Arkansas State Fair

The Arkansas State Fair is calling your name! Load up the RV, put on road trip music, and be part of a not-to-be-missed event in Little Rock!

Event information

Every year at 2600 Howard St., Little Rock, the Arkansas State Fairgrounds become home to one of the most significant events on the calendar. The Arkansas State Fair, which is a fall event, attracts thousands of people over nine days.

It becomes home to a myriad of holiday-goers who choose to camp on site, as well as daily visitors who want a taste of the action. The Arkansas State Fair offers something for everyone. You can tap your feet to the beat of the free music entertainment, tantalize your taste buds with the vendor offerings, and set up camp for an impromptu fall holiday. There are even carnival rides for children and kids at heart.

The easy-to-navigate Arkansas State Fairgrounds, covering over 120,000 square feet with many buildings, are also something special. Well-appointed and central in Little Rock, they allow visitors the chance to see what Little Rock has to offer as well as the fair itself. View all of the exciting exhibits, then why not visit some of Little Rock’s many tourist attractions?

There’s a reason this event has been held every year since 1939; it’s a standout on the calendar. Practice makes perfect, and state fair officials have had many years to make it something special.

The RV-friendly Arkansas State Fair is a not-to-be-missed event. Load up your gear, choose your favorite road trip music, and hit the road.


Multi-tier pricing for the Arkansas State Fair allows guests to enter for rates between $5 and $10 at the door. You can be the early bird that gets the worm and save money by buying your tickets in advance and be just under the $5 to $10 pricing. Ticket prices vary for children, adults, groups, and seniors.

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Little Rock, Arkansas, is central to many main highways. Therefore, even if you’re not familiar with the area, you will have very little trouble navigating the city, but mind the possibility of potholes. Once you see the Arkansas River or Murray Lake, you’ll know you’re in the right place. You might take Highway 530, 30, 430, or 40 to get within proximity of the fair. There are also smaller highways such as 165 and 70, which may offer a more scenic route to your destination.

Parking areas

Parking can be quite confusing at the Arkansas State Fair, but only if you don’t know where you’re going. Gate 11 on Schiller Street is a drive-through gate, as is Gate 12 on 34th and Battery Street. Gate 12 is open 24 hours a day. Parking does have a fee, but if you are staying on site, you can drive right through to Gate 11 to access the many camping facilities.

Public Transportation

Much of what Little Rock has to offer is within proximity to the State Fair. You may not have any problem navigating the grounds and surrounding area on foot. However, there is also a shuttle in operation on weekends to take you to and from the fair’s south gate. There may also be public bus services in action throughout the nine-day event.

Where to stay


Onsite camping at the Arkansas State Fair is available on a first-in, first-served basis. You can’t reserve your spot. Once you arrive at the fair, go through Gate 11 to gain access to RV parking. How much you pay for your place during the event can depend on the service hookups you require.

There are water, electricity, and sewer hookups on offer for all those who need it. These are near the Swine Barn, South Lot, between Gate 8 and 9, and behind the Hall of Industry.


Spaces at the Arkansas State Fair are limited, and as you can’t reserve a place, you may miss out. If you didn’t get there in time to set up camp as desired, then you’re not short of options in Little Rock. There are around 20 different RV parks within a half-hour drive of the fairgrounds. Many of these offer different levels of amenities from no hookups to full services.

Getting around

The best way to get around the fairgrounds is on foot. There are plenty of seating areas to rest your weary feet, should they tire. With 30,000 people descending on the fairgrounds every day, trying to navigate on skates or a scooter could prove tricky. There may also be rules in place prohibiting such items. Once you park your RV, the fairgrounds are proximate to your site, so you won’t have far to travel.

What to pack


Fall is well and truly in swing once the Arkansas State Fair arrives. You are going to want to pack plenty of warm clothing, and start your day off with layers you can remove. Temperatures don’t tend to get past 80 and can halve overnight.


The Arkansas State Fair is a safety-conscious event, so try to leave as much of your personal possessions in your RV as possible. Enter the gates with necessities such as your wallet, bottled water, and comfortable clothing. You will not be allowed any weapons and security personnel will search everything you wish to bring through the gates.

Health & Safety

Even though fall weather tends to bring temperatures down to a more manageable level, sunscreen is still a must. You may also see the value in bringing bug spray and as much bottled water as you require to stay hydrated. If you intend on staying at the fair for the whole day, take regular breaks from walking in one of the many comfortable seating areas.

Where to eat


Staying at the fairgrounds for the full nine-day fair means you may soon tire of vendor offerings. Cook up a storm in the comfort of your RV with your personal cooker. Ask the campground staff about open fires and what you can and can’t do. What you’ll also find convenient is the proximity of the fairgrounds to all life’s amenities. A short ten-minute walk will see you at one of three markets to stock up on cooking supplies.


If you want a night off from cooking and a rest from the fairgrounds, then numerous family-friendly restaurants await your inspection. You can either walk to the center of town to try out something new, drive your RV, or take a shuttle on the weekend. Remember, over 30,000 people attend the fair daily, so allow time for delays.


Hundreds of vendors set up at the Arkansas State Fair, so you’re not short of options. Enjoy many of those more traditional offerings such as fried food, or get a sugar fix with cotton candy. If your goal is to try something new, then there are many different cuisine options to satisfy your needs as well. Bring cash, as not all vendors offer credit facilities. There will be ATM sites throughout the grounds.



Security is something that Arkansas State Fair officials take seriously. Little Rock Police Department patrol the grounds throughout the entire fair. There will also be at least 100 armed guards to offer a sense of security, video surveillance, and a command center. Before entering the fair, guests will be searched for weapons and other prohibited items with a bag search and metal detector.


It’s not uncommon to get brilliant sunshine during your stay at the fair, with temperatures reaching as high as 80. However, they can also drop to 60, and even as low as 30 and 40 overnight in October. Bring plenty of thick blankets to keep you warm in your RV, but don’t be afraid to leave vents open for ventilation during the day.


The Arkansas State Fair has a command center which is where many of the fair’s security operations take place. However, it’s also the go-to area for first aid. There will be Metropolitan Emergency Medical Services on site along with emergency management from Pulaski County and the City of Little Rock.