Arizona State Fair

Take pleasure in the best Arizona has to offer by visiting the Arizona State Fair, eating delicious food, seeing mesmerizing attractions, and RVing nearby.

Event information

What was initially known as the Territorial Exposition, which took place in 1884 along the Salt River, has become a well-renowned event in the State of Arizona. For generations, the event has beckoned guests from far corners of the state and has been visited by legends such as Elvis, John Pope II, and Bob Dylan. It was established with the goal of becoming a gathering place for the community to conduct a state fair and generate enough resources to become self-sufficient.

Throughout the majority of October, fair-goers can enjoy music from a variety of both famous and rising star artists, eat their fill of great food, and enjoy the beautiful weather. If that is not enough, guests can participate in various engaging activities, as well as master useful techniques like milking cows.

Therefore, if you are looking for an event where you can immerse yourself in an idyllic wonderland full of amusement, don't hesitate to visit the Arizona State Fair in Phoenix. Here, you can get out of your daily routine, honor and celebrate the history, and explore what the future can bring.

The Arizona State Fair has something for everyone. Planning the perfect family vacation or getaway to Phoenix is likely to bring you through one gorgeous site after another, so come prepared to explore the State Parks of Arizona along the way.


When it comes to tickets, you will have a number of options to choose from at the Arizona State Fair. Of course, there are standard, daily tickets, which can be purchased onsite or online. Standard admission tickets will let you experience rodeos, racing, and more, with no additional charge. Purchasing tickets in advance is often beneficial. This may save some money, and allow you to acquire additional packages, such as Season Passes, Fast Passes, wristbands for rides, etc.

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The Arizona State Fair rests in the heart of Phoenix. If you are coming from Los Angeles, your ride may last about six and a half hours. If you are coming from Salt Lake City, expect at least a 10-hour ride. The shortest approach from the east or west may take you through I-10. The shortest route from the north or south may take you along I-17.

Parking areas

The Arizona State Fair features its own parking lots at the fairground, which come with a standard parking fee. Guests can also look into the parking lots next to 20th Avenue and Encanto or near the State Capitol Building. However, bear in mind that these parking lots are slightly farther from the venue and may or may not have a fee. RV parking is often available in some of the non-garage parking options within Phoenix.

Public Transportation

Fair-goers may want to check if the free shuttle service from the State Capitol building (runs on certain days) will be in operation during your stay. If you end up parking a good distance from the fairgrounds, you may want to look for one of several bus routes to get you closer. In addition to bus routes, you can also opt for an enjoyable tram ride or an affordable taxi ride.

Where to stay


The Arizona State Fair does not feature an onsite campground, but guests can plan to camp nearby. If you want to park your RV, enjoy the scenery, and do some grilling, there are several locations in the vicinity of the fairgrounds. Phoenix RV campgrounds offer convenient parking spaces, nightly stays, a variety of amenities and hookup options, and a chance to explore the hills and deserts of Arizona.


Luckily, you can choose from a plethora of local campgrounds in the proximity of the fairgrounds, like Covered Wagon RV Park. If you want to stay close to the fair, plenty of RV parks in the heart of Phoenix and within a 10 to 30-minute drive of the fairgrounds.

On the other hand, if you want to experience the outskirts of Phoenix, you may want to check out a number of RV resorts and local campgrounds including Mesa / Apache Junction KOA. The majority of these are located on the western and eastern side of Phoenix, where you can find plenty of good spots for hiking, swimming, and enjoying the sunshine.

Getting around

Guests will often encounter many stages and attractions spread across the fairgrounds. If you want to know where you need to be and at what time, the Arizona State Fair website offers specifics for events and activities as scheduled. Skateboards and bikes are not allowed at the fairgrounds. Fortunately, there are options to rent scooters and wheelchairs at multiple booths located across the fair.

What to pack


Since this fair usually lasts for more than 20 days, it can be a bit tricky to plan your attire for the entirety of the fair. However, given that the location is Arizona and the month is October, guests can expect plenty of dry, sunny days, and possibly some occasional light rain.

Be sure to pack some light, summer clothes, including your favorite t-shirts, dresses, light pants, and shoes. If you want to grab some sunshine at the Phoenix Mountain Preserve or go swimming at your campsite, don't forget gear for those activites. You may also want to pack an umbrella in case of some unexpected rain.


As you pack up your gear, make sure to check the official fair rules to see which items and equipment are prohibited at the fairgrounds. Due to the typical Arizona climate for October, preparing for warmer weather is a good idea. Don't forget to bring refillable plastic water bottles, a pair of sunglasses, a hat, and sunscreen that fits any regulations for entry.

If you plan to stay at a local campground, remember to check their rules for cooking on site, pet allowances, and vehicle placement at your campsite.

Health & Safety

To experience the Arizona State Fair in its fullest, guests will want to remain well-hydrated and protected from the sun's rays. Keep bug spray on hand at the fair and at your campsite. Personal medications may be subject to inspection upon entry to the fair. Lastly, it would be wise to have a few cozy blankets too, in case the October nights get a bit colder.

Where to eat


If you decide to stay at a nearby campground, you can plan to cook to your heart's content in your RV kitchen and possibly outside. Remember to check the rules of your campground before your departure. Bring your favorites for an easy meal or deck out your kitchen with a full spread.


Not in the mood to eat at the fairgrounds or make your own food? No, problem, Phoenix offers plenty of restaurants near the fair. Do you prefer Chinese food? You are in luck. Fancy some spicy, South American food? Travelers are sure to find something to interest the taste buds of everyone in the crew.


One of the best features of the Arizona State Fair is the food it offers and the hundreds of vendors who come to share their specialties. From spicy foods to sweets and refreshing, exotic drinks, it may be hard to choose your favorites. For all of your shopping needs, don't hesitate to hit the Shopping Pavilion the moment you arrive.



To ensure a secure, enjoyable, and safe environment, all backpacks, diaper bags, and purses will be subjected to a detailed inspection as visitors enter the Arizona State Fair. In past years, the fair has prohibited items like hard-sided coolers, glass bottles, alcoholic beverages, illegal substances, sharp metal objects, stun devices, selfie-sticks, indecent clothing items, weapons of any nature, pepper sprays, and laser pointers. If prohibited items are found with you during the inspection, you will be asked to return them to your vehicle or surrender them voluntarily.


In October, guests can hope to expect warm and sunny days during the Arizona State Fair. However, remember to pay attention to local weather reports and prepare for the event accordingly. Try to pack a variety of clothing items and gear to protect against the strong sun and any rain showers.


For the convenience and well-being of all guests, the fair features a modern First Aid Station staffed with experienced Emergency Medical Technicians. This station is commonly located at the southwest corner of the fairgrounds, near the security station. It may be helpful to inform the fair's medical staff prior to your arrival if special help is needed.