American Royal World Series of Barbecue

American Royal World Series of Barbecue patrons will be met with a plethora of events, live music, and over a hundred vendors and can camp nearby.

Event information

For over a century Kansas City has hosted one of the largest barbecues on the planet, and this event ties in signature pork, rib, turkey, chicken, and steak dishes in a festival setting. At the American Royal World Series of Barbecue, patrons will be met with a plethora of amazing events and activities, live music, and over a hundred vendors. Visitors will get to taste the best in delectable slabs of meat from businesses local and far that are competing for first prize.

Located in the heart of Kansas City at the Kansas Speedway, RVers will have plenty of camping options to choose from in the area. Located just a short drive away from the grounds, these camping areas are outfitted with all the necessary hookups along with a range of other features.

While the delicious smells of food are what bring people in, it’s not the only thing that happens at the World Series of BBQ. Many of the funds earned through events like these are rerouted to scholarship funds, agricultural education, and numerous other outreach programs to award academic excellence. They are able to do this through rodeos, horse shows, livestock shows, and of course barbecue competitions.


The American Royal World Series of Barbecue has a few events, with most people going for delicious food and if past ticket prices are any indication of current prices than you can expect to pay around $15, with prices depending on the age of the attendee. Two-day tickets have been given in the past and are cheaper than buying two separate tickets. VIP tickets, which include food and beverages, and can be purchased for around $75.

Parking passes range from free to upwards of $10 depending on your vehicle, with larger ones like RVs requiring additional funds. Prices can differ, so check the website closer to the event for more details.

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Located on the north side of the Kansas River and north of I-70, getting to Kansas Speedway is pretty easy. Most people follow either I-35 or I-70 to arrive in the Kansas City area. Getting an RV there isn’t any more complicated than a smaller vehicle, though it is recommended to see if they have spots for you to park beforehand. You may want to check for specific directions to the grounds as the event approaches.

Parking areas

There is a general parking fee required, with special parking provided for those that want or need it. There is a specialized team lot for those in the BBQ competition, which is located on the infield of the Kansas Speedway. As an additional parking option, VIP parking is available. Overnight parking spaces are not offered.

Public Transportation

In previous American Royal World Series of BBQ events taxis, city buses, along with rideshare services, have been used for transportation. Make sure to check services schedules and route details as you are planning your adventure.

Where to stay


RV camping is not provided on the American Royal Center grounds or at the Kansas Speedway due to a lack of space. There is no need to worry, though as there are plenty of great campgrounds to choose from in the surrounding area.


A plethora of RV campgrounds is located in Kansas City, including near I-35 and I-670 and within 30 minutes of the venue. Pricing and features can vary depending on the site, with many providing electric, water, and sewer hookups. You can also expect other things like Wi-Fi, satellite TV, and laundry facilities. Getting to the American Royal grounds is just a matter of taking any of the main interstates toward the American Royal Center grounds.

Getting around

The grounds are organized logically so visitors can see everything. The speedway and associated area are completely ADA-compatible. Anything outside of approved and reasonable accommodations is prohibited on the grounds, such as electric scooters, carts, and bikes, for safety reasons.

What to pack


Weather in Kansas City during September can vary. Typically temperatures allow for jeans and a t-shirt. Mother Nature can be fickle though, and chilly weather isn’t completely unheard of in Missouri. Warmer weather is typical, but you may want to have a hoodie or light jacket on hand just in case.


The gear recommended depends on what kind of RV campgrounds you will find yourself staying in during the American Royal World Series Barbecue. Obviously for a dry campground, i.e., those without hookups, may require more convenience items and full RV tanks. The main BBQ competition is located indoors, with little outside of the absolute necessities needed.

Health & Safety

Health facilities are available on site along with typical first-aid stations throughout the event. Any medical items relevant to you or the people coming with you should be brought with you; this includes things like prescription drugs and special equipment. A list of ingredients should be provided by every vendor, with any allergy considerations left up to you.

Where to eat


Many of the campsites in Kansas City allow for basic charcoal or propane gas grilling. Some even allow for the use of fire pits, so if you want to cook outdoors, you may only need the associated utensils depending on your site. It’s best to check with the campgrounds on what you can or cannot do at your chosen campground.


Guests will find a cornucopia of BBQ to eat at the American Royal Center, but if you want something else to cleanse the pallet or would like to try another cuisine style, you are more than covered. Located on both the east and west side of I-35 are eateries ranging from Mexican digs, fresh health food with juicers, and European cuisine.


At the American Royal World Series of Barbecue, most people come for the smorgasbord of vendor options. In previous entries, over a hundred different competitors entered the BBQ contest. You can expect a wide range of vendors offering food such as ribs, chicken, turkey, ham, and much more. You can also expect to find others that serve alcohol along with the selling of memorabilia and other items. Most of these vendors are fine with a card, but a small dollop of cash is recommended.



No weapons are allowed on the American Royal World Series of Barbecue premises; this includes knives and firearms. Any bags or other belongings are subject to search at any time by security personnel. Guests can expect to have bags and purses searched at the entrances before entering the grounds.


The climate is fairly moderate during the late summer and early fall in Kansas City. Proper exposure protection like sunscreen, bug spray, hat, sunglasses, and so forth should be brought. Occasionally the temperature plummets, and it is recommended to have some sort of light jacket on hand just in case.


First aid facilities are located on site and include personnel and assistance throughout the venue settings. Severe emergencies will require a trip off of the premises, with hospitals located just ten to fifteen minutes away. Pharmacy options sit within ten minutes of the event site.