Arise Music Festival

Calling all RV, music, art, yoga, camping, and community lovers! Arise Music Festival is your one-stop destination for the summers. Read to know more!

Event information

Arise Music Festival is all about music, art, yoga, camping, and community love. Staying on site for the three days of the event can make your festival experience even more memorable. RV camping is, therefore, an ideal way to witness the festival as you get to enjoy your favorite performances and yoga experiences with the ability to return to the comfort of your mobile home as many times as you want!

The festival is organized at Sunrise Ranch in Loveland, Colorado. Located in the foothills of the magnificent Rocky Mountains, Sunrise Ranch is the perfect retreat for those seeking personal transformation catalyzed by the power of music and art. Summers in the region are typically warm, and August is usually considered the best time to enjoy the warm and gentle summer sun. Rainfall is rare as this season is mostly dry.

In the past, Arise Music Festival has welcomed amazing musical performances by well-known artists and bands including Tipper, Beats Antique, Ziggy Marley, Jurassic 5, Rising Appalachia, and Thievery Corporation to name just a few. As the music makes its way through the fresh mountain air, huge crowds sway to the power of melody and the human spirit.

The event isn't all about music: art lovers will like the festival and its activities, too! Arise is also home to a Yoga Sanctuary, film screenings, live workshops, healing arts, and a lot more. From the Children's Village to the Farmers' Market, there is something for every age. Head straight to the Sunrise Ranch to experience the unique festival gathering!


Tickets to Arise Music Festival are typically announced in late winter every year. It is advisable to purchase tickets well in advance since prices spike as the event dates approach. Guests are required to either retain the tickets on the ticketing mobile app or carry print outs when they arrive on site.

General Admission three-day passes are usually priced between $150 and $250. The festival also offers a VIP upgrade with and without parking which typically ranges from $100 to $350 depending on the parking type chosen. RV camping passes cost between $120 and $250. Individual parking lot passes are also available for purchase. Arise also offers dedicated re-entry parking lots where guests can leave and re-enter without having to pay when entering the concert venue again.

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Arise Music Festival is organized at the Sunrise Ranch located at 100 Sunrise Ranch Rd. in Loveland, Colorado. The site is a little over an hour from Denver. Sunrise Ranch is 30 minutes from Fort Collins and and hour from Boulder. It is advisable to check and plan your routes in advance. Expect the mountain roads to have plenty of curves and elevation changes from roadways that are not major highways.

Parking areas

There are several parking options at the festival. A General Admission parking pass is offered in addition to a re-entry pass for those guests who'd like to re-enter without incurring additional costs. The simple GA parking pass does not permit re-entry. Arise maintains a separate re-entry parking lot with restrictions on vehicle sizes. No camping is allowed in the re-entry parking lot, though.

Public Transportation

Arise organizes shuttle services from Boulder, Denver, and Fort Collins. Arise encourages guests to use carpool services as an environment-friendly travel option. Additional transport services may also be arranged by the festival.

Where to stay


Arise offers camping and parking spaces for both small and large RVs. The festival permits the entry of one RV per pass and no re-entry is permitted. Guests can use quiet generators provided they are used inside the RV, and they do not disturb festival neighbors. Guests are required to purchase a separate festival pass in addition to the RV camping pass. Guests must note that no hookups, including electric or water, are available at the concert venue. Arriving with a full water tank is advisable. Make the most of your "dry camping" experience by visiting the Green Ridge Glade Reservoir which is merely 200 meters away from Sunrise Ranch.


There are several instances where guests may want to camp close to but not directly on site. It's a great way to enjoy some personal space away from the festival crowds. Several campgrounds near Sunrise Ranch feature riverside campsites amidst pristine natural surroundings. Some RV campgrounds offer hookup facilities in the Loveland area.

Getting around

The distance you'll need to walk depends on your campsite. VIP parking and camping spaces provide views of the main performance area with easier access to the stage. RV parking can also be arranged in the VIP space with prior registration. Guests can conveniently walk from one point to the other.

What to pack


It's usually bright and sunny in Loveland during the festival period, but guests may still want to bring a hat, sunglasses, and a couple of scarves to stay cool. Rain gear may also be desired in case the clouds decide to express their joy, showering rains from above! The festival recommends bringing some warm clothes for the evenings. Choose a comfortable pair of shoes to allow for easy mobility.


Arise encourages festival-goers to jam in the campgrounds. You are free to use personal musical instruments, but no amplifiers of any kind may be used. Acoustic jamming is fine as long as guests do not negatively impact their neighbor's festival experience. No fireworks and laser pointers are allowed inside the concert venue. The use of nitrous tanks is not permitted. Whisper-quiet generators for use inside RVs are allowed.

Health & Safety

Guests are advised to bring insect repellant and sunscreen lotions. The festival prohibits the use of glass. Underage drinking is not permitted, and only limited quantities of alcohol are allowed inside the concert venue. Festival-goers will want to keep a bottle of water available to stay hydrated. It is also important to bring along a first-aid kit with essential medications.

Where to eat


The festival encourages guests to cook meals on small stoves or inside an RV kitchen. The use of propane tanks is prohibited. The festival does not offer hookups of any kind. Arise does not allow open fires. The festival grounds feature a giant fire pit for community enjoyment by all guests; unauthorized fire dancing is prohibited.


There are several amazing restaurants and eateries in the vicinity of Sunrise Ranch. Guests can enjoy a diverse range of cuisines from Mediterranean, American, Irish, and Asian to Thai, Vietnamese, and Italian cuisines. There are bars close to the festival site as well. A nice warm meal after a full day of festival fun is the perfect way to unwind and relax!


Arise features the popular Sunrise Ranch Farmers Market every year and is considered to be the only music festival of its kind to offer farm-fresh organic produce on the concert campgrounds. All produce is grown in the region. Head straight to the area right outside the main gate of the concert bowl to experience the enchanting aroma.



Arise maintains professional security services. The festival also features a separate family camping space for families with children under 16 years. Arise has a dedicated space for females and women-based groups in addition to a substance-free camping area for those who wish to enjoy the festival clean and sober. The event also features ADA camping facilities provided to those with a certified in-vehicle placard.


The weather is typically sunny and dry in the Rockies in August, which makes it important to drink lots of water for hydration. The festival advises guests to be aware of any weather alerts and to carry protection from the sun as most spaces are open to the skies. Festival staff suggest bringing warm layers for the evening time as it can get a bit chilly with the winds.


Arise has around the clock medical teams which include EMTs, paramedics, and first responders. Guests should find the closest festival staffer or security team member in the event of an emergency. A medical tent is installed centrally and also features a "Chill Out Zone" for those who'd like a bit of peace and calm away from the crowds.