Atlantic City Campground


Atlantic City Campground is a small Bureau of Land Management property located in Lander, Wyoming near to the small town of Atlantic City. Nestled within the South Pass region, this beloved camping facility boasts 18 campsites for RV and tent campers to enjoy. A campground that prioritizes primitive-style camping conditions, the amenities are few here but do include fire pits, picnic tables, vault toilets, and a potable water supply.

Atlantic City Campground offers many different outdoor activities for families to enjoy. Among the most popular things to do on the grounds are biking, hiking, horseback riding, viewing wildlife, and photography.

This beloved recreational area sits near to the small town of Lander. This little city is renowned for many different things including restaurants serving incredible pub fare and a quaint coffee shop that is well worth visiting.

Lander plays a role in some interesting local historical facts. It is in this town that Butch Cassidy was found guilty of horse thievery. Several museums in the region detail the city's role in the history of what is known as the Wild West, including the Museum of the American West. Another place worth a visit during an RV stay at Atlantic City Campground is South Pass City, a place that has long been abandoned and boasts of being the final resting place of Sacajawea.

Other popular attractions in the region include Sinks Canyon State Park and the Wind River mountain range, where the hiking and fishing opportunities are among the best in the state.

For an amazing vacation you'll not soon forget, load up the RV and head towards Atlantic City Campground. It's a fantastic place for an RV holiday.

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The main highway which leads to Atlantic City Campground cuts through a vast expanse of prairie-like terrain. The land is quite flat, and the two-lane paved highway proceeds in a very direct route.

To reach the campground, travelers should follow Highway 28 just outside the town of Lander until it connects to Atlantic City Road. Atlantic City Road is a paved country road that also consists of two lanes. The sign from the campground can be spotted just one mile into the journey along this small highway.

A relatively remote spot, the route which leads to Atlantic City Campground is frequented by wildlife on occasion. Travelers must remain alert and drive with caution to avoid an accident.

The roads are kept in good condition year-round to permit travel in every season.

The exit for Atlantic City Road is extremely well-marked as is the entrance to this popular camping facility, making it quite easy for families to locate.


Parking can be found in a gravel and dirt lot found at the entrance to Atlantic City Campground. Parking is also available at each of the campsites found at this popular camping facility.

Public Transportation

There is currently no public transportation to Atlantic City Campground due to its remote location.

Campgrounds and parking in Atlantic City Campground

Campsites in Atlantic City Campground

Reservations camping

Reverend's Ridge Campground

Reverend's Ridge Campground is located in Golden Gate State Park. Reservations are required here for both RV and tent stays. A camping facility that allows camping on a year-round basis, Reverend's Ridge Campground also offers yurts and cabins by reservation and for a fee.

Dogs are permitted to join their families on the grounds but must remain leashed at all times. This campground forbids tethering of dogs.

There are 97 campsites in total; each of which can easily accommodate RVs, trailers, and tents. The on-site amenities include modern toilets, showers, a waste sanitation station, laundry facilities, and a few power hookups. It is important to note that during the winter months the showers and toilets are closed to the public.

There is no cell service at this camping facility; however, there is a payphone at the main entrance.

First-come first-served

Cross Creek Campground

Cross Creek Campground is a small camping facility which is located near the popular Park Reservoir. The property is characterized by its abundance of natural lakes, making it a wonderful spot for families that enjoy doing some angling while on their RV vacation.

There are only three sites available at Cross Creek Campground. Each is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Camping is permitted here year-round, and both RVs and tents are welcome.

The only on-site amenity is a single vault toilet for the public to use. There is no potable water supply here, so families must come prepared with the water they need for showering, drinking, and cooking.

Stays are limited to a period of no more than 14 days. All waste materials must be taken with campers when they leave the premises.

The nearest town offering supplies is Big Horn.

Atlantic City Campground

Atlantic City Campground is a popular camping facility that sees visitors year-round. Both RV and tent camping is permitted here. Each site is available on a first-come, first-served basis. This campground sits at a high elevation, totaling 8,100 feet at its peak.

There are 18 campsites in total on the grounds. Stays are limited to a maximum of 14 days.

Atlantic City Campground is easily able to accommodate the largest RVs and trailers. Among the on-site amenities provided here are fire pits, picnic tables, vault toilets, and potable water. There are no power hookups provided at this campground.

Since this is bear country, families must come prepared with a safe means to contain their food. Garbage receptacles are provided for trash.

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Atlantic City Campground rests on property that is incredibly picturesque. From the surrounding mountain ranges to the varied wildlife, lush tree cover, and stunningly beautiful vegetation, there is much to see at this scenic public park and campground.

Bring along a camera and come prepared to do some hiking in search of the perfect photo op as the terrain is both rough and rugged here.

The campground sits near to several area attractions which features some of the most unique topographical features in the region such as the canyon and waterfalls found at Sinks Canyon State Park and several area ghost towns.

Bring along lots of drinking water to stay well-hydrated on this adventure.

Miner's Delight

Miner's Delight is a BLM managed property that rests in the heart of what is known as the Continental Divide. The area pays homage to the region's role as a leader in the gold mining industry in the 19th century. Today, the city that once prospered here lies in abandoned ruins for families to explore. The property is earmarked by a rustic walking trail, an information kiosk, and several educational signs which provide important details about the area's history.

Miner's Delight is found just outside the town of Atlantic City. It is primarily comprised of the remains of a once-thriving mining camp. The first gold mining expeditions occurred in the late 19th century, with 1867 being the first time this precious mineral was unearthed on the grounds. Soon thereafter, a mining camp was built in the vicinity. It was named Hamilton City. In time, the camp and town were renamed Miner's Delight due to the prevalence of gold in that particular area.

In time, it was determined that gold mining was an expensive proposition that yielded more financial losses than gains, and all gold mining ventures were abandoned. The original mill ceased operations in 1874, and the town soon fell into great decline.

Over the years, several different people attempted to revitalize the camp, but each attempt was unfruitful in time. Today, all that remains are ruins such as rusted tools and other equipment.

Sinks Canyon State Park

Sinks Canyon State Park is a treasure trove of recreational activities for those that enjoy being out in the great outdoors. The property is home to a beautiful cabin that sits at the foot of the Wind River Mountain range. The canyon is impressive to behold and nicknamed 'The Sinks" for its unusual topographical construction. A rough and rugged climb to the mouth of the canyon, families who undertake the task will be treated to the unusual view of the river's disappearance just outside the opening.

Sinks Canyon State Park is incredibly scenic. From its waterfalls to the river to its mountainous terrain and more, there is lots to see at this beautiful park. Families should be sure to have a camera on hand for this expedition.

A number of wildlife species make this region their home, making it a great place to spot some unusual varieties of animals in their natural habitat. In season, lush wildflower cover blankets the ground in a rainbow of incredibly vibrant hues.

Among the most popular activities here are hiking, photography, and the viewing of wildlife.


Museum of the American West

The Museum of the American West is an interesting place whose primary mission is to provide a link between the people that once made this region their home. It is dedicated to the preservation of the history of central Wyoming and its role in the Wild West.

The museum was founded in 1998 and consists of both indoor and outdoor exhibits for families to enjoy. It focuses on information about the landscape and geographical features as well as the lifestyles of those that once inhabited the land.

Found on the grounds are many different interactive exhibits where families can learn more about the American West. The property also hosts cultural events throughout the year and educational experiences.

For more information about tours, hours of operation, scheduled cultural events and more, families should consult the museum's website.

Fremont County Pioneer Museum

A trip to Lander's Fremont County Pioneer Museum is always a great way to spend a day when on an RV vacation at Atlantic City Campground. The museum is dedicated to the preservation of local memorabilia which bears evidence of life in the region from its earliest origins to the early 20th century.

The museum's primary focus is the groups that once inhabited Fremont County. Tours are provided on a daily basis and walk visitors through the buildings that still remain on the grounds and that once featured prominently in the daily lives of area residents.

Among the buildings, families can explore include Lander's Mill, The Lander Hotel, The Carnegie Library, the Fremont County Courthouse, and the Lander Eagle Newspaper.

With so much to see and enjoy, families should come prepared to do a lot of walking.

For more information about tours, hours of operation, and any associated fees, consult the museum's website.

Middle Fork Trail

For families that enjoy outdoor adventure, a trip to Middle Fork Trail will not disappoint. A hiking trail that is 12 km in total, this popular spot is considered a very challenging hike, making it a favorite place of those who enjoy a good workout.

Considered one of the hardest trails in the region, the landscape found en route is quite rough and rugged. Much of the trail proceeds in a steep downward trajectory. There are several spots where families can drive to access points, thus shortening the length of the overall hike.

Several different parking areas provide access points where shuttles move hikers to various locations along the path. The most popular entry point is found at the Worthen Meadows Parking lot.

Visitors to Middle Fork Trail should be prepared to do a lot of uphill climbs over terrain that is extremely rocky and that proceeds at a sharp incline before beginning its descent.