Arroyo Seco Weekend

A mix of music and art awaits at Arroyo Seco Weekend. RVers can experience the beauty of the area all weekend long and attend the festival, too.

Event information

Awaken the senses at Arroyo Seco Weekend. It’s an event that covers all of the bases festival-goers want to see. Top music acts grace the stages over two days, providing a sampler of sounds to please every ear. Whether you like to hear the soulful saxophone, a crooner of jazz, the beat of rock, or the flawless strum of an acoustic guitar, you will experience that and more at Arroyo.

Create your own art in an interactive studio or browse the outdoor library for a book that suits your fancy. Take the kids to contemplate space exploration and then check out the Kidspace Children's Museum sites for a fun experience they’ll enjoy. Peruse vinyl records for both old and new tunes, and discover scents you weren’t aware existed.

Make home-base your favorite campground and continue the weekend of awakening your senses by camping under the stars and encountering nature all weekend long. Teach the kiddos what the Earth has to offer as far as education and plan on a weekend of participation and pleasure.


Consider the type of weekend you want to have and then order the happiness online in the form of a ticket to Arroyo Seco Weekend. Passes vary, from single-day to weekend VIP, with a price range of $150 to $1000. One child under 10 can enter for free per adult pass purchased. Passes are exchanged for a wristband once you enter the festival grounds, except for general admission entry. Buy your passes early by visiting

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Head for the Rose Bowl, home of the Arroyo Seco Weekend, via the 210 Freeway if you are heading in from the North or East. From the South, it’s the 110 and from the East, the 134. Set the coordinates from your start point and head to the fun in Pasadena. Signs for the landmark Rose Bowl will guide you into the festival.

Parking areas

There are several parking options; download the festival app and choose the area that will suit your big rig the best as far as the size of a spot and maneuverability. Weekend preferred parking has to be paid for ahead of time and can sell out quickly. ADA parking is available to those with a verified ADA permit.

Public Transportation

Taking public transport means a stress-free trip to the festival. After a five-minute walk, the shuttle takes you from the Metro line straight to the fun. Biking is another convenient option and includes bike valet service. Ridesharing is also encouraged; load up the car with friends and head to the Rose Bowl together.

Where to stay


There is no opportunity for onsite camping at Arroyo Seco Weekend. There is no overnight parking in any of the lots either; attendees can pick from any number of picture perfect camping spots in Pasadena. The city offers plenty of fun things to do from hiking the nearby National Forest to watching a play at the Performing Arts Center.


Lovers of peaceful tranquility can park their RV beside a lake or in woodsy settings. For those who like the sea air, drive to the Pacific Ocean and enjoy a view like no other. RV parks are plentiful, allowing enthusiasts to find the amenities that suit them best. Pull-through sites, full hookups, and bonuses like playgrounds for the kids are often found in local campgrounds. Explore other areas in California, making Pasadena your home base.

Getting around

Strollers and wagons are the modes of travel for the little ones in the family, but energetic teens will have to forgo the skateboards, scooters, and rollerblades. Wheelchairs and ADA scooters for those with mobility issues can be easily navigated throughout the venue. There are no rentals, however.

What to pack


The temperatures are almost at peak for the year when the festival takes place. Dress for warm and sunny days by wearing light and airy clothing. Sandals will keep your feet cool, just make sure that they are comfortable for walking. A floppy summer hat for all family members that covers the neck and ears as protection from the sun will round out festival apparel.


Download the app for the full list of what you can and cannot bring, but items to make the family comfortable like a blanket and chairs to sit on, basic cameras for capturing memories, parasols for sun protection, and earplugs for the kiddos are some of the allowed items. When packing the RV, remember to include water bottles for toting to the event.

Health & Safety

A prep list for packing the RV must be headed with bug spray and antibiotic ointment for bites and scrapes that are inevitable when on a fun camping trip. For festival days, include a refillable water bottle to keep everyone hydrated. Reapply sunscreen often and make sure every family member takes a break in the shade several times a day.

Where to eat


California is no stranger to wildfires. Adhere to the rules about open fires in your campground and if they are permitted, never leave them unattended. If you cannot cook over an open fire for safety reasons, think outside the box for fun camp stove meals. Chickpea hash is a hearty meal that is sure to please. Sloppy joes are easy and a favorite with teens and kids, and a no-bake apple crisp will top the meal off just right.


Whether it’s lunch, breakfast, or dinner that takes your fancy while in the Pasadena area, you won’t be short of interesting options. Korean barbecue dishes, Chinese crepes, or Japanese donburi are a few unique tastes to tantalize the hungry road tripper. For those who want to stick to familiar fare, steak and pizza can easily be arranged, too.


From steak to salad, vegan to meat-lovers, sweet to savory–these choices and more are waiting for you to explore and experience at Arroyo Seco Weekend. Treat yourself to a range of the healthiest food out there and then top it off with a decadent dessert or a fried snack. Don’t forget to buy festival gear as a souvenir, or purchase a keepsake from talented vendors. ATMs are on site in case you need extra cash.



Security staff will be patrolling Rose Bowl Stadium to ensure a safe and happy atmosphere is in place at all times. The age to consume alcohol is 21 and over; this will be strictly enforced. Anyone who strays from the rules and becomes a nuisance will have to leave the grounds. Expect a bag check upon arrival, so take a last minute look at the do-not-bring list to avoid confiscation of forbidden items. There are no ins and outs; be prepared to enter the gates and enjoy the fun all day long.


Chances are the weather will be hot in Pasadena in June. Drink plenty of water even if you feel that you are not thirsty. Grab a spot of shade now and then during the day. On the other end of the weather spectrum, bring along a rain jacket in case a cloud breaks open with rain. Umbrellas are not allowed at Arroyo Seco Weekend.


Locate First Aid ahead of time so that you are aware of the location. The venue will be crowded, and it’s best to have details and directions squared away from the beginning. You can bring your service dog to the event; have them in official gear and bring their certification papers. Remember to keep your dog hydrated, too.