Atlanta Braves RV Camping Guide

Are you ready for an RV trip to Atlanta, Georgia? The Atlanta Braves are geared for a thrilling game at Truist Park. Cheer for the home team today!

Event information

If there’s any RV trip worth taking from March to October, it’s going to be to one of the many Atlanta Brave Major League Baseball games at their home stadium of Truist Park, once called SunTrust Park, in Atlanta, Georgia.

The Atlanta Braves, which have been a firm favorite on the baseball calendar since 1871, were once considered one of the most successful baseball teams of all time, and their fan base continues to think so. Each game, tens of thousands of sports lovers pile into SunTrust Park wearing their favorite navy blue, scarlet red, and white supporter’s gear to show their passion for the home team.

They take photos with Blooper the Atlanta Braves mascot, and you can bet they’re doing the Tomahawk Chop when the team makes their way onto the field. If you want to be a part of something huge, then immerse yourself in an Atlanta Braves crowd.

But when the masses pile out and the lights go down on Truist Park, you can bet there’s another event waiting in the wings to bring the facility back to life.

When this baseball park, ten miles northwest of Downtown Atlanta, isn’t being used by the Atlanta Braves, it’s catering to college football teams and concerts. Billy Joel, Metallica, and Jason Aldean are a few of the many performers to bring in crowds of over 30,000.

Don’t let your campervan sit around gathering dust. Book your Atlanta Brave baseball tickets, find the best place for RV camping near Truist Park, and set off for Atlanta, Georgia. Baseball season is about to begin.


The Atlanta Braves are all about providing their dedicated fans with options. That’s why, when you buy your Braves tickets online, you can choose from single-game tickets, ticket memberships, training travel packages, VIP experiences, and season tickets. Traditionally, tickets for Atlanta Braves baseball games vary from $20 to $140. The better the seat and view, the more you can expect to pay.

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Atlanta is a densely populated city in Fulton County, Georgia. It’s nestled between Alabama and South Carolina and is a cultural and economic center for the Atlanta Metropolitan Area. RV travelers who make their way to Atlanta for a Braves game will find themselves immersed in the drive.

A network of freeways radiates outward from the city, with I-20, I-75, and I-85 the most popular travel routes from inside and outside of the state. Once in Atlanta, the Perimeter beltway offers a defining separation between the city and the suburbs and is well-situated to the baseball park.

You may like to allow extra time to spare not only for activities like hiking at Talladega National Forest but for traffic, as well. Congestion into and out of the city, particularly around SunTrust Park, is frequent. Fortunately, a traffic resource like Georgia 511 and Atlanta Traffic can alert you to any delays you may face.

When you arrive at Truist Park Stadium, you can make your way to the dedicated RV parking lot within 755 Battery Avenue SE, with parking spaces available for purchase in advance.

Parking areas

Parking in Atlanta can be tricky, especially with a motorhome, but not when you attend an Atlanta Braves baseball game at Truist Park. Not only does this venue cater to cars, motorcycles, and bicycles, but also RVs. There are dedicated parking lots within a short walk of the park, but you must book these in advance at a cost.

Alternatively, you may like to bring your tow vehicle and park it in the general lot or utilize public transportation within the dedicated pick-up and drop-off area.

Public Transportation

Whenever you attend an Atlanta Braves game at Truist Park, you can have full confidence that there are options galore for how to get there. If you want to find somewhere to stay with an RV nearby and leave it there, then other transportation options can be of assistance.

Hire a taxi or rideshare service, or check out the bus schedule to see if times and locations align. For inner-city travel, you may also be able to make use of the Amtrak service and light rail streetcar loop. If you’re a bit of an adventurer, then you can also utilize the dozens of miles of bike paths the city of Atlanta has to offer.

Where to stay


Onsite camping is not an option for avid baseball fans who visit SunTrust Park for an Atlanta Braves game. However, you are more than catered for at RV campgrounds near the baseball venue. What’s more, you can get a slight taste of the camping experience by tailgating in parking lot N29 before the game begins.


Cartersville/Cassville-White KOA, for example, is a standout RV campground under 40 miles from Truist Park. There are also a handful of other private campgrounds accessible with a large RV within a 40-mile drive of the baseball field.

Oconee National Forest welcomes travelers to enjoy the scenery about an hour and a half east of Braves Stadium. If you plan to make your way for a visit to the Atlantic Ocean, this may already be along your route.

Whether you love primitive camping in the wilderness, such as what’s available at Bankhead National Forest 200 miles from Atlanta, or you’re all about luxury with service hookups, you will find what you are looking for on your RV trip.

Getting around

Truist Park is quite an expansive facility when you factor in the myriad of different parking lots nestled amid nearby businesses. While there is a shuttle service for day games from selected lots, the best way to get from your RV parking area to the game is on foot. Wear durable footwear and allow extra time before the game begins. Once you reach Atlanta Braves Stadium, look for clearly labeled facilities, vendors, and services all within a proximate distance to the seating areas.

What to pack


Atlanta has a humid subtropical climate with clearly defined seasons. Summers are hot and humid, and winters, while short and mild, can throw an occasional snowstorm into the mix when you least expect it.

The best way to prepare clothing for a trip to Atlanta is by viewing a weather app during the time of year you will be visiting. Don’t forget to pack your Atlanta Braves supporter’s gear, as well as any outdoor equipment you might require for exploring and walking at Chattahoochee National Forest and other natural attractions in Atlanta.


Camping and cooking equipment are necessary for any motorhome trip to Atlanta, but it also pays to put some thought into what you will take to the Atlanta Braves game. Bring cash for vendor purchases, or make use of the ATMs onsite. Atlanta Braves Foundation 50/50 Raffle is also a tradition that fans enjoy during games.

Bring binoculars to ensure you don’t miss a minute of the baseball action, and your mobile phone, as well. Truist Park officials allow small bags, but no coolers except for soft-sided ones without plastic liners. Fans may not bring in cans, bottles, weapons, drugs, alcohol, dangerous or distracting items, and anything noisy. Adopt a “less is best” policy for your comfort and convenience.

Health & Safety

The time of day and year can make a difference for what to consider with health and safety. Sunny days can see the need for sunscreen, sun hats, and sunglasses. You may also like to bring a water bottle, for there are water fountains dotted around the park to fill them.

Campers who are making the most of the recreational activities in Atlanta, such as picnicking at Sweetwater Creek State Park, may also see the value in carrying a first aid kit, plenty of toiletries, bug spray, and any prescription medication you might require.

Where to eat


There’s nothing quite like a baseball game featuring your favorite team, the Atlanta Braves, followed up with camp-style hot dogs and S’mores. Truist Park is conveniently located near a superstore within a three-mile drive, not to mention a myriad of markets.

Don’t forget to check your onboard propane cooker to make sure you have enough gas. Inquire about outdoor grills and cooking appliances in advance, but be prepared to dry camp in case hookups are not available.


All that cheering for the Atlanta Braves at Truist Park can undoubtedly make you work up an appetite. What do you feel like? Italian? Seafood? Grilled and bar food? What about Indian cuisine? Within a ten-mile drive of the baseball field, there are plenty of different dining establishments to suit your preferences. Some are even within a short drive down the interstate within eyeshot of the field.


Food with an Atlanta theme, as well as traditional baseball fare, are both available at various points throughout SunTrust Park. There is also a casual dining bar and restaurant for those who prefer to dine somewhere with terraced views to the baseball field.

If you are part of one of the clubs at Braves Stadium, then only the best food and beverages are on offer, with in-seat service, a menu, and a full bar. Both cash and payment cards are accepted for your convenience.



No matter which gate you enter through at Truist Park, you will be met with the friendly faces of ticket takers and security guards who want to keep everyone safe. They ask that you have your ID and tickets ready and that you don’t bring in any large items.

When you park your motorhome, don’t forget to lock it and secure valuables out of sight. The same rules apply for when you’re hiking or biking at Nantahala National Forest or any other recreational activity in Atlanta. If you require assistance during your stay, the Smyrna Police Department is within five miles of the baseball stadium in Smyrna.


Clearly defined seasons in Atlanta can help to eliminate any confusion about weather conditions to expect. Summers are warm, winters are mild but can be cold, and rain is frequent in spring and fall. When you book your tickets to an Atlanta Braves game at Truist Park, note the weather for the time you plan to attend.

Prepare your motorhome and yourself for any weather adversities you might face. By doing so, you can also be aware of which fun things to do in Atlanta are going to be suitable during your stay, such as Sope Creek for hiking, or the Atlanta Botanical Gardens in the direction of Druid Hills.


A stubbed toe, cuts, scrapes, or other minor injuries can be taken care of by the trained medical staff at Truist Park. There are a few first aid areas in proximity to the stands, and you can notify an Atlanta Braves personnel member to lead the way.

However, for anything serious, dial 911. The nearest hospital is within 13 miles of Braves Stadium in Marietta neighboring Sandy Springs.