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Explore the great western frontier when you travel in your RV to Arapaho National Forest located in the north-central area of Colorado. Popular amongst ski-lovers, this national forest is a favorite for campers during the winter months as Arapaho National Forest covers the continental divide and is home to three ski resorts: Winter Park, Loveland, and Eldora. Among the 1.5-million-acres, adventure seekers will love hiking to the top of Mt. Evans during the summer months while exploring the 165 trails and maybe even spotting a moose. You can travel the rapids drying your white water rafting trip down the Colorado River. Need a little more peace? Then enjoy the kayak life as you take a dip your paddle in the calm waters of the South Platte River.

Created by President Theodore Roosevelt, this beautiful part of the country is named after the Arapaho tribe of Native Americans that lived in the Eastern Plains of the state. After you visit Arapaho National Forest once, you’ll find that it is one of the best forests to camp at in your camper year-round at one of the 24 different RV campgrounds due to the vast recreational activities to enjoy. Read on to find detail on three featured RV campgrounds. What are you waiting for? Get here for your next adventure today!

RV Rentals in Arapaho National Forest



Your next RV getaway destination is a quick hour and a half from Idaho Springs and around two hours from Boulder and Denver. The north-central Colorado forest is located mostly in Grand and Clear Creek counties that are next to the town of Grand Lake. Some of the roads in and around the forest pass into the mountainous region, so make sure to drive cautiously on narrow and winding roads in your rig. This area is heavily forested so be on the lookout for low hanging or falling branches.

The drive to Arapaho National Forest is ultimately Instagram-worthy. It is a drive like no other due to the beautiful scenery in the north-central area of Colorado with breathtaking views of the mountains, waterfalls, and valleys. Ranked as one of the most visited national forests in the United States, this place is famous for camping no matter the time of year, so make sure to bring a little patience with you as you navigate some curvy roads. Slow down and enjoy this picturesque area as you look for your RV campground. Some camping areas are tucked away than others, so make sure to stop by the local ranger district’s office to grab a map.


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Campgrounds and parking in Arapaho National Forest

Campsites in Arapaho National Forest

Reservations camping

Guanella Pass Campground

Come and spend time relaxing, fishing, or hiking at this great rustic campground. This is a great place for fans of the Wild West as you take a step back in history by RV camping near a ghost town at Arapaho National Forest. There are 18 sites to select from, 11 of which are suitable for RVs and trailers. RV campers will find picnic tables, toilets, and potable water within walking distance. Each site features a fire pit, table, and pad. Guanella Pass Campground is open from June to September. RVs, campers, and trailers up to 45 feet can be accommodated. Pets are welcome but must be on a leash when outside the rig. The views are amazing, making it a popular place to camp.

Stillwater Campground

Have a camping experience unlike no other that you’ve had before when you stay at Stillwater Campground on the northern shore of Lake Granby. With access to a great fishing spot, trails to explore, and a place to swim or get out on your boat - this area has it all. This campground is large with 129 sites you can reserve, some of which offering electric and water hookups. Rigs up to 40 feet can be accommodated. Bring your pets to camp along with you as they are welcomed. Open from May to October, the campground offers potable water, hot showers, and picnic tables to use during your stay.

First-come first-served

Sugarloaf Campground

Open from May to October, Sugarloaf Campground is a gem of a Colorado campground. You will find yourself relaxing next to Williams Fork River during your RV stay. This area offers 11 first-come, first-served sites to choose from. You can cook and eat dinner right at your campsite since a fire grate and picnic table are provided. You'll also find toilets and potable water nearby as well. However, hookups are not available. Bring your furry companion along on this trip as you explore the Williams Fork Valley Area since pets are welcome. RVs and trailer up to 35 feet long can be accommodated.

Seasonal activities in Arapaho National Forest


An Angler's Delight

The Colorado waters are full of fish for you to catch on your next RV getaway. From ice fishing to lake fishing and river fishing, you will want to grab your camera to capture your biggest catch of all as you enjoy a favorite outdoor pastime. Pack your favorite rod and bait as you head out from your RV camping site during any time of day and enjoy the peace of the water. Whether fishing from your boat or along the shore of the river, it will be a fantastic experience.

Winter Sports

Get out in the snow at one of Arapaho National Forest's three ski resorts during your next RV camping trip. With Winter Park, Loveland, and Eldora to choose from, you can spend hours doing what you love on your next holiday break. Don't let the winter blues get you down. Instead, head out to this national forest and start exploring the scenic today by skiing cross-country, snowmobiling, or snowshoeing.

Viewing Colorado's Wildlife

Once you get here to camp in your rig, you'll find the Arapaho National Forest a lovely spot to see the fantastic wildlife and smell the crisp mountain air. From mountain goats and bighorn sheep to moose, you'll want to bring your camera along for your walks in nature. Have a great time outdoors but be advised, if you're not used to the altitude, especially up on Mt. Evans, try to take it easy during your stay as you try to get a glimpse of all the animals that live in this vast area of Colorado.


White Water Paddling

Get out and have a thrill white water paddling in the crystal clear water on sections of the Clear Creek, Boulder Creek, or Cache la Poudre River during your next motorhome camping trip. This scenic sport is popular in the Centennial State during the warmer months after the snow has melted and the water levels rise. Anyone can ride, just know the Class level of the river before you head out on your own or use the several professional rafting companies throughout the national forest.

Rock Climbing

Come out from your RV camping spot to enjoy one of the most popular outdoor sport during your stay at Arapaho National Forest. There are several rock climbing opportunities to test your strength, balance, and endurance throughout the national forest. Be careful that you do not damage what Mother Nature has created. Use removable hardware and temporary anchors during your climb. Contact the local ranger district office to ensure that you are in a safe area to climb.

Lose Yourself in the Arapaho National Forest

With 165 fantastic trails to select from to run, hike, or mountain bike, you can escape your hectic life for the peaceful sounds of nature untouched by modern advancement. Want to up your game? Arapaho National Forest has 100 trails that are moderate in activity level that range from a mere mile to 32 miles. Plan on packing sturdy hiking boots, sunscreen and a trail map in your camping trailer since there's so much to see!