ARCA Pensacola 200

Spring into the new season with an RV road trip to Five Flag Speedway in Florida for the ARCA Pensacola 200. Satisfy your need for speed today!

Event information

ARCA Pensacola 200 is an action-packed automotive event in Pensacola, Florida, near the border of Florida and Alabama by the Perdido River. Held over two days in March, it brings some of the best Menards series drivers to the state of Florida – all for the enjoyment and pleasure of petrol heads.

At least 20 drivers line up on the grid to carry out 200 laps of a half-mile paved track. Spectators are treated to a spectacular view of the racing from the grandstands, as well as a full evening of racing action on the second day.

Aside from some of the nation’s best drivers, visitors to ARCA Pensacola 200 also look forward to the opportunity to camp at Five Flags Speedway. You can park for the night, enjoy the fun environment, then set off the next day in search of fun things to do in Florida in your RV.

In the waterfront city of Pensacola, there are plenty of things to do, see, and experience. You can get the perfect photo opportunity at Pensacola Bay, release your inner aviation enthusiast at the Naval Aviation Museum, or even go swimming at Perdido Key State Park if temperatures allow. Those with the desire to explore will also enjoy being close to the Tarkiln Bayou Preserve State Park.

Haul your favorite driver’s supporter’s gear out your closet, fuel up your RV, then set off to Florida. An exciting spring vacation awaits.


Tickets for the ARCA Pensacola 200 are in hot demand, with hundreds of motor enthusiasts descending upon the area for this annual event. You can phone Five Flags Speedway to order your tickets, visit the website, or purchase them in person. All seats are general admission with a 7,500-person capacity, and there is also an alcohol-free family section.

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Pensacola is a waterfront city in the Florida Panhandle around 13 miles from the Alabama border. It’s just 196 miles from Florida’s capital of Tallahassee and is accessible via I-10, I-110, US Route 29, US Route 90, and a myriad of state roads. Essentially, it’s a well-located city by the Gulf of Mexico that’s a breeze to access from various Florida towns and cities.

Those who make the trip to ARCA Pensacola 200 in spring may like to download both a traffic app like Florida 511 and a weather app like MyRadar. Both can prove convenient in alerting you to possible congestion on the road and any adverse weather conditions.

Upon arriving in Pensacola, you’ll find Five Flags Speedway at 7451 Pine Forest Road, nestled between Lake Estelle, Eightmile Creek, and Lake Francis Homes.

Parking areas

Parking your RV at the ARCA Pensacola 200 can be a stress-free process. The grass parking lot is expansive and, in the past, has also been free of charge. You can then save your pennies for vendor purchases. Day parking is available adjacent to the racing oval, but only cars and pilot vehicles can park in the infield lot. The overnight RV parking area is available on site, too.

Public Transportation

While there is a public bus route that runs along Pine Forest Road, a few hundred yards shy of Five Flags Speedway, its running times may not coincide with ARCA Pensacola 200. This racing event is at night. Therefore, if you are not taking your RV to the race track, consider rideshare services and taxis who can pick you up and drop you off.

Where to stay


Given that ARCA Pensacola 200 is traditionally a nighttime event, you’ll be pleased to know that you won’t have to leave the grounds once the sun disappears for the evening. You can camp on site in a dedicated grass parking area for RVs.

You’re allowed to bring your dog to the campsites and, while you can’t have ground fires or fire rings, you can use above-ground fires in approved containers. You’re even allowed to bring your standard-sized ATV or golf cart. Be prepared for a traditional primitive RV camping experience, for Five Flags Speedway does not offer any water, sewer, or electric hookups.


If you prefer the convenience of service hookups, or you’re not prepared for a lack of water, electricity, and sewage pumping, then there are plenty of RV campgrounds near Five Flags Speedway. There is an RV park as close as three miles from the racing facility, as well as some standout options within a 20-mile radius as well. Start looking for somewhere to stay with an RV early, for the most desirable parks will book up fast.

Getting around

Upon parking your RV in the overnight or day parking area, you are a mere hop, skip, and a jump from all the racing action that will soon kick off. Well-positioned grandstands line the racing oval, and there are excellent vantage points on the infield, too. Vendors and rest areas are close to most visitor seating areas. You can also use your standard-sized golf carts on Five Flags Speedway property.

What to pack


Peak travel time in Florida is between March and August, so you can expect more comfortable temperatures on your trip to ARCA Pensacola 200 than if you were to visit in summer. While you’ll be able to pack light colors and materials, it’s worth adding garments to your suitcase that you can layer on or take off. Temperatures can fluctuate during the day.
You will also need comfortable footwear for not only navigation of the race track grounds, but for the other fun activities you may choose on your Florida vacation.


There’s nothing worse than getting to an event, such as ARCA Pensacola 200, only to think to yourself: "I should have bought x, or having x would have made this so much better! " There are a few essentials that are worth bringing to the ARCA Pensacola 200.

Earplugs will prove useful for those with sensitive ears, while binoculars will ensure you don’t miss a thing. A scanner and headset also are favored items at any motorsports racetrack. Leave your coolers and glass in your RV for use once the racing is over. While there is an ATM on site for cash withdrawal, being prepared with both cash and payment cards wouldn’t hurt.

Health & Safety

While you’re unlikely to experience a heatwave in Florida in March during spring, it’s worth being prepared for any eventuality. Don’t leave home without first packing your first aid kit, extra drinking water, and sun safety supplies such as lip balm, sunscreen, a sun hat, and sunglasses. If you require any medication, then bring enough for your trip’s length and a few extra days.

Where to eat


Even though you can’t light a campfire or use a fire ring, you’ll certainly not go hungry at Five Flags Speedway. RV-goers can take delight in being able to use their kitchen appliances, and you can also fire up your generator for other cooking equipment too.

If you forgot your hotdogs in your hurry to leave home, then there is a supermarket for those last-minute supplies within two and a half miles of the race track.


A quick drive in your motorhome along Pine Forest Road will put you in the proximity of some standout eateries to satisfy the fussiest of palates. From a steak house and family diner, to a BBQ joint and chain fast food outlet, you’re spoiled for choice. Pensacola local businesses are ready and waiting to serve the masses who visit the area for the ARCA Pensacola 200.


If you want to park at Five Flags Speedway and not move until the next day, then you don’t have to – not even for food! Five Flags Speedway goes above and beyond to ensure visitors are fed and watered.
Food concessions line the venue, with everything from pizza to fries, burgers, and everything in between. You can also purchase driver merchandise on site, as well as beer and wine coolers if you have a valid ID. Make sure you carry both payment cards and cash for convenience.



For your safety and of those around you, there will be a security presence throughout the two days of ARCA Pensacola 200. Security officials will welcome you into the venue, check your bags, and take your tickets. You can also approach members of security for assistance or help. Remember to keep your motorhome and pilot vehicles locked and secure at all times, with valuable possessions hidden out of sight. For outside help, you can visit the local police department within five miles of Five Flags Speedway.


One of the best times of year to visit Florida is in March, which means you’ve chosen an excellent window for an RV adventure. Pensacola has a humid subtropical climate with hot and humid summers and mild winters. Thunderstorms are common, as are hurricanes. Download a weather app before you hit the road, and consider the value of packing extra food and water in case of an emergency.


There is a first aid center at Five Flags Speedway, which is there to assist drivers and members of the public. Locate an official of the venue if you require help to get there. Otherwise, dial 911 in an emergency or visit the nearest hospital within ten miles of the racing venue.