Amnicon Falls State Park
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Situated in Wisconsin near the city of Superior, this 825-acre park can be found along the banks of the Amnicon River that flow into a series of waterfalls that are called the Amnicon Falls. The falls are split into the Lower and Upper Falls, and visitors to the park can take the opportunity to swim in both. Once past the falls, the Amnicon River continues to flow past a small island and then under a well-known covered bridge.

The park's location and surrounding environment of rivers, fields, and forests attract a variety of wildlife, including raccoon, deer, porcupine, and smaller animals. A variety of birds also call the park home, and visitors can enjoy birding when they visit the park.

You can enjoy hiking, hunting, winter activities like snowshoeing, and visiting the park's main attraction, the Amnicon Falls. There is plenty to keep you busy here at the park. Pets are welcome here at Amnicon Falls State Park, but make sure to keep them on a leash at all times and under control during your stay. A couple of areas may not be pet-friendly, but the majority of the park is suitable for both you and your furry friend.

The park also has 36 RV and tent campsites for visitors to rent, should they choose to stay at the park for a couple of days. Amnicon Falls State Park is open year-round to visitors and is perfect for your next RV getaway.

RV Rentals in Amnicon Falls State Park



The park is just off the US Highway 2, and you'll easily be able to find it. The nearest city is the city of Superior, which is a 15.5-mile drive from the park. If you need any supplies, a quick bite to eat, or would like to do go shopping, you can find it there. RVers traveling along the US Highway 2 won't encounter any height restrictions or obstacles along the road for even the largest of rigs.

Make sure to keep an eye out for pedestrians and cyclists when you drive through the park. The park is not too big, and you can easily reach the different activities and facilities on foot or by bike. If you are planning on staying a couple of days, you can go ahead and park your RV at your site. If you are only visiting for the day, you can park your rig at one of the parking lots available.


You can find appropriate parking just as you enter the parking. There are a couple of different parking lots for you to choose from, and depending on how busy the park is, you can pick whichever one suits your fancy.

Public Transportation

Campgrounds and parking in Amnicon Falls State Park

Campsites in Amnicon Falls State Park

Reservations camping

RV Camping at Amnicon Falls State Park

RVers looking to enjoy Amnicon Falls State Park for a couple of days can rent one of their 36 spacious and forested campsites. These sites are primitive as they don't have any electrical or water hookups. However, the sites are mainly level and are quite large and can accommodate RVs of varying sizes, from 25 feet up to 80 feet. If you are looking for an ADA-accessible site, you should reserve site 35. The sites are available year-round.

Sites can sleep up to six people per night, and each has their own picnic table and fire ring. No shower facilities are available, but there are communal vault toilets situated nearby and communal water spigots available. A playground can be found in the middle of the campsite for children to play on and enjoy during your stay. The park is pet-friendly, and you are welcome to bring along your pets on your RV road trip.

Seasonal activities in Amnicon Falls State Park


Visiting the Falls

There are numerous cascades and waterfalls along the Amnicon River that runs through the park. Some of the more popular ones are the Lower and Upper Falls, the Now and Then Falls, and the Snake Pit Falls. These can all easily be reached by walking along the hiking trail or by car along a paved road through the park. Near the falls is a parking lot for you to park your rig, as well as several picnic benches nearby for you to enjoy a picnic after your visit to the falls. On those hot days, make sure to bring your swimwear along and enjoy a refreshing dip under the falls. This a wonderful way to spend the day out in nature!


Hikers can enjoy the 1.8 miles of trails available at the park. The 1.8 miles are made up of three different trails that give hikers the opportunity to explore a large portion of the park. The three trails are the Snowshoe Trail, the Thimble Trail, and the walking trail that visitors can take to the different falls. These are all moderate trails and are not too challenging, so children and senior adults can also enjoy them. While you walk along these trails you, keep your eyes and ears peeled for wildlife.


You can also enjoy geocaching when you visit Amnicon Falls State Park. Geocaching is fun game similar to a treasure hunt and is suitable for the whole family. The aim is to try and locate different "caches," hidden boxes with little treasures for you to find, and trade them with some of your own. You will need a GPS-capable device, like a phone, to play and some small treasures and trinkets to trade for those in the caches. Make sure to leave the caches exactly like you found them, so that others can enjoy finding them after you.


Wintertime activities

During the winter months, the fun does not stop at Amnicon Falls State Park. If you decide to visit the park during the winter season, you can enjoy snowshoeing along the park's snowshoeing trail and hiking along the other trails. Nearly two miles of trails are available for you to explore, even during the winter. If enough snow falls you can also enjoy snowball fights, make snow angels, and build snowmen together. Make sure to wrap up warm before you venture out into the cold to enjoy the winter outdoor activities.

Hunting and Trapping

The park is teaming with wildlife like deer, raccoon, beaver, otter, and other smaller animals. During the winter from approximately November 15th to December 15th and in the spring from about April 1st to May 3rd, the park is open to hunters and trappers. RVers who enjoy hunting can bring along their hunting bows, guns, and traps when they visit the park during those periods in the year. Trapping and hunting are not allowed anywhere within 100 yards of the activities and day-use areas or in the designated "closed" sections of the park.


RVers who enjoy birding should bring along their binoculars and cameras to fully capture the different varieties of birds that you can see at the park. The best time for you to see birds is early in the morning. Don't only keep your eyes looking in the sky, you can see birds everywhere, from the ground to shrubs to small trees. If you forget your binoculars or don't have any, you can borrow a pair from the park office, as well as a bird field guide.