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Anchor River State Recreation Area is a popular attraction for fishing enthusiasts and outdoor and camping lovers who are touring around Alaska. This 213-acre park is located in the most westerly point on the US highway system. It is located at a spot of historical significance called Anchor Point, in the jaw-dropping Kenai Peninsula.

Historically, the area is of geographical significance as Anchor Point and the people of the Kenai Peninsula were mentioned in the journals of the British travelers on Captain James Cook's expedition back in 1778. Anchor Point is reputed to be the location near the mouth of the Anchor River where Captain Cook lost an anchor.

The Anchor River streams across the Kenai Peninsula and flows west for about 48 km (30 miles) in to Cook Inlet near Anchor Point. Standing on the beach at the recreation area, you can admire the distant peaks of the Aleutian Range and the volcanoes of Mount Redoubt and Mount Augustine Iliamna.

In the early 1900s, the area around the Anchor River began to have settlers. They relied on farming the fertile lands around the river bank; hunting the diverse wildlife that abounds the area and fishing for a wide variety of delicious fish from the Anchor River.

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Take the Seward Hwy South, bear right at the Seward Cut-off onto the Sterling Hwy. Located at milepost 157 of the Sterling Hwy.


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Campsites in Anchor River Sra

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Homer / Baycrest KOA

The end of the road is the beginning of a great Alaskan adventure at the Homer/Baycrest KOA, perched on the edge of Alaska's magnificent Kenai Peninsula. From the comfort of your campsite, catch sweeping views of Kachemak Bay and Cook Inlet. Bring a rig up to 60 feet and plug in to up to 50-amps at several of the sites. Keep in touch with loved ones while you’re traveling with the on-site Wi-Fi. Purchase firewood from the campground store to fry up your latest catch. There are terrific hiking trails out there to exercise your pup, but you’ll also find a dog park conveniently on the grounds.

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RV Camping

The park has several campgrounds with lots of options for everyone. The campgrounds are: Slidehole campground, Steelhead campground,Coho, Silver King and Halibut. All the campgrounds overlook the river except Halibut which overlooks the beach and the mountains and is by a wide margin the most popular campground.

The campgrounds have spacious sites and spotless, well maintained pit toilets. Halibut campground is at the end of Anchor Point on Cook Inlet. The campground is covered in gravel and presents lots of opportunities for sighting eagles. It has a classic fire ring and a picnic table. The sites are close to the beach and offer premium access to magnificent views and lots of opportunities for bird watching. It's also close to the boat launching area. The sites have access to clean potable drinking water.

Overall, the campgrounds are a paradise for those who wish to connect with nature and enjoy a scenic view of the beach and ice capped mountain tops. The only downside is the lack of RV hookups.

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The Anchor River is one of Alaska's pristine fishing areas. It attracts fishing enthusiasts from all over the U.S.

In the cold water of the river, you can catch Silver, King, Steelhead, Dolly Varden and Pink Salmon, with the King Salmon being the most popular. You can try to catch one by using Spinners or salmon eggs for bait. Steelheads are considered the prize fish as they are hard to catch and quite aggressive. They began to appear in the water from late August to October.

Boat Launch

The park offers a boat launch services that are managed by Anchor River Enterprises. You can also get free weather and tide information before heading out into the water. You can even view a live webcam of the conditions out there as a premium services. However, this services is only available to customers and requires you to visit the office to gain access.


Catch plenty of fish and cook your own catch for dinner at one of the park's many campgrounds or even as a picnic on the beach. As you munch on the delicious salmon, you can enjoy the majestic sight of the snow-capped mountains from the beach. There are about 20 picnic sites for you to create memorable moments in.


Wildlife Watching

Get in touch with nature and observe Anchor Point's rich wildlife that inhabit the area and enjoy stopping by the River for a drink or a refreshing swim.

You can spot moose and minks thriving in the cold Alaskan weather. If you look and listen carefully, you can glimpse small rodents such as beavers and raccoons.

If you are interested in wildlife that is further away from the trees and prefer animals that thrive in the water, you can head to the river to observe a variety of ducks callings and swimming peacefully. You can also head over to the shore in Cook Inlet for a refreshing glimpse of sea otters, harbor seals and even beluga whales playing around in the water.

Bird Watching

Anchor Point Recreation Area is full of opportunities for nature enthusiasts with it's abundant wildlife, glorious scenery, peaceful campsites and premium fishing opportunities. Bird watchers also get their fair share of luck in Anchor Point Recreation Area with plentiful species of birds flying around, swimming in the river, hovering over the shore and splashing in the cold water.

Eagles catching fish and feeding it to their young. Sea gulls chasing local fishermen. Birdwatching at Anchor Point will make you feel like you're living in the pages of National Geographic.


If you are accustomed to the cold water, feel free to take a dip in the refreshing cold water. Swimming in cold water has numerous health benefits and once you get used to it, it's loads of fun! Just remember to stay close to shore and don't stay in the water too long.