the park within 30 minutes. Other routes if you’re coming from Columbus include taking OH-315 N and Bale Kenyon Road. The park occupies a total region of 4,630 acres comprising of dense woodlands, a 3,387-acre lake, 3,000 feet of golden beach, and many miles of hiking and biking terrains. Nicely paved and well-directed park roads easily lead you from one location at the park to another. A park map will make navigating inside the park a much easier job as well. The beach, marina, and lake are located in the northern region of the park, and the picnic tables are laid out on the shores. The campgrounds and cabins can be found in the park’s woodlands, and various hiking trails traverse through the entire park. There are adequate parking options inside the park. There are parking lots outside the main entrance, outside each RV campground, and at trail heads. The campgrounds are large enough to accommodate big rigs and trailers. Avoid reckless, rash driving inside the park and park your vehicles in your designated camping unit only.


Public Transport

Campgrounds and parking in Alum Creek State Park

Campsites in Alum Creek State Park

Reservations camping

Sunbury / Columbus North KOA

Spanning over 40 acres of woods with a stocked five-acre fishing lake, the Sunbury/Columbus North KOA is a quiet park in a beautiful, country setting. The campground is open from mid-April through mid-October. A favorite spot for family retreats, reunions and even weddings with the backdrop of a lovely covered bridge and rustic barn-style pavilion, the Sunbury/Columbus North KOA has hosted many lasting memories. Kids are sure to enjoy the petting zoo, splash pad and gem mine. Take a dip in the heated swimming pool or exercise in the workout area. Here, guests are only 30 minutes from the big-city amenities of Columbus and all of its great shopping, dining and museums. Wi-Fi is available throughout the campground. Guests can even bring their pooches to enjoy the off-leash dog park.

Group Camping

Alum Creek State Park’s campground has reserved a spot for group campers in its vast campground. Scouts, large families, and groups of friends can reserve this area. The park also offers eight luxurious cabins in the woods for those who don’t like sleeping under the stars. Each cabin can accommodate up to four people.

Equestrian Camping

Alum Creek’s campground also offers an equestrian camping experience. If you are a horse lover, bring your horses and pitch a tent in one of the park’s 30 equestrian campsites. These sites combine the delights of primitive and equestrian camping. Drinking water for horses is available, and there are restrooms, hot showers, and dumping stations for campers’ convenience. These sites can also be pre-booked, and are large enough for up to six people.

The Campground at Alum Creek State Park

Alum Creek State Park offers first class RV camping amenities and facilities for campers, usually all year round. The campground is located in the park’s wooded area and provides finely paved, widely spaced campsites. The sites are spacious enough for RVs as large as 80 feet. The campground features modern restrooms, pit latrines, dump stations, and hot showers, all for your comfort and convenience. Complimentary free WIFI is also offered to the campers. There is a playground nearby as well as game courts and horseshoe pits for the family and kids to enjoy. The campground offers a variety of camping sites, each having different facilities. You can pick whatever goes with your taste and comfort level.

There are 24 full-hookup sites with 50-amp electric, water, and sewer hookups. There are 263 others which offer simple electric-only 50-amp hookups. Most of the sites are pet-friendly. A maximum of six people is allowed on each site. The sites are up for reservations through the park’s online booking portal, but any sites that are unreserved can be acquired on a first-come, first-serve basis. Also, there are a few sites that are exclusively non-reservable, in case all the others get taken up first.

First-come first-served

The Campground at Alum Creek State Park

A a few sites at the campground at Alum Creek State Park are exclusively non-reservable, in case all the others get taken up first. These sites are available on a first-come, first-served basis.

Alternate camping

Seasonal activities in Alum Creek State Park


Attending Events and Festivals

Alum Creek State Park hosts many events and festivals all year long with the most notable festivals coming during the park’s peak season. A few examples of the park’s colorful festivals are the Memorial Day Campout, Fall Fest, and many fishing tournaments. The park’s events and festivals are characterized by starry movie nights, night hikes, seminars, and themed decorations. These festivals and events attract plenty of RV families from near and far and are considered to be the park’s spotlight when it comes to recreation and entertainment.


If you are looking to take a relaxing picnic during your RV trip to Ohio Alum Creek State Park has a few picnic tables laid out on the shores of the lake. The crystal waters of the lake and the sandy beach provide a perfect backdrop for this family-friendly picnic location. Also, there are three group day-use picnic shelters available for pre-booking in the Below Dam Area. While picnicking with friends or family in the shade of maple and beech trees and mesmerizing wildflowers, you can also indulge in a few fun sports. The beach houses a beach volleyball court, as well as a playground for kids and a few horseshoe pits.

Fishing, Boating, and the Beach

The 3,387-acre Alum Creek Lake is the main destination for many popular recreational activities at the park. Fishing is a great option at the lake at Alum Creek is teeming with diversified fish species including largemouth and smallmouth bass, bluegill, crappie, sunfish, channel catfish, walleye, and muskellunge. Visitors can also choose to splash in the waters, as swimming is allowed at the lake. Five boat ramps built around the lake allow for launching boats, canoes, rowboats, and paddleboats into the water. The lake is also the location of the state’s largest inland beach. Take a stroll along the sandy shores or dive in – it’s up to you how you choose to beat the heat.


Hiking, Biking, and Horseback Riding

An ideal way to explore all the nature and its magnificence a state park has to offer is through its scenic trails winding through enchanting locations adorned with stunning displays of flora and fauna. Alum Creek State Park offers nearly 10 miles of hiking trails, 38 miles of bridle trails, and 14.5 miles of mountain bike trails where you can explore park’s scenery while indulging in a recreational activity of your choice at the same time. The park’s terrains are meant for everyone, and that includes hikers, walkers, mountain bikers, and horseback riders.

Enjoying Winter Activities

Alum Creek State Park has something to offer for RVers at every season. The winter season is highlighted at the park with some exciting winter-specific recreational activities. The lake has ice fishing and ice boating to offer which is an unusually interesting experience in itself. There are also hiking trails meant for snowmobile riding. Besides riding a snowmobile, you can take away the pleasures of ice-skating on the water, and cross-country skiing on many of the park’s trails.

Wildlife Viewing, Birding, and Hunting

Alum Creek State Park is home to many wild creatures. Visitors can expect to see white-tailed deer, raccoons, or some carefree squirrels hopping around the park. Many areas of the park are home to various birding species like Osprey, Warblers, Woodpeckers, Sandpipers, Herons, Eastern Wood Peewees, King Birds, and Bald Eagles. Inside the water, you may get to catch glimpses of Wood Ducks, turtles, and water snakes. The park also offers hunting as part of its allowed recreational activities. Hunters can hunt down waterfowls and deer.

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